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 Important lessons for small businesses and good use of twitter

Many companies have realized the importance of the complaints made by its clients. Since they serve as opportunity for another method of market analysis that could help solve problems and optimize the services in a free manner.


The damage that a dissatisfied customer can result in the image of the company, in comparison to satisfied customers is incredible. For this reason, it is very important to pay attention and focus on this sector to avoid problems.

Generally speaking, the big companies have the important control in social networks: they have millions of followers, organized major national campaigns and set trends that will later follow others. But despite the fact that large companies are noted more than anyone else in social networks, many of them make mistakes. They may even learn some things about their smaller competitors.

Tune your ear to all comment
To hear and channel all complaints and comments that the clients properly, it leads to the company increase their loyalty and enhance your image with information such as evaluation of quality, performance and study of the market. Demonstrating to customers is ready to give them what they ask for and desire.

Best practices for twitter
Companies in Brazil, have begun to use various strategies and serve as example to take approximately 5 to two hours to respond to complaints that customers make and exposed on Twitter.

On the other hand United States is missed the opportunity to change and respond effectively to customers. About 70 percent of companies they ignore complaints from customers, carried out through Twitter. So let pass opportunities and retrieve their quality and company image.

Have a voice and an image:

Every company needs an image, a voice and a unique personality to Excel today, especially in social networks. Users of social networks want to connect with people, not with companies without name or face.


Large companies should understand this. Usually big business are limited to respond to questions or suggestions from his followers with messages neutral and subprojects, and this is exactly the opposite of how social networks work. People want real and authentic answers, that's why what corporations should understand that it is not so important to perfection, but the interaction.

Avoid the dictatorship in the company:

In other words, avoid there is a figure of dictator who undergo the rest of workers. Elect this leader is a complicated task that can take weeks, and that the chosen person may not it suitable.


On the other hand, most companies suffer from the syndrome of HIPPO (highest paid person's opinion), where the opinion of the person charged by most is irrefutable. And in some cases, this person knows nothing about Social Media.

Internal participation
Create a special list for involving workers in your company. This, will cause customers to identify employees, since they will know in which area are you require some specific. This list is important because the success of a company is achieved largely by the work they perform every day.

Go beyond Facebook and Twitter:

Finally, large companies should understand that there are more social part of Facebook and Twitter networks. For large enterprises that for decades with a good positioning in the market, it is easy to get followers on Twitter. And if they run out of ideas, you can simply hire an advertising agency that helps them carry out campaigns or promotions.


Most large vendors of these businesses not know what to do in a small company without a staff and budget. Small businesses have a great difficulty to open gap in social networks and to overcome their major competitors.

Important practices and additional tools for managing my business on Twitter.
This tool is very useful for managing followers. To my serves me especially, to check for inactive users who we continue without any performance. In addition, it is a good tool to check who follows you, who failed to follow you and of course check it if you want, in chronological order.

This use it fairly and is one of my favorites. With this tool we can do comparative with up to three users at the same time included us. Reports data on followers in common, similar lists and even to graphic mode shows the number of "popular" fans who have each user queried.

It is practical, because as you are viewing the data, you can follow or "unfollow" for those users that you see fit. Highly recommended, no doubt.

Best practices for twitter
This fabulous and powerful tool analyzes your twitter data to give you a detailed report on your influence and the type of user you are. It can be used to measure to a third party, what to my helped me to decide whether I continue or cease to follow someone in particular.