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 Web sites that dominate Internet traffic

 The site of statistical analysis and digital traffic Alexa, which summarizes the behavior a large proportion of the internet pages of the planet, published a map which shows are the most popular places in the world.


Alexa makes the accounting of each web page recording the number of visits per user receives, how much time passes a person in particular on the platform and how it is connected to the internet.

It is not news to know that Google is one of the most consulted website in the world. This tool receives more monthly visitors with a billion unique users every 30 days.

However, contrary to what you may think, it is not the most visited around the world. There are parts in the world where other sites have ousted the search giant.

 The map shows the dominant sites around the world, based on the traffic measured by Alexa and presents information for other interesting.Internet traffic analysis

Facebook, for example, is on track to conquer Africa and pound hard battles in Asia. Apparently, the dominance of Facebook in the North African is the result of the capacity of connectivity and access to the internet services, which, though very expensive compared with services in United States, allow users to connect to Facebook perhaps to read your mail and chat with their friends, rather than having to go to two different sites to make both actions.


The cost is an important factor in internet access is very expensive in Africa, in contrast to the United States u other richest economies, forcing users to be very intentional in its use of the Internet. Users of poorer economies must be very intentional in his (expensive and slow) the use of the Internet.

It also seems that a large part of Africa falls in the category of unknown (unknown), which explains why Alexa only collects data from 125 countries and there is therefore no information thereon. The Czech Republic has to as the most popular site, but it must be said that this site ranks, globally, 392.

In the case of the oasis obvious the emergence of orange in the other Europe, Google - Western color we have the Czech Republic, where was more popular than in may, when the map was compiled.It even it is pretty impressive post - is today situated in 392 in the world.

If the map has produced a couple of years ago Yahoo certainly would have been manifest more widely. As it is it is n ° 1 in Camerun and a separate company is # 1 in Japan and is # 15 in the world. In general, however, according to Alexa Yahoo Gets the 4 post, that gets ahead of Baidu, that is 5, and as the map clearly shows 1 in China, which should give you a phenomenal growth potential.

You will realize that American companies are leaders in absolutely all the countries, but not in Asia. It is the only continent where local businesses are overlooking. Russia Yandex motor search of taking a very strong position in Russia and the lighting of a large part of the world map, Baidu is just after, with all the challenges that censorship, U.S. companies find it difficult to take the initiative.


Yandex, which is # 1 in the colors of the upper-right corner of the yellow on the map Russia. Currently it ranked 24 in the world and faces rivalarly of, which ranks 4 in Russia, but comes top in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

yahoo Bing
You thought that we forget about Yahoo? No, certainly not forgotten. It is # 1 in Cameroon, but the real attraction is the Japan. Not only is # 1 in Japan, also occupies the number 15 position worldwide. Japan love Yahoo. Note: Yahoo! and Yahoo Japan are separate companies. Yahoo Japan is a joint venture between Yahoo! and the Japanese company Softbank Internet. It is inscribed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Finally we must mention YouTube as the third most visited site in the world with 790 unique visitors per month and over 100 billion page views.
Internet traffic analysis
According to the meter web eMarketer mobile internet users will reach the 11.9 million, while the users of smartphones round the 106.7 million.

For its part, a computer graphics of points out that the use of the internet in Latin America and the Caribbean grew 1032.8% in the decade between 2000 and 2010.

Other sites most visited.

The encyclopedia more all time great, encarta thanked him because they had to disappear completely.

Windows Live
The portal and search engine with a style, but in services is very similar to Yahoo, this site from Microsoft.

The free blogging platform, also belongs to Google.

The second social network most popular, having success with a little space to write 140 characters, but many people make use of this service.

A portal that belongs Tencent, no doubt East market Asian is probably the more large in terms of people who make use of the internet.

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