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Design windows 8 is highlighted with respect to Apple

In the exploration of a design more modern and functional that can attract more customers, Apple could not be hitting in the production of a concept in a same spirit between your software and your hardware, something Microsoft is working to fund and may be closer with Windows 8.

Then the announcement of Microsoft a long time ago, on the new version of Windows 8, everything has changed and the company has worked hard in that version and all development apparently had its fruit and today we see the first impressions. In comparative tests, the Developer Preview of Windows 8 version was faster in several of the criteria considered in comparison with the operational system of Apple Mac OS X Lion.

With a redesigned, quite attractive, easy to use interface and fast, 8 Windows is an operating system that meets expectations and which mainly breaks with the standard of what was Windows, adapts fully to the Post-PC era. A few years ago Steve Jobs announced and today some companies such as HP took seriously withdrawing from the market of PC's.

Testing OS, Windows 8 used less memory, used fewer processes and initialized more quickly. Also it was interesting that the two systems were compared on a single PC: a MacBook Pro with a processor Core i7 2.2 Ghz and 4 Gb of DDR3 RAM memory.

Risking much, Microsoft has decided to break the paradigm of what had been the Windows with this new user interface, called: Metro. That actually is a combination between the traditional that we have seen in Windows and the environments that we use in the tablet.

In the past three years Apple has focused its design philosophy to take the interface metaphors to a new level much more explicit, representing a little subtle though undeniably effective mode as it is to make the calendar or the calendar to look like and behave like real an agenda and a timetable. The approximation of Apple is especially advantageous when you try to bring the technology to those people who had never felt comfortable with it, but is not devoid of problems.

If we are aware, Apple made a radical change with Mac OS when it went from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X. The Apple operating system had not changed too much since System 7. It is true that Mac OS X has evolved much from Cheetah to Lion, but in essence it is the same thing with heavy makeup and beads on the initial foundations.

Outstanding  windows 8
The sensitivity in the design of the Metro UI is identical to the industrial design of Apple, which is a radical emphasis on minimalism, the clarity, the function and the absence of superfluous ornaments.

Applications design

The most recent Apple Skeuomorph is one of the worst. Application of the Podcasts, published in June, company actually shows a tape reel to reel game while running the podcast. The people under the age of 30 years old even know what is a reel to reel tape player? The implementation timetable for iPad is has torn paper, suggesting that the previous months have been torn from a physical calendar.

IPhoto for iOS application has large brushes, fugly repair "Red Eye" and "Desaturate", as if there is something in the real world can Desaturate with a brush. Both the iBooks IOS and kiosk applications show a shelf of wood grain, where its contents is unnatural. There are many other examples in the Apple Desktop and mobile user interfaces.

Worse (i.e. more flavor) is that the idea skeuomorph is not universal among applications, do not apply visual consistently through applications that have been a treat of skeuomorphic design. Skeuomorphs Apple application is arbitrary and inconsistent, it is another point of bad taste.

Skeuomorphic design is all that association that is done in the design of a product with something older, so that the user feels more familiar and easy to use while in the case of an article of recent production.

The concept, applied in the products that we consume usually makes one purchase something that can be very cheap, but that gives us the sensation of having invested our money in something expensive, such as a wall clock of low quality plastic that appears to be of wood, quality that gives sophistication to the space that decorates for a very low price.

Windows Marketplace is clean and attractively designed

Although it is still very low in number of applications, Microsoft's Windows Marketplace is attractive and well designed. From a certain point of view, it is quite similar to the Mac App Store: apps are organized in categories, purchases applications with one click and can view or publish user reviews. Although it is still too early, we can say that Windows Marketplace has an advantage over the App Store: test applications. So, you can try an application for some period of time until you decide to buy it.

Microsoft has managed to give 'flavor' to the new platform for mobile, by the always made its interface is totally simple, hassle-free.

Although Apple designs skeuomorphic are based on the gross consumer quackery, subway Microsoft user interface is based on the Swiss graphic design. In fact, all the philosophy of the metro UI is based on the primacy of the typography on the images.

Many users have mentioned e.g. the dynamic Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 mosaics which are really very useful. There is a single application that has this feature in iOS just: the calendar, conveniently showing the day of the week in which we find ourselves. Apple has complicated to adapt this functionality 8pueden have some forms more elegant do) but at least would be good that it opened the door to developers so that they could actively modify the icons of their applications based on various conditions (Sun, clouds, rain, etc...) in the app of time; our State in a messaging app, the theme of the phase which we game...).

Tablets Outstanding  windows 8

Windows 8 is a robust operating system this should not surprise, considering that it is based on Windows 7, an attractive and relatively lightweight operating system. However, the Windows 8 version is even faster and more functional, as shown by the analysis of Microsoft.

The touchscreen provides a very good experience. In fact, it is the best market multi-touch interface and far exceeds what Apple has done so far. Microsoft has in his hands something exceptional with Windows 8 in this market. Much better than any Android-powered tablet according to some users.

Future scenario

The truth is that in Cupertino were faced with a somewhat difficult decision; with an operating system such as Lion, newly released to the market and with a few not too satisfied users that Apple would like to.

The logical evolution would run to make a new version of Mac OS X and try to be at the height of Windows 8, but that would only bring an operating system built to punches as it was Windows Vista.