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Generate more web visitors with content marketing

It is very important to have clear objectives of our campaign or the website to generate the largest amount of web traffic. The objectives must be well drawn according to forms of traffic that we want to use.

There are basically two options to generate traffic to your web site. One is called "Traffic free" and the other is referred to as "Paid traffic". Examine the differences between the two helps us in the choice of each method depending on budget and goals.

The main difference is in the cost long-term.

The objective is to achieve a higher positioning in Google, Yahoo and MSN-Bing mainly.

Of course that the free traffic using content will take longer in the construction of appropriate content, create links according to the criteria that we create articles etc.

Some of the methods most used are the following:

Search engines
Links to other sites
Bookmarks on web 2.0 sites
Comments on blogs
Press releases
By email
Viral traffic. Treating reports or programs with the links in your page.
As a guest blogger posts
References to other bloggers in their posts
Comments on videos

Writing and publishing articles once a week, will generate free traffic to your site using is strategy. You can also get free traffic through exchange of traffic with other websites, which can generate you traffic quickly but must be related to your niche sites.

The penetration of this strategy is such that more than 80% of the marks are, consciously or unconsciously, marketing content on your website or in social networks and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, among others.

Companies concentrate their efforts in the generation of articles to position the brand (79%), content for social networks (74%), content for blogs corporate (65%), newsletters (63%), case studies (58%), face-to-face events (56%), Videos (52%) or books white (51%), according to data provided by the Agency New York BlueGlass Interactive.

marketing with articles has several important objectives at the same time, it should be noted to understand the effectiveness of this tactic of online marketing:

GET popularity: Publishing articles, especially good articles of well focused topics, online merchants can publicize their businesses online in an indirect way and above all achieved little by little, the market recognizes their degree of knowledge, their level of experience in the field that contains your business on the internet.

DIRECT traffic: In the same way thanks to links so that traders put in their articles or in boxes of signature that accompany articles published online, these are people who have consumed their content on portals and third-party websites, click there and reach the web site of the author.

POSITIONING in search engines: Articles, whether or not built on the basis of a strategy of key words, if they are well written and are of quality, regardless of whether they have a large number of these and to be published on third party sites and have a link pointing to our web sites get improve the relative position of our search results pages.

Contact with customers. It is a tool to maintain permanent contact with your customers. The relationship with your client in any case must complete once the commercial transaction. Content generation creates a link between the company and the user difficult to separate. The chances of improving the relationship. If you are still offering you information of interest, you keep them informed about the trends in the sector and from time to time offer you a prize for their loyalty, you'll be reaping a fidelity and paving the way to get it to become in fans of the product.

The type of content can be:

Posts for blogs
SlideShare presentations
HowTo videos
Graphics and illustrations
Audio - Potcasts
Comic vignettes

The content can be operated using various formats.

We started with the White Paper, booming and increasingly with increased demand, essentially due to the excessive passivity that show users both networks and blogs to comment on. No doubt begins to be seen as an added value for the brands, we need to wake up to the consumer if we want to go forward, beyond criticism, is the path to growth.

EBook, A good branding!... increasingly is personal brands, professionals who provide specific services to convey their experiences, knowledge and road maps through the creation of one or more e-book.

Book. Ideal to build a branding, essential to position yourself as an expert in your market or industry, an added value of first level. Can auto edit it at very low cost.


Well known are the beneficial effects of the launch of a Newsletter - Newsletter - well segmented and focused for the brands, in PDF format are also ideal to be used in an email marketing strategy.

e-Learning Series

Not all companies are aimed at educating customers or potential audience, since its purpose is addressable in the main objectives of the company, as well as the strategic approach. In this way, e-Learning Series becomes a means of dissemination of educational content and education which seeks to educate consumers about complex topics. Your distribution may include podcast, videos, presentations, among others. Before the construction of these curriculum, the company must make the information according to the different learning needs of their audiences. I.e., identify buyers who investigate potential customers about to take the decision and existing customers.


The computer science is a form of graphical presentation of data, which makes the content becomes more attractive. It is a tool that helps users to easily absorb the information, which was presented in numbers and statistics of first-hand. The creation of content, however, requires a thorough investigation, because we have to make sure the data that will be published are correct and accurate.

The process works in a very specific way.You write a 500-word article and send it to all the directories as you can. It is not required to be a journalist or professional writer. It is important that you put in words your experiences and knowledge on a particular topic and if you've been working seriously in your online business, you probably know a lot of things or you have developed a specific opinion about what works and what you can share with more people.

If you do not have in mind an opinion or your knowledge is limited to ask your sponsors, the exercise of writing can have the double benefit of producing content that can be used for the marketing of articles and also help you to clarify your business scenario and start your own style

What we must avoid to generate content:

Choose a keyword incorrectly: If you do not choose the correct keywords, not come to attract the people you want to visit your page. So should be good keywords research, before you write your articles.

Wrong title for the article: is related to the keyword, obviously the title should include your keywords  this is another mistake committed. The title is an important part of your article, should attract the attention of the visitor that you want and continue reading the article.

Increase more web traffic 
Write articles of low quality and without relevant information: still avoiding the two previous mistakes and getting the interest of some readers... If the article is not interesting and good quality, would simply cease to read it and be iran of your page. The most serious of this bug is that hardly these readers will return to visit your page.

Spend much time on writing articles. This is a quite hard work but you are not a good writer or you don't have deep knowledge on the subject specified in the article. Do not spend more than 30 or 40 minutes to write an article of 300 to 500 words.