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Profitability of the home menu delivery model

With a simple phone call you can fix a dinner with dessert included, fill the fridge with the order of the supermarket, eating junk food, or ask for a book. And the list continues.

Therefore the idea of a "delivery" business is something that we can undertake as a business, if we are passionate about the subject of the gastronomy and the possibility of creating a business of distribution of menus.

Unlike a restaurant, this business of distribution of menus only devoted to distribute menus at home, i.e., would not have a room where customers have to go, but that would be based on the delivery service.

Advantages of service delivery

Allows the customer to save time in the procurement chain: exit to find the product, expect to receive attention, to queue up to pay and go home. The delivery service makes your life easier by what loyalty to the customer that appreciates that they simplify you life.

 Starting  delivery service
 The employer requires one investment of less than not need premises, vendors, logistics network to position products in distribution channels, etc. Lets have availability to offer the product 24 hours a day every day of the year.

It goes directly to the final customer, allowing you to identify the customer and make an effective follow-up of the perception of customers for the product or service. Increase customers to adapt to the actual needs of the modern consumer.

Ideally in this business is that we we have a web page where we list the programming of the menus that we will have during the week. On our website, as well as our phone number (which should be clearly specified at the top of the page), the price of the menus, and the list of some of the dishes a la carte, we could have a newsletter where people who enroll in this, can receive daily menu that we are going to prepare on the day.

Another way to promote our menus might be the distribution of flyers that also include the programming of the menus of the week.


1 Reach agreements with selected restaurants in the area.
2 Reach agreements with motor or buy bikes and recruit staff.
3. Create the web page with ability to handle data bases.
4 Advertise the activity.
5 Have an economic cushion of at least three months, in order to allow potential users to get used to the service, and begin to use it.
6. Have a backup insurance for the vehicle (in case of being itself) as the driver (doctor), if you have employees.
7. Have an organisational structure, allowing you to meet a central phone line and manage orders requested.

On the second point, delimit in areas intended to make the delivery. Hence the entrepreneur must be clear in your business plan, part of the city you want to include with the delivery, since it is not possible to cover the entire city, unless you are a tourist or small town. In other words, define your target audience will be.

And it is precisely in this niche of business the company of USA, Dine-In Delivery Inc. has specialized and offers those interested in being part of the same in the form of distributor or dealer.

Starting  delivery service
By the time the license is available only for USA, however is so much and so good information from your web site to anyone who wants to venture into the food business should read and soak in the subject, and why not? make your own catering business using this business model in your location, anywhere in the world.

the cost of initial investment minimum to form part of this business of food home or delivery is of US $10,000 to US $17,500, a cost that can be verified on the web site of Dine-In Delivery Inc.