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Start a timber rental business purpose

If you are already committed to a business related to the wood, this must combine the art of great beauty products and learn how to build a business opportunity that will endure over time.

The market for wood is so great possibilities in almost all existing market niches, extend from the marketing of wood as a raw material to the development of works of art using this material.

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Wood rental business represents a choice of great value for small and medium-sized construction projects.

Is which the need to resolve with this business? wooden rental 

Any person or company who started a construction project small or medium, especially talking about concrete construction, looks at the need sometime need a good amount of rustic wood for the support of the work carried out.

Do you need to start a business of wood for rent?

The main investment since then is in the acquisition of wood which can be done in any nearby sawmill. The type of ideal wood for this purpose is pine wood.

To know what measures they are recommended, it is appropriate to advise you with a teacher works or masons in your region that you can say, what are the usual standards of housing construction. We can be talking about tables of 6 to 8 feet long and a similar measure studs.

It is also important that according to your possibilities of investment you can start with a supply of suitable wood to address needs of building small and to the extent that you are going to grow, to attend larger works.

In addition you will need to consider in your business plan:

Wine cellar for wood storage. If you are in your chances you can adapt a space in your home for this purpose, in order to save you some costs will need to rent a winery in a safe and accessible point.

Vehicle type truck for the transportation of wood. For the cost that represents, while you have the possibility of purchasing a car, you can ally with any owner of truck  to be able to work together getting better prices for the transfer and gaining both work.

Helpers for shipments and deliveries of wood work. It is important to get some helpers for treatment or a week with whom you can tell the moment that you need to make shipments. These are the caregivers raise the wood, check that moves and lower it to the time of delivery.

How is the service charge?

Regular service charges per calendar month of 30 days. The wood is charged unit either by Board or Stud delivered. You must establish and instruct your client how much will cost the fraction of time if you need the product for more than 30 days.

You must consider in your delivery, a charge for deposit which must be not less than 30% of the value of the contracted product. This will help replace any missing or returned in poor condition. Regularly makes the delivery and invoice at the time of receipt of the returned equipment.

How much charge by the income of the wood?

This is the million dollar question as to do this, you have to do your own budget that allows you to determine the profit margins that you want to obtain and which must be considered:

wooden rental 
Storage and warehouse costs
Costs of transportation costs of personnel (assistants)
Vehicle depreciation costs
Wood depreciation costs
Accounting costs
Tax payments
The strength of this business is in the speed of delivery and adequate conditions for the client, but above all remember that rents and rental businesses are very convenient in the sense that you invest in the product once and you can profit by it many times.