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 Strategies for good content on my website

 The content is an essential part in business on the Internet. It is not only important, but is key in the relationship we have with our users, or in other words with our clients. The online content not only focuses on the actions that we carry out in social media where we have presence but that must also be focused in all actions we make in our presence online; the most important presence: our web site.

It is estimated that only 10% of users who visit your site can become to do business in your website. So if we are talking about have 500 visits a month, you get to be 50 prospects a month, i.e., there is a chance of any of these 50 visitors to do business with you.

But how create online content that increases the visits?

To start creating content, you must have an orderly website that allows you to create new content in a simple way. In terms of available technologies, one of the easiest to use are WordPress and BlogSpot allowing to create blogs. For those who do not know is an online system that allows you to create articles in very easily and quickly. They are usually free and allow a broad form of customization, they are "SEO friendly", i.e. to help the SEO.

Think about your target customer. What type of user you want to attract to your site? Content type that relates to the interests of that person.
Tips for  writing web content
Create content readable and easy to understand. Uses a language course, avoiding technical terminology. If there are not forced to use it, we can, for example, explain what we are talking about and then put its technical name enclosed in parentheses.

Select the appropriate keywords. The keywords must be specific and not General phrases. For example, if you are selling handbags, Italian leather bags would a key word better than bags to dry.

Put at least one of your sentences or keyword in the title of your content. Make sure that the title is read as a title. If it appears to be spam, search engines can get angry and you not well positioned.

Promote the
inspiration self.
To make a content marketing strategy really efficient, it is necessary that we go into what is called the spiral of planned creativity. Inspiration, as any source occasionally dries... the key to keep your always-on inspiration, is staying in a line of thinking that you're sure the ideas are there, in the mouth of your followers, if you hear them, always at the same time and meet your commitments, creativity will come.

Strategically placed keywords in the content. The keywords should be at the beginning and the end of the article and at least one couple of times in the middle.

Implement a simple structure that allows the user to easily find the most important. Divides the text into parts and paragraphs, not too long, but not in any way: each one should express an idea.

Write at least 200 words to the content of the article. This is the minimum amount that most browsers accept that the contents are considered to be quality.

Use a personal writing sometimes: we all like stories and marketing contents are the perfect opportunity to inform about the most intimate part of a brand.

Review the database: If your website allows the registration of users, take advantage of all the information that you can give your database. Performs analysis not only of the total volume of your database, but also creates different segments based on the behaviors of your users. Know who are the users who frequent purchase on your site, those who did any ever but not returned and also those who are in your database, but have never made any purchase. In the event your site is not an e-commerce, you can discuss with other behaviors as achieved leads.


Google Insights and Google Trends: with Trends, you can identify the interest generated in users a specific term, while in Insights allows you to go more in-depth by comparing different terms in addition to discover other words related to the term you want and other searches that have had greater interest from users.

Review the importance for long-term content: If you want to read your posts within a couple of years still forget events today that a week already do not create interest. Focus on topics that are independent of trends or recent news.


Rewrites the post after 24 hours: give some tips that I do not follow even if you know that it would be better to do so. This is one of them. Allow time for reflection allows you to get a more neutral view of your post. The distance will help you better pinpoint weaknesses of writing, spelling or logic in an article. You have the possibility of substantially improved an already written article.


Use any image to illustrate texts. So they will be less monotonous and more "friendly". And if the photos are better original. But do not fall into the trap of putting part of the text in images: Besides being awkward to read, there are many people who may not see it, are not accessible.

Originally published your content on your sites: Facebook and Twitter are not your platforms, but of others. Originally published content into your platform.

Analyze the reaction of visitors. Evaluates the effect and scope of the content over the next few days. It scans traffic page and visits to find out how your audience reacted.

Tips for  writing web content
Finally, we must remember that quality content is an indication that it is written by a professional and an authority on the matter. Web sites that have good reputation receive most of the traffic of the market and are highly appreciated by the search engines.