There are many websites where you can sell discount coupons and do business with them.

Reselling Daily Deals

Collective purchases have not only been a business by other interesting. This business model is which has grown faster in the Internet, neither Google nor Apple grew so fast, handles also billions of dollars. GroupOn that has pioneered this business model not only told not to Google that I wanted to purchase 6 billion dóalres, but that is about to leave on the stock exchange and has raised almost $ 1 billion.

In fact bids offered consistently can lead people to buy on impulse. I several times I had to stop, because the promotions in many areas are really tempting.

There are many website where you can sell discount coupons and do business with them. We refer to these coupons (usually some consumers are more accustomed to them) that appear in magazines or that you can download from web sites, print them to our home printer and then achieve hefty discounts on the purchase of certain products.

The appearance of these virtual sites combined with an adequate presence in social networks can make small businesses end up achieving big sales with these gift coupons and sale of them made between individuals. Thanks to the web site CouponTrade is possible that the activity of other companies ends up generating economic benefits in their own.
 Reselling Daily Deals

CouponTrade for example was born in the winter of 2010 by the initiative of George and Brad Bousis Wasz, two entrepreneurs who have created a virtual marketplace where individuals can trade with your coupons gift that have not used and bonds of discount that can be found in various products. Also the portal manages income through advertising.

Usefulness of the business

Let's say that you are travelling much work, that you live in a city but you're constantly in another, so one day decide to buy a discount coupon for a restaurant of creative cuisine in the Centre of that city which always traveling, upon receipt of say, an email from a smart aggregator of deals.

Perfect, you have your coupon and you think redeem it of those, someday when you're calmer and leave soon regular meetings, but it is that there are sudden changes at work, your company requests that you ocupes a position of greater responsibility in the Office in your city, so already not you will travel so often, so when you remember that coupon that you bought some weeks ago and what you give iPod

Therefore for any business who sees how the crisis is affecting him, no doubt is a way to draw new customers with the idea that these new customers become regulars. The crisis makes consumers more prone to seek the offer and continue to grow this business model, will happen in the United States, where a large part of consumers feeds and lives virtually on coupons.
Reselling Daily Deals

Today, these coupons are intended for various markets of business, massages, spa, beauty treatments, restaurants, stores, clothing, etc...not to mention other companies that have opted for the sale of all types of outlets, privalia as.

The fact that is a great business idea for attracting new customers, does not mean that it is exempt from a marketing strategy to avoid the "invention" costing you money to your business.

According to several estimates deals daily market move around US $ 2 billion in 2011 alone in the United States.UU. All of coupons sold is estimated that 20% of these coupons are never used (being optimistic), so do the accounts, but we advance, we are talking about a market of at least $ 400 million. Not bad for a spin-off market truth?

Here are some sites that offer exclusive offers for your Office at home or the business effort.


If the savings of up to 90 percent on a hot web application is your thing, then may be for you. Each offer is tested before that was announced, and there are a variety of offers.
  Reselling Daily Deals

Previous offerings include applications to increase followers on Twitter, tips for your organization based on the cloud of documentation, translation and Web-based hosting professional tools. offers money for 30 days guarantee of return of all purchases, as well as a $10 refer a friend program.

If you are looking for more tangible savings, can help. Leveraging the power of group discounts, the site offers substantial savings in items such as phones, video cameras and the trade fairs of print services.

Most of the deals seem to be based on services (web design, for example), but not here, but are offers that are not published elsewhere. Usually, only two offers are being implemented on this site.

Of course, please do a research before committing to a purchase agreement anywhere. Some of the offers found here were widely available for anyone, and not always at the best price.


The new love of my life is AppSumo, a shopping site highly addictive. It offers a wide range of products from e-books to virtual seminars to design services.

Perhaps most valuable offerings here are those intended to educate. Techies them are going to love the tutorials to reinforce programming knowledge or improve social media strategy. You don't have to be a hard core of amateur TI to enjoy the offers, however. Some of the most popular businesses would be useful for anyone. A recent agreement is a great discount on the software of test preparation for the SAT, ACT, GRE, and more.

AppSumo has a 100 percent money-back guarantee and gives credit of $10 for each referred sale.


When the budget is reduced, but needed something of traditional marketing and promotional services to fulfill with your business plan, GroupPrice may be able to help. This site offers a good number of offers few at a time, in a wide range of offers.

Some of the most notable deals include articles that medium-sized companies is likely to buy anyway: automatic calls, services of staffing at a distance and even online video spokespersons. If you are still in the stages of home-grown, it is possible that the revision of venture capital of step or archives, images of video-plus to your tastes.


Are looking for a decent price in an advertisement for a laptop, a printer oa full-color in a major magazine? RapidBuyr strives to offer high-quality goods and services to business owners, offering competitive bids.

Similar to other sites concerned with, RapidBuyr offers a credit equal to the unused purchase agreement part, but they are not able to redeem himself. The majority of offers range from one to five days (unless they run out).

A useful feature of this site is an integrated price comparison table showing the prices of the main competitors and what they call "the prices of the street." Our own searches discovered that they were, in fact, at least 10 percent less that all the points of sale in bids that were active at the time.
Reselling Daily Deals