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 Why Facebook is not working for sales in many stores within the network

The daily and persistent reality for anyone who builds the Web advertising-based business is digital signage value decreases every quarter, a result at the same time its effectiveness and its ineffectiveness. The nature of the behavior of people on the Web and the way they interact with advertising, as well as own ads characteristics and their inability to really get the attention, resulted in a significant decline in the advertising impact.


In the center of the Internet business is a big question of our time: the idea that the Web, with its ability to route the information selectively, can be a means of advertising more efficient and therefore more profitable than traditional media. Facebook, with its 900 million users, and valued at about 100 billion dollars and your business more important based on advertising with traditional ads, is at the heart of this question.


This reality undergoing the same relentless pressure of falling income by user that affects the rest of the Web-based media to Facebook. The company entered a few unfortunate (and dwindling) $5 per customer per year.

The only Facebook business grows on the unsustainable base that you can add new customers at one faster rate than the decline in the value of each individual client. It is pedaling as fast as you can. And this scenario even worse as users interact with increasing frequency with the social service for mobile devices. It is much more difficult to sell ads and earn revenue per user in a cost-effective manner on a small screen.


Perhaps the first step should be to analyze why Facebook is not working in sales for many shops within the network. I think there are several factors to take into account:

Sales on facebook now
A first variable which is the context of the user, if someone comes looking for entertainment, fun, games, and personal issues have, is unlikely to be in "buying mode" or receptive to commercial offers. The trade proposal competes in care with the last artist of fashion, the photo of the baby niece and plans on what are we going to do tonight. The relevance of the social content to the user, is a very difficult competition. In fact, two reports made by Webrends and Wordstream indicate that the CTR (Click Through Rate) means Facebook is 0.05%, compared with 0.4% of Google.

Changing interface. Facebook design changes in adjusted from time to time, taking into account also that each ecommerce network application is designed in a different way. There is no coherence or a model that is maintained over time, unlike Apple, which has always had a guide on interface design, to provide coherence and sense in all its applications.

Bad usability. The use of Facebook is not easy or intuitive, but is complex and has a high learning curve. This can be seen easily when he sees the time of learning has to invest a newcomer to the platform.


This leads to a problem of usability and information architecture. A good e-commerce website has two missions, fill the cart first and then to finish the purchase; Facebook on the other hand is not at all oriented to that, but to show you the newsfeed with news that may be of your interest and facilitate interaction with them. If the e-commerce store is a tab on the page of a brand that is five clicks of the cover and above Facebook does not tend to display the mark on the newsfeed of the user rather than in a very small percentage, we have to as e-commerce usability tends to zero.

There is a purchase button. This is one fact of the lack of call to action, the lack of persuasion toward the user. The only possible option which presents Facebook with purchases is to send him out of the social network or require you to install an application, with dozens of permissions that the user should be granted, including the possibility of publishing under his own name. Need something easier, faster and more useful, something as simple as 'buy'.

That is not all, there is a problem in the future which is control by Facebook platform. If there is an e-commerce that works in this social networking service is related to virtual goods games and when it exploded as a business, get Facebook to impose a 30% rate by forcing pay with their currency. This allowed it because these sales have a very high margin and game companies rely heavily on the social network, it would be unthinkable that they require both for normal consumption goods, but if you develop I not hesitate that would force charge with its currency and set up a Commission of the type of the Paypal.

False expectations

Marks had sold the expectation of being able to use thousands or millions of fans on Facebook to become a source of income. This idea could be achieved using different applications that incorporate the shop on the platform of the social network. But per the specialists on Facebook you must construct a communication with the users, and not to try to sell, because trying to sell on Facebook is like trying to sell to someone in a bar when he is with his friends.

We ignore advertising. It is a fact, Facebook ads are totally ignored by the public. If not, think remember any advertising that I have seen this last week on the network? In addition, the segmentation of the audience is pretty bad, showing ads that have little or nothing to do with the user or their searches.

While Facebook has become the showcase of brands, the truth is that by now is not a shopping mall where people enter with the intention of buying. Facebook is not yet done to this shopping experience.


The companies do not understand what is. Neither brands nor marketing agencies have grasped yet the true essence of Facebook. The huge numbers of registered users is the only base that has to sell the social network, but its actual effectiveness is not checked. Of those thousands of users, do you know actually who visit your page?

However, it can become a great source of traffic to web sites, where the user enters with a much more receptive mentality to make a purchase. If the customer has any questions, complaint or opinion, always you can get it through Facebook.


There are many users who argue they have sent complaints to some brands by email, have called on the phone asking for a solution to a specific problem, and only when they have written the complaint to the Facebook Wall has been when found quickly the company attention, because that brands are concerned in taking care of his image on social networks.

Sales on facebook now
It is known that e-commerce is the future, although you can that users are not yet prepared for the F-commerce and Facebook has not achieved a functional model.


Also it is clear that this experience is not widespread, being still high the percentage of marks that abandon the sale through Facebook, other brands by now are having a positive experience, so you obviously have to address the issue of the sales strategy as the product itself that is trying to sell.