Even in this digital age, there are certain tools that remain effective if used correctly

Direct Mail Campaign Ideas

 Even in this digital age, there are certain tools that remain effective if used correctly.

Direct mail is still a powerful ally to grow your business if it is implemented correctly. As any other tactics, success will depend on the rationale and strategy that precedes.

Many of the marketing gurus who say that direct mail is dead, let me tell them that they are wrong. Even used, and for a reason, it works.

Direct mail is a unique blend of advertising and sales. While a good advertising must achieve sales, direct mail allows you to present the products or services, make an offer and try to make a sale, all at the same time.

Direct mail is, as the term implies a message of marketing prospects receiving by mail.
Direct Mail Campaign Ideas

Some examples of direct marketing are:

Leaves loose on home gardening services

Free samples of shampoo included in the newspaper Sunday

Biscuits or floral arrangements sent by a Messenger or a florist business planning services agencies

Exhibitions in conventions or events

Offer seminars on professional services

Offer product demos


The formats most used in the direct mail are letters from sale, catalogues, shipment of new products, invitations to events, samples, reprints of advertisements, newsletters, magazines, audit reports, annual reports. The format is limited only by imagination and budget you have.

The Charter is the format most used, to be the most simple and personalized. More important than the physical characteristics of the Charter, is the tone that characterizes a good direct mail piece.
Direct Mail Campaign Ideas

Direct mail is advantageous in the following cases:

When you want to reach a pre-selected yand specific market. Selectivity is the biggest advantage of the environment.

When an advertiser want to customize your message. Direct mail is a form of communication very close to personal selling. The message is sent to a specific person and only that person. In addition, the message reaches you in your Office or home, where the retention of the message stays for a long time. When it is important to avoid conflict or direct competition with other messages. The letter carries a single message, without further distractions. When the time control is required or geographical. This is when there is a closing date or when the offer is valid for a group of people who live in a specific region.

Tips for a successful direct mail campaign

A strategy to develop its strategy must include as a minimum:

What it seeks to achieve with his campaign? Can be very simple... get new customers, generate knowledge, invite to an event, etc. You need to be very clear on this point.
Budget. The amount of money allocated to his campaign for a certain period of time.
Frequency. The number of times that you will send to a particular group of prospects for a period of time. I suggest to send four times to the same group throughout the year.

Use only direct response campaigns. All mail should be an invitation to an action or a clear direct response. There is nothing worse for a direct mail not invite an action campaign. Tell them what do... call, write, visit the website or send an email.

Refine and update its list. One of the major benefits of using direct mail as a tactic is to reduce or segmenting your list to the level you want. Whether by geographical location, income level, industry or gender, the success of the campaign depends specifically turn to those who believes are more likely to purchase your product or service.

Follow a formula when you type text. There are many formulas to produce good texts, but the simplest and still very effective is AIDA, which is an acronym for attention, interest, desire and action. If you follow this formula it is to build better texts.

Try your message. Always try your piece of direct mail with a small group before sending  campaign. A good method is to test type a/B, where a sample of 200 people, are 100 with a message and (b) are the other 100 with another message. Evaluate what generates best results.
Direct Mail Campaign Ideas

Measures of success

How to measure the success of direct mail. Many business owners look at the amount of sales in comparison with the number of letters. Experts in the field of direct mail tell their customers to wait between. 05% and 1% response or sale rate. Therefore, a rate of sale of 1% for 1,000 pieces of direct mail is equal to ten responses or sales. If the cost to prepare and send 1,000 pieces is greater than the gains produced by ten sales, use another plan.

But do not fall into the trap of simply increase the number of letters sent to inflate its rate of sale. Remember that the quality of your listing is essential.

Mistakes to avoid

Not be extended an offer

Announcement of the celebration of the opening of its store through direct mail is a great promotion strategy. However, it would be a good idea to enclose some kind of offer to obtain potential customers eager to attend the opening of the store in your email. Consider the possibility of sending a coupon along with your invitation to get excited about the event target. By the way, this tactic is not limited to openings or other events related to the store. Send promotional offers in each email.

Not to create a sense of urgency

If you provide an irresistible proposal, make sure that it allows to obtain in any sense of urgency. They include a date of expiration for the offer. If it does, its prospects eventually could forget about or get your card lost in the pile of other emails. With that, good luck with your response rate to the client.

Send to recipients evil

That is why he hires a service of mailing list, which ensures that the correspondence is sent to your target market. Email service providers often maintain a database of potential customers. They have these data organized according to demographics, gender, income, lifestyle, and other determinants. With these data, you know what prospects would take interest in what it brings to your business and send your emails properly.

Everyone makes mistakes, but when it comes to business, cannot afford commit even the slightest error. Careful planning and is open on tips as these will help to avoid marketing mistakes made by other businesses.
Direct Mail Campaign Ideas