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 Different approaches to lead as leader

Leadership is defined as the ability of an individual to influence, motivate and enable other people to contribute to the effectiveness and the success of organizations of which it is part.

New styles of leadership

Organizations now focus his interest in motivation and collaboration. It is here where converge feminine roles with the new perspectives of the address, and is in this fact that is based on those who consider that the female management style best fits the new realities. As women scale positions in organizations appears a new model of leadership, to bring qualities and different sensitivities to management tasks.

Leader: features

The leader plays an important role in the decision-making process and, therefore, also in the support group gives you. As the leadership is based on the group is important to analyse not only the characteristics of this but also the context in which the Group operates.

A good leader must make decisions and be able to make realistic and achievable objectives. So you acquire information, and much of this has to be the result of the interaction and confidence with their peers. All of this is facilitated by communication: the interest in knowing the feelings and thoughts of the people who work with him or her and contact with them. On the other hand does not help at all isolated.

a good leader is not one imposed by fear, but it is that moves between teammates to maintain a peaceful contact, transmitting good humor and giving example with their behavior, levels of effort required to others.

The authoritarian, paternalistic heads and little friends of dialogue already were. The old model is leaving step to the new leader, who is becoming more sought in modern organizations.

Model of successful leadershiph
The head of yesterday

Manager leader
Give orders
Focused on figures
Resistance to change
Focused on national markets
Short term approach

The Chief today

Manager leader
Focused on quality
Lifelong learning
Focused on the world
More long-term vision

This features emerging new types of leadership, which include the following:

Leadership calichin´g. full capacity focuses on the professional growth of its collaborators, which get involved in your future projects in a qualified manner and as collaborators.

Afiliativo leadership. This type of leaders are concerned above all create a good climate in the Organization so that people are emotionally involved in the projects. For him, it is very important that contributors feel comfortable at work because the relationship fluid and, therefore, conflicts are assumed with constructively.

Authorized leadership. Acquire prestige and get people to follow you because it gives them a long-term vision that gives them security.

Of these three types, you can use either and is for this reason that the personal approach of the leader takes importance. Basically to have three types of approach:

Priority in the performance or the person.

Degree of participation of the led.

How to guide to the led.

Emphasis on the performance or the person
This dimension reflects an aspect of a great deal of importance in the leadership. Your objective as leader should concentrate on finding the right balance between both plots: a sensitivity for people who favors that every day comfortable and encourage to get involved in joint projects, but that does not eclipse the performance goals.
If the sensitivity by the person prevails over performance, the team runs the risk of falling into an accommodation which prevented progress, but on the other hand, worry about people and foster a good social relationship are important factors to make the group feel comfortable and work better.

Participation of the led

To what extent are people that you happen involved?, nothing, only you reporting them?, he consulted, you involve them in the decision-making process?, they delegate them tasks?...

A more autocratic leadership, implies a minimum participation. If you as a director, say what you need to do and leave little or no room for personal initiative, your computer will then get used to you specify them both the path to follow, that even fear to make decisions.

At the other extreme is the delegation "DIY". If you shifted responsibility to one or several persons from your computer and give it more or less powers to act. This does not mean that you desentiendas, but it cedes control to someone else. But we must be of a very important aspect in the delegation, and delegate responsibilities to the person who can truly take on them.

When we think that results in the work of team should be as easy and quick as that we do alone, we tend to become us impatient with slower collaboration processes. The first step is to follow without emergency collaborative process and recognize that while the team collaboration may take a little more time and be more challenging, the results will be much higher.

How are guides to your led?
Model of successful leadershiph

In relation to grant a greater or lesser participation, is situated the "how to guide", as driving to the people you lead.

-A form of guide is to establish and evaluate goals. Through the establishment, the way forward is indicated, by the periodic evaluation, check how things are going and, from there, to decide the next action.

-Sometimes, the leader guide informing. Not necessarily to say what to do. You also report of aspects which you think relevant, so that your employees perform their task. From there, each one is dedicated to its mission.

-Another way is through the own example. Your behavior is suitable to imitate. Behavior by imitation. And in this connection, establishes a "feedback" or "recognition on your part to the led".

Feedback (giving and receiving) is another form of guiding. Related to this, it is praise or recognition. If you reinforce the right behaviors, these pointing out what should be repeated, where you should go.

The current leader must generate value in the human capital be in the constant search for talent. You must have a soft, medium and hard leadership style; It should be an all-terrain, it should be hybrid; flexible, versatile comedian, orchestrator. The current leader profile must harmonize each and every one of the different forces and fields of knowledge to enrich and put in doubt the components of his team.

In short, the profile of the current leader, must accept the idea of what makes changes to the world and makes it more habitable and harmonious. Never should have a confidence to change, unlike you should have respect, but he never doubted by accepting that fear is normal and that must load the new adventures that will address in the future.