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Currently, due to easier access to the technology and telecommunications and using solutions such as videoconferencing, thousands of people in almost all fields of activity, have evolved to this model of communication which has allowed them to expand their business, reach more customers and generate more sales.

Basically, the main advantage of interactive videoconferencing in your business is saving since people who have meetings and business presentations will not have to travel all the time to places to meet with customers. In addition, video conferencing in your business provides the following benefits:

More interactive communication

It reduces the time and cost of travel
Decrease in operating costs through the Elimination of the cost of long distance calls.
Faster meetings with more customers with much lower monetary expenditure.
Improve customer retention by increasing productivity.
Raises the morale of the employee, because his work is easier due to the use of high technology in the communication.

Reduced risks to personal safety in travel both for the business executive or sales agent.
Improvement of productivity among employees in spite of natural phenomena or events which prevent the displacement of people.

Common elements of a Webinar

The organizer invites via email.

This email has the data from the URL or Internet address of the site or application that will be used for the meeting (equivalent to the "meeting place").
Also has a user ID, which is so to speak "the personal badge" to access the event.
The date with day and time. At the time of this, each participant enters your user (ID) for the meeting ID online.
Once started the webinar, participants can see the desktop or application (for example a PowerPoint presentation) that has shared the presenter.

During the Webinar, the role of presenter can go from any of the participants, and they will see everything that is showing the new presenter on your desktop.

Key elements

First, you have to find out what you are expert, i.e., in which respect it Premier truth, subject dominate, since you have to bring something new to your listeners.

In a Webinar, the main feature is the interaction that is achieved between the participants and the speaker that, typically, are given to small groups to ensure the possibility of interaction among all. As in any face-to-face event, the lecturer is talking live of topics of general interest to the audience and attendees can ask questions, discuss and listen to what others have to say.

webinar as a tool

Topics covered in the Webinars are as diverse as the interests of the people and ranging from social, business and even academic issues.

Carefully choose your seminar dates

Whenever possible, try to offer your audience a choice. In any day or hour, some of the key viewers may not be available. If you offer a webinar series split over several days or weeks, you can pull in referrals and better over time. Not only this, is will give potential customers the opportunity again and again, helping to strengthen its credibility and increase your brand loyalty.

In this sense, there to think about your audience and their schedules. For example, a fair of the industry is running on the day that you is offering a webinar, whether to lose the opportunity to some key players. If most of your audience is on the West Coast, 10 AM Eastern time will exclude many of them attend. On the other hand, if you have a coast to coast 13: 00 audience seems to be the ideal time for the majority of the attendees.

Perform the further promotion of the event

You will want to start promoting the workshop at least two weeks ahead of time. You must have reminders out to potential attendees around two days, and then again two hours prior to the seminar. Without a reminder, only about a third of the attendees who sign up will be shown.

Integrate your webinar in its other marketing channels. Make sales team call current customers, as well as prospects. A personal invitation is much more likely to get a response, and is an easy way, without pressure to perform.

Cross-promote the seminar through their marketing channels. Include a note advertising seminar (along with a registration link) in its monthly bulletin. Make sure that there is at least one couple of blog posts on its web site that talk about the seminar. Distribute flyers at trade fairs, along with sheets of data related to the seminar.

Use surveys

Find a way to at least one survey during the webinar. This is more important than just a "multiple-choice" game. This tool is an excellent opportunity to learn about the tastes and preferences of the audience. Be doing a webinar in sales, this is essential to meet the demand and to lead our offer in an efficient way.

Take advantage of the registration process to obtain data Once someone is registered for one of our webinars, it gives us a chance to learn more about your needs and interests. Offer you go entering subject through links or material to download. Try to automate this process as much as possible to obtain statistics of movements which are carried out.

To make a webinar, it is necessary to have some kind of support, service or special software that allows:

• Transmission of Audio and video
• Chat
• Share documents


Summary of some of the most well-known platforms, including the possibility of adding elements for virtual presentations, to be able to work on shared whiteboards:

Yugma is free for 20 participants. Its price is not too high if we need greater competition, less than 100 $ a year.

OoVoo is an easy to use, download and installation, which will allow us to bring together up to six people in a videoconference.

Vyew provides a service of Conference and web collaboration of quality educators, tutors and students for free. It has made it possible that many educational environments have access to such technologies.

WizIQ is a powerful tool for business conferences and web-based teaching. It is an environment that offers teachers the opportunity to schedule seminars in public. You can register as participants or guardians. Some of which I have seen (for learning or practicing English, for example) are very attractive.

webinar as a tool

GoToWebinar. This video software Conference I would do seminars for up to 1,000 people in line transmitting video and audio, record the sesionese interact. Install this system for my seminars I would cost $ 500 per month.

Openmeetings is the alternative in free software that allows to deliver webinars and online meetings. It is really very full, and with a very simple interface.