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Importance and strategies to be linked to a blogsite

When we talk about SEO - search engine optimization - we can never not out the need to build high quality links that allow us to build a real reputation with the search engines. Without a solid link building strategy has not reached the first position in search results, no doubt more not impossible is difficult. Then, do create links to your web site?

The purpose of the construction of links is not to generate a huge amount of links in the shortest time possible and at all costs. This strategy is doomed to failure in the long term. Rather it restructure and continuously optimize the structure of a web page backlinks. Links from sites that are deemed "authorities", i.e., of web pages that have a high rating and are relevant to search engines, give power to the web page and reinforces it.

One way link building is write articles and give away them free directories as you have found it this article in depending on the directory, the 3-500 word article is usually sufficient. There are some, however, that require a minimum of 500 items of the word in order to be considered for presentation. You can usually finish a 300 word article in half an hour and an article of 500 words in an hour. To give these items away, you receive setback for site links that give them, as well as backlinks for web sites that collect the content of your own site.

Submit your site to directories. This can be time-consuming, but it is very effective once it occurs. Free directories will always have more time. But the directories of payment actually worth the money.

Link Building for Websites

The best free directory that should always be open is the directory on The best paid directories are and Yahoo. Make sure that your site has been developed before attempting to present anywhere.

A practice not so relevant but that they have caused good results on your web page is to promote links from sites that promote your links, creating an indirect relationship with pages of third parties that this directly or indirectly related to your products and services.

Link exchange: links exchanges are very good and what differentiates the purchase is that you don't have to pay money for it. The best strategy would be to access blogs and sharing sites where you can offer and exchange links according to your needs.

Mobile apps: build links to portals that interact with applications for mobile devices as well as portals to be accessed by tablets and smart phones is also one of the important strategies for the coming months. There are more than 49 billion mobile phones worldwide and more than 20% of these have access the web. Do not waste your strategy only taking advantage of your conventional audience.

Social bookmarking: social bookmarks are a very efficient way of achieving a good positioning. It is a bit laborious but it gives very good results. Even the strategy you use you must take into account that these to be effective, the work with social bookmarking should be daily.

Another good strategy is to get backlinks in wikis as must always point to the creation of quality backlinks. Increasingly, there are different types of wikis that meet a particular target audience. If we are clever enough, we take advantage of this feature in our favor to get backlinks in wikis whose users are potential customers for our business in particular.

Authority links:

Get an inbound link from a Page Rank 5 site, is equal to more than 500 links of Page Rank 1.

This is super important, that is not much to get many links of sites that have a Page Rank very low.
It means that it is almost equal to have an incoming link from a site's Page Rank 5, which have 500 Page Rank 1.
Recalls 500 PR1 links equals 1 PR5 link

For Google, a link .edu or .gov's Page Rank 5, than a Page Rank 5 .com link is most valuable. Approximately as 5 times more valuable!

Remember that a link .edu or .gov PR5 than a PR5 .com link is more important.
Does not mean that the .com of PR5 links are not binding authority, but are more effective the .edu and. gov.

It is also important keep a record of the sites that we are contacting, its quality and the type of link that we have obtained.

There are dozens of tools that can help you build your database, however many of them are pay and if what you want is to save costs might not be the best choice. So when you're starting with your website and the link building, it is probably you to build your own tools. This can do you easily with Google Docs (Google Drive) and with a little knowledge of Excel or spreadsheets.

Opensite Explorer

A tool that uses the engine of Linkscape and allows us to analyze up to 10,000 incoming links to a website and their metrics. Quite reliable.

Link Diagnosis

It is a service that will allow us to know the incoming links or backlinks that point to our blog. Not limited only to show that information, but that he accompanies it with data such as PageRank ™ of the links, the text of those links, most linked pages, etc. That Yes, to obtain the full report will have to install your plugin for Firefox.

When you enter a url analyzes us the links and gives the following information (only appears the pagerank and the anchor of the link if you download in firefox, that appears a window to do this): to glance gives us the link that points to our web site with pagerank that has and the anchor.

Woorank: analyzes websites and gives multiple tips to improve your position in search engines, check the semantic quality of content and increase accessibility. Also at the end of the process offers an indicative score that allows us to assess progress after making suggested corrections.

Link Building for Websites

Nibbler: it is another tool similar to woorank, has the peculiarity that it offers the score broken down in "accessibility", "technology", "user experience" and "marketing" of the web, and tells us how to improve in every aspect. In addition to having a "table of records" containing the 100 websites with the best score. The note may vary in each test done, because that comes in 5 pages at random from our website, something that far from being a drawback is a help, because it allows us to fix bugs and improve aspects throughout our site.