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 How to start a driving school

 Driving schools maintain the safe roads leads students to teach proper driving techniques and how to prevent accidents. Many types of individuals require education courses for drivers.

These schools are private enterprises that are intended to teach lead the public you need. In addition to being a business, the conductors schools must meet a social function, in the sense that should worry about form correct drivers. This should ensure, in addition to teaching to manage, add in the apprentice rules of transit, techniques of safe and defensive driving, road awareness and respect for others.

A well-trained driver is a safer driver. To form well drivers there experience teachers need, not worth anyone, even if you have a driver's licence for all categories, if it has not gone down a previous training to, in turn, be who transmit the training new drivers.

Target market

The catalogue of services your business school of motoring is directed to:

People aged 16 onwards wishing to learn to drive a vehicle
People who want to improve their driving skills. Pilots who want to scale their professional level of management

Start a driving school

The good news is that this business does not distinguish gender or age as any person may require the services of your Academy of management. Even given geographic area is not circumscribed because everywhere people will need late or early driving your vehicle and do it safely.

To start earning money, there are two paths you can go down, so to speak. You can choose to start on your own, or you can train with and sign up for an existing franchise that already has a record of students, contacts and trainers. In both cases he works on their own, but with varying degrees of individuality and support.


A franchise based company will offer training, however, will be charged a fee (usually a percentage of the lessons that have been reserved in your name or a lump sum). Coming out of their property, on the other hand, it can be a lonely task - but also one that you control.

Analysis of the competition
It is important to conduct a basic market study to determine that such competition can have in the area where you expect to offer your services. You will need to make calls or visits for an average of prices and services offer.

Location of business
Our business will be located at the following address
Recommended a local office or a medium (50 - 80 m 2) with area of parking and space to save a couple of vehicles (initially) considering that the course of business operates primarily in the streets.

Following recommended steps

Obtain a license of instructor of management. This is often a requirement if you have intention to educate students or hire employees to carry out the training. Licensing usually involves a test written and behind the steering wheel, as well as a background check. Please contact the Department of motor vehicles for specific requirements for the State in which you live.

Purchase vehicles for instruction. The number of vehicles you have will determine the amount of students that you can take. Keep in mind the cost of vehicles and the required maintenance in your upfront costs. However, if you hire instructors for your school you can that they provide their own vehicles, insurance and gasoline in exchange for a percentage of the revenue that paid students.

You would have to have a car ready for each student during each session. You should also get to be latest models and vehicles of transmission both automatic and manually. Please note that you should replace these vehicles after every few years, because automotive technology evolves at a rapid pace.

Fill out and submit all paperwork required by the State or region and rates. Depending on your city, this may include a request, certified instructor license verification of Constitution, a copy of its curriculum, so you and all the employees hired, verification of insurance for each vehicle, copy of your construction contract and a set of fingerprints for your State can run a criminal background check.

It develops a registration criterion. Your State may have requirements of registration beyond a request, such as driver's licenses, approval of the written examination and insurance requirements. Familiarize you with your state licensing requirements for drivers and businesses that have their own vehicles.

Determines the pricing structure and how you're going to process payments. Look at the costs of the services you provide, the handling of your business costs and competitive rates. Determine the cost of your program. Investigate your options of payment, such as credit cards, personal checks, money orders, cash or Internet payments.

They market your business to the client type to which you want to serve. Use a website, ads in the phone book and displays ads in high schools, universities, career centers and recreational sites for the elderly.

Estimated sales
The following are sales ladies business accredited with a minimum of 6 months of operation. At the beginning, to the extent that the business is being released, this number may have significant improvements.
Start a driving school

20 Clients of management to us$ 150 for 12 hours of learning, total us$ 3000
20 Evidence of certification to license us$ 75, total us$ 1500
10 Steps of procedures several us$ 100, total us$ 1000

Approximate monthly sales total: $5550
Estimated net income: us$ 2950