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How to win more business field by analyzing competition

The field of business is a battleground where the competition is the enemy, agreed? False, because competition is a fundamental aspect of the business. True entrepreneurs know that see competitors only as "adversaries" means having a vision limited and potentially harmful. Breaks with this scheme and put into practice a strategy to establish alliances with your competition and, thus, strengthen your company. Hard to achieve? Here some ideas to achieve this.

Today there is no company that does not want to know for certain what was doing its competence, in order to stay in his post and not see his position threatened by rivals, and social networks are used for this purpose.


According to The Chartered Institute of Marketing, 71% of enterprises used primarily for this purpose social network microblogging Twitter, most widely used in business than B2C in the B2B, although it depends on the size of the company somehow. The second most widely used to analyze competition social network is directed by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, with 56%, and whose use is significantly higher among B2C audiences, although there is a small variation between national companies and multinationals.


The professional social network par excellence, LinkedIn, is the third in discord, with 53% that closely follows the social network's Palo Alto, whose use is stronger among B2B audiences and small businesses, and the last regarding its use with 41% is YouTube, which use more B2C audiences and multinational companies.

Flame the attention to these social platforms are very important when it comes to investigate the competition, most brands do not have a professional dedicated exclusively to its management, having the bulk of them, 29%, someone who half handled properly with them and is the person who monitors the marks, while only 4% have a specially dedicated to the social profiles professional, driving in most of the time our brand profiles marketing department.


In terms of the effectiveness of social media in the enterprise, there are many professionals who still have doubts about it, and we refer to the data provided by The Chartered Institute of Marketing, claiming that only 15% consider monitoring in Twitter very effective, 16% on Facebook, LinkedIn 15% and 9% on YouTube.

On the Internet there are tools to find out how much traffic has a foreign website, and allow to know approximately the number of visits, but generally they are wrong because they use data such as the number of links, Pagerank and things well to guess the traffic.

Tools for twitter
You can view all conversations that are generated around a phrase or Word with it: to see what users of the competition, say how is perceived, what strengths and weaknesses are captured by your audience on Twitter.

Twitter Grader classifies most influential accounts by location so it can determine what degree of influence has the competition on Twitter. Use it: to find out how much has been done and what results actually has competition on Twitter.

Portis92: this complete influence super meter is going to allow us to classify in a "style" to our competitors to be clear what the path they are following on Twitter. We can see what their ratings of specialty, in what place of interests has more influence, etc.

Google Alerts

If you want to get a Google message everytime someone mentions on the Internet your name, your website, your company, your products or your competitors, this is the tool you use.

Analysis and segmentation

Google AdPlanner, which provides a series of tools that allow you to extract your online target audience psychographic and demographic data.


With AdPlanner you can identify the best set of websites to your audience, you can also see specifically the socio-demographic of any websites of interest profile, for example from your competition. You can also filter the target audience by lifestyles, hobbies or categories and get a list of best websites for them.

Finally you also can segment by search behavior, i.e. I can filter web sites that frequent users looking for specific key words and thus place the ads where it seems more likely to my target audience to see them.

Analysis of the  web traffic

Using Google Trends for Websites you can compare a web site traffic trends with its main competitors. It is interesting to also see reports of subregions, to see the geographical strength of competition, 'also visited' reports (also visited), show which other sites visit your own visitors, they can help you to find out who are your real competitors.

"Also wanted" data, nlos likely search terms that the competition visitors will visit. It is interesting to be present in that list.


Alexa, is a free service of navigation that attaches to your browser and gives us information about the site you are visiting. Also collects information about the number of visits received by a blog or website, for this analysis of pagerank users must have installed a toolbar in your browser "Alexa Toolbar" call this application allows us to generate exact statistics on the number of visits and links there are to our site...Alexa provides by means of a graph the growth or decrease in visits to a web site, also has a tool that will allow to compare and give us exact information of visits to two different sites, has a ranking by countries or internationally where we will know which are the most important sites and with more visits on the internet.

Traffic ranking is based on the traffic history of three months of all these users with the bar, so not we "scare us" if we suddenly go up or down in its ranking. As curious, need to know your ranking score will be upside down, i.e., that the lower the score that gives us (closest to 1) are highest in its ranking.

Research the competition

If we check our ranking in Alexa and entering our url, we discovered that does not appear in its ranking, nor should we worry about, this is because anyone with the "Alexa Toolbar" installed in your browser, has gone through our website.
We can also use the button on Alex, since it seems with the button placed on the website, Alexa records all visits and not only of those who have the toolbar installed. To include the button with the Alexa ranking in your blog, we must enter on your web page and in the sidebar on the right, where it says "Developer's Corner", the "Widget" option you escogéis there are a few models to choose.

Compete is a service similar to Alexa online, displays information of more than one million domains whose traffic is considered high. Compete provides two categories of information: web traffic and traffic from search engines. Web traffic service is free while information concerning search engines keywords is payment.It may be more intelligent becauseIt uses an algorithm of measurement which has only visiting only 1 for each month, i.e. you can visit 1000 times your web site, and will count as 1 single visit, difficult to handle.It also makes their measurements through your toolbar (Compete Toolbar).


Biz Information is a web service of statistics which, in addition to the usual such applications, offers another of inestimable importance: how much is a website worth?. Obviously, as you can see on your home page, Google is the first in the ranking, with nothing invaluable amount of $8.37 billion ($8,370 million) followed closely Yahoo and Facebook, with 5,000 and 6,700 million dollars respectively.

To evaluate a web site in this service free online only have to type the URL for the same on your home page. In addition to the economic value, service provides surprisingly comprehensive and accurate on daily visits, page views, visitors, unique data, position of the site in the world ranking and the ranking of their country, number of pages and external links.

You can not write the link of your website, they decide in advance if they include it or not. Luckily ours if they had it. This website has many flaws of programming, but if you have patience provides an estimate of a pretty good person web traffic. As curiosity I said value has the web in dollars.

Quantcast is another company that is dedicated to monitor web site traffic, and in which you have to register. If you are a site owner and want to have a much more accurate report of visits, number of clicks, and people who visit your URL, do not hesitate to register. The good thing about Quantcast is a time that the site is registered, gives you a detailed and more accurate than the Alexa analysis. The bad thing, is that if the site is not registered then Quantcast normally it takes an estimated, but to do this you must have a good amount of traffic, since otherwise nor siqueira figures in its statistics.

Like Alexa, Quantcast shows you statistics, gender and ages of your readers, country of origin and other aspects, and if you are a site owner and you decide you do not want to make public all the details, you can choose to block several parameters to the public.

URL Trends.
URL Trends is a very good tool to monitor various parameters, similar to the positioning in search engines, because it allows to observe and monitor over time the evolution of the PageRank, the ranking in Alexa, BackLinks in different search engines, etc.

The free version allows you to monitor weekly up to 10 URLs, but paid versions add features and even access to a development API.

SEOQuake is a SEO Firefox extension which we get almost instantly all the parameters optimization of the pages that you are visiting, as well as all parameters results in the SERPs of any search we make in Google or other search engine.
Research the competition

To use SEOQuake there rather than download the plugin, install it in our browser and activate it during navigation. When we visit one web site, any, all the Basic SEO variables appear in a new bar where we can see the pagerank of google, alexa and html of the site information.