Filtering new updated pages in google

 For a web front page out of Google results for a particular search must be evaluated not only by the search algorithm, but in many cases also by a manual review team is responsible for analyzing the websites that the algorithm selects to get in good positions, especially for the most popular searches. In this way, Google makes sure that any failure of the algorithm is often covered by the evaluations conducted by the review team.

New ideas on the web cost should take into account the official document of Google, in an updated version of the last months of 2011, which the company provides general guidelines for your reviewers to define the quality of the pages that search engine offers some search results. That is, each reviewer assigned a group Google query results and they must assess the quality of the websites that appear in the Google results page according wings new ideas in this document.

I've already read the 123 pages of the document (missed reading for all those who work in SEO) and several curious and interesting facts to share.

    The browser's "official" reviewers of Google's Firefox, not Chrome as one would think. The document made clear to the reviewers who must use Firefox for your searches, as well as implementing Web Developer Toolbar extension
    There are up to 6 scales or ratings apply to a website:
        Vital to websites "official" people, places, businesses or organizations, as well as for pages that provide the exact results for searches that request specific information (for example, searching for "yahoo" the website is the result qualified www.yahoocom as "vital")
        Useful (Util), for pages useful for most users
        Relevant (Relevant) to useful sites for many or some users
        Slightly Relevant (Slightly important) to pages that are not very useful for most users, but are somehow related to your search.
        Useless or Off-Topic (Out of topic or useless), very few useful pages for users, or that are useless or unrelated to the search term.
        Unrated, for pages that can not be evaluated (not loading pages, pages with error messages, blank pages, etc).

       Updated  new for Google classifies the types of searches in 3 ways (in addition to the possibility that some searches are considered combinations of these basic definitions): 
        Action queries, when the user wants to achieve a goal or start a business through the search. Ex: download software, send flowers, book a hotel
        Requests for information when the user wants to find information about a particular topic. Example: how to upgrade to IOS 5, biography of Steve Jobs, as a tie knot
        Navigation queries, when the user performs the query to reach a particular web page. Example: ibm, youtube, ebay, sunat

Google considers the following factors important for good hand score of a website:
        Relevance to the term originally sought
        Relevance to the user's search intention
        "Freshness" of content (how recent the page content, especially for searches related to recent or past events)

Reviewers at Google handle markers (flags) to designate pages of spam, pornographic, malicious (virus distribution, for example).

Any new updated page exists for the sole purpose of making money and not provide useful information to users, is marked by the reviewers as spam.
Techniques that reviewers use to quickly identify if a page should be marked as spam:
        Press CTRL + A to locate hidden text on page
        Down to the bottom of the page to see if text is     hidden out of sight normal web
        Disable Javascript and CSS web to find hidden text
        Check the source code of the web to find hidden text and links
        Optimization of pages with keywords (keyword stuffing)
        Keyword stuffing in the URL (
         New Cloaking (show one thing to another search engine users) through the use of Javascript and iframes
    The pages of lyrics or poems are considered useful for users, and are not marked as spam.
    The evaluators conducted their reviews online, through a system called Rater Hub

These are just some interesting details of the new update of this document, very revealing, to take into account market profitable ideas in the web.

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