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 Online tools to increase productivity

 We all, conscious or unconsciously, procedures to address the daily activities both personal and labour, however sometimes have the feeling that does not efficiently manage our time. At the start of the day we have one idea more or less clear what we need and want to do, but at the end of the afternoon we find that we have done almost nothing, or less than half of the things.

Of course this is a complex issue which I do not intend to reduce to a few lines of an article. But yes give some clue that perhaps can help you improve any corner of your life work, if it is it should malfunction or not function at all.

To achieve the greatest effectiveness, it is important to distinguish clearly between the key tasks, the minor tasks and the garbage tasks. Well manage the time and decide how much of your "daily me" allocate some and others is essential.

Use more our agenda and learn to say "no". Not to others, not to other activities, not to other commitments. Try to satisfy everyone and reaching all is the way to stay somewhere. Do more things that transmit us "productive euphoria" sounds good but the quality of the work is less. The puzzle has a limited number of pieces.

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Here some tools practices to raise the effectiveness

To organize ideas: experience shows you the appropriate resulting have organized ideas, and more when the non-compliance of this action makes that you suffer serious consequences such as loss of time. So nothing better than having tools that allow the construction of concept maps.

Tips for productivity
Mind42 is a simple, intuitive and complete tool that allows the generation of mental maps online individually or collectively. We started a parent node from which we will be able to add child nodes. In them we can attach notes, wikipedia articles or lists of tasks, in addition to being able to customize them by converting them into images that we have, add hyperlinks, changing the colors of fonts and assign icons to your organization.

Our map can be public, and at the same time, will provide us a series of links for access, including the html code to add it to our blog or website.

Here are the characteristics of what we can do with Mind42:

Create mind maps online.
Work in cooperative online (multiple users working on the same map).
Set editing permissions for our maps.
Add images, links, etc.
Use the functions zoom, view of bird, fold and deployment of branches or nodes.
Add notes and special links to nodes.
Publish maps created in blogs and websites.

Tool to promote rest, is an application to increase our productivity, it is necessary that all the nights rest properly. According to this application is not sleep longer but comply with sleep cycles, why this website gives us tips for rest best on sleep cycles.

For the moments of Relax
  To improve productivity, not always it must be working. Relax also is necessary. And when you can not go to the beach, you can bring with MoodTurn, a web site that plays different sounds and relaxing images that mentally can take us for a few moments where we would really like to be. The result is surprising and not need to download anything. Find it here

Tools to organize

Pivotal Tracker is a project manager with a strong orientation to agile methodologies. The tasks are not estimated in hours, but in points, which determine the speed of the computer, after a running time. It is a much more humane way of understanding projects, since people, unlike machines, not pay at a rate that is foreseeable, nor our prodigious results are predictable.


It is a free service, also in the cloud, with ability to create multiple projects (not dare I say unlimited) and assign them to people with different roles. Tasks are created in the fridge (the Icebox) and will dynamically organizing based on variable parameters, as defined milestones, the rhythm of the team and pending tasks.

In my day to day, I try to use it as a tool to take the pulse to your computer, but not as incident management system. In general, we use Pivotal internally and more cheerful, and in a second phase, all tasks completed on the system of CAU, where it is passed to the plane of the treatment with the users.

Google tasks

Over time, Google has been placing tasks in a more predominant, giving them a space both Gmail and Google Calendar. Google Tasks is an extension for Google Chrome that simplifies and streamlines the management of tasks and activities, and that those who use the service from Google surely will appreciate.

Tasks can create tasks, edit them and mark them as completed directly from the extension, without having to go to Google tasks to do, plus several ways to do this.


GTasks is not a stand-alone application but an addition to GMail, the first thing we have to do to use this programme is therefore entering our GMail account. When we are again, we will have to select tasks, which is in the menu on the left, just below contacts. Once done, will appear the window of Google Tasks on the other corner of the screen (below right). We put GTasks full screen or separate Gmail making it in a separate browser window.

Convert emails into tasks

Add to tasks is one of the most useful options of GTasks, consists of directly convert an email into a task. We have this option in a drop-down list that appears when you click on the more actions (just off refresh) button.

The great advantage of moving emails to task lists is that everything is in place. We can archive mail and leave your Inbox clean. We will already solve tasks at the right time when we have to render the list in question.

It is the name of a set of web applications that works as an Office suite. In order to use these tools it is required to register, and the vast majority have a free version, although some of the tools are still in beta stage.

Zoho classifies your applications into three groups based on their characteristics: "Applications of collaboration", "Business application" and "Productive applications".

Zoho offers a wide variety of ways of accessing them through the integration with different applications online and 'offline' such as Microsoft Office, Outlook and social networks like Facebook.


It is a simple application that allows you to organize efficiently the tasks of the Department, both yours.

The main advantages of the application are:

It is very easy and fast to create a task. With just a few clicks you have saved and correctly assigned task.
You can distinguish groups of tasks in different workspaces not to mix things.
You can create tasks from the web version, email, instant messaging and iPhone/BlackBerry application.
The applications are free and you have a week of service test.
You can sync with Google Calendar and Google Tasks.
But the feature that the difference from the rest is that instead of sending tasks via email, can asingarlas to a particular person and you can track the status, send  receive comments, etc.

Finally wanting to dispense with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or surf the web would be almost a torture. To avoid the anxiety and distract us, we finished distracting, what we must do is to schedule breaks and pauses for pure and only eat this type of distractions, whether any social network, chat with a friend, read feeds or through your favorite blog.

Tips for productivity
I believe that to a greater or lesser extent, all usually do, at least from time to time, some of the things proposed by this system. Real results are achieved by applying these rules every day. While it may cost at the beginning, the results that we obtain will give us the motivation to move forward.