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Day trading is a style of trading in the short term, but unlike the scalping, the day trader usually opens one or a few operations that are closed on the same day. The day traders are mainly characterized by deciding his strategy at the beginning of the day (or decide not to take any) and when the trading day ends, operations still remaining open will be closed on accumulated profits or losses as a general rule, they will not leave open day to day operations.

Day trading requires investing time throughout the day to analyze, implement and monitor the operations. If the scalping is too fast for you, and you consider the swing trading somewhat slow for your taste, then the day trading can be his style.

Day traders can be classified into two groups: institutional traders and individual traders. An institutional course trader is the one who works for a financial institution.This type of trader has some advantages with respect to the individual trader as the availability of more resources, better tools and equipment, large amounts of capital and high leverage, large amounts of new income funds to operate continuously, direct and dedicated line connection to the data centres, analysis software sophisticated (and expensive), teams of analysts available, and lot more.

On the other hand, a day individual trader or retail (to the retail) is a trader who works for himself or in association with a small group of traders.

The retail trader operates with its own capital, although it can handle the capital of others, there are limitations on how much the alien volume can be handled and in almost all countries are prohibited to advertise their services as advisers or financial managers.
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Individual intraday traders often used, or at least should be, brokers offering direct access to the market (ECN brokers) and that these brokers offer faster performance and usually offer also best trading platforms.
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Is which my personal profile?

Likes you begin and end an operation on the same day.
-Have time to analyze the market at the beginning of the day and you can monitor it throughout the day.
-You like to know if you've won or lost when you go to bed.

The most important goal in every operation

design an effective and particularly simple and consistent methodology with my personality and style of operation appropriate, for a better understanding of the behaviour of the participants in the different markets, myself included, and the main variables and factors that in reality, and me they affect.

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Because starting a business of day trader.
Firstly, because even if the market does not have a trend "trend" defined and is maintained with movements, sides prolonged by opening and closing day more or less at the same price, something that happens often  can, in any manner and without major difficulties, gain practically every day, entering and exiting always on the same day. When operating as a Day Trader does not matter whether the market has a tendency upward, downward or side, as in any of these scenarios are in perfect condition for profits consistently.

Secondly, if the basic premise of any investor Individual is the preservation of its capital "capital reservation" to stay open to close positions markets, we run a high risk of losses greater than our maximum losses preset.

The day traders spend most of his days studying trends and news about companies and industries.

Enemies and friends
Market volatility: our best friend, is which makes it possible to operate generating margin positive. Of course, is a friend who sometimes can be exasperating, but traders must not renege on it should be the main allied.

Broker commissions: no doubt the Commission charged by our operator for each movement, is the worst enemy of the trading, the necessary evil would say, but they are the rules of the game. Insurance go unnoticed for the who operates in the long term, but for which they carry out many operations in the month is a number.
As a rule: do not convert to win less than your broker. Very small margins only serve to entertain and pay commissions.

Office Day Trader  

From the day traders are technical investors, who are more concerned about trends in the price of an action or a commodity. They are in several indicators to determine when to buy and when to sell action.

For example, a trader can buy stocks when they see that the stock price has been rising and we believe that it will continue to increase, or vice versa. Then sell the shares after a trend has been broken.

Other strategies include investment and trade in shares inpenny (also known as swing trade) channel, among others.

Speculation involves the exploitation of differences or gaps between supply and demand of the. It is a very fast form of trade that usually is carried out within minutes. Another technique on the day of trade is called a trade discount. Earnings and income depend on the reduction of the ECN of an instrument. It's the price of the shares with a low price and high volume. Finally, news is playing. As its name indicates, it depends on file news. Therefore, if an operator he has the word that an action is right, or she is going to buy. If on the other hand there is news action is going to take a bath, then the trader who sells little.
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Analysis tools

The first of these strategies is the next trend. This suggests the hypothesis that the financial markets which have seen a steady increase, according to rise further as they have been. The opposite is also true, which means that if an action has consistently been the fall, which will continue to do so. It is clear that, as its name suggests, this technique is based only on the financial and stock market trends.

This is a technique of time. It operates in direct opposition of monitoring of trends. Therefore, counter trade follows the philosophy that if an action or financial instrument has been growing constantly, it is forced to see a setback. On the contrary, if an instrument has decreased regularly, then opposite trade it supposed to be very soon due to rising. In short, traders from the day that follows the opposite philosophy usually buy in a market that has been declining. They have the hope of selling high when it finally begins to rise. When a population is already increasing, traders from the day following this general philosophy, short sell it. They do so because they anticipate that it will soon fall.

Steps to start

Chief a day trading software. To perform this activity, you need three types of programs. A software of data, with the entries of prices; with the graphics software, that offers indicators analysis technicians; and executed programmes, allowing the day trader to run its operations.

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You must open an account with a direct access broker. The law makes it necessary to have a minimum of $25,000 in the account at all times. Check with your agent about the regulations, so avoid any violations of trade. Margin operations gives you more power than cash trade, but it also adds more risk. With a minimum balance of funds in your trading account, you can operate on the margins of up to 4 times the cash in your account value. So if you have a balance in cash of $50,000, you can operate up to $200,000 in the margin.

Research the company before you buy their shares. Be reviewed the historical graphs to learn about the returns of the past, and see their profits to discover if it is profitable or not. Invest in some workshops of trade day trader, books and working papers if you're still not experienced with the day of trade. It is also possible to consider the possibility of joining subscriptions day of bargaining, such as to help you in the analysis of values.

Finally, point out, that the trading can be a highly profitable activity for the investor dedicated exclusively to the trading, but the trader can also incur heavy losses because of the risks assumed in its activity.
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