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  It is possible to implement an EPOS system in my business

Like all things in business, electronic point of sale systems have been swept by a wave of technological development that has become the term "cash registers" practically a misnomer. These devices are able to accept virtually all forms of payment, either in cash, payment by check, credit card, or even electronics through a Smartphone. Consumer facing companies are increasingly using advanced technologies that, only by their flexible nature, are more customers to use and intuitive than anything that has preceded them in the industry. In total, it is an exciting time to be in the market for a new EPOS terminal.

At one time or another, all have purchased something online, paying bills for public services over the internet, or perhaps also sent money online. The software that controls these transactions is called software EPoS (electronic point of sale abbreviation), and this software is beneficial for customers and merchants online.

EPoS software makes companies work and help business owners to earn money, even while they sleep. The software puts enough business on auto-pilot, since you only have to configure once and processes orders for you, without human assistance.

Maximize the productivity of the staff Use of electronic point of sale

This is possibly one of the largest areas of inefficiency within a business. For example, the constant review and recheck and reconciliation without effective end to use cash registers means that staff are often engaged in non-productive tasks for unacceptable amounts of time. EPOS systems allows your staff to spend your time on issues vital to the success of your business, it is said, the care of its customers, and not stagnate in figures.

Easy to identify the shortcomings of the

Keep track of stock levels is an area that can not afford the luxury take their eye of the ball. EPOS will integrate your sales with their stock levels, so that whenever you make a sale, the system prompts for a replacement to add to your current stock. With this tool you can also monitor actions date sensitive, which is particularly important for retailers of food, restaurants and other establishments to eat. Higher values are highlighted and push or cause you to fall down in price, to keep waste to a minimum and healthy profit margins.

This type of software also helps businesses

owners keep their inventories. Most EPoS software offer business owners the ability to monitor performance or the reports of the sale of their products, as well as to keep track of any client that may be delinquent or past due payments. Also you can configure recurring billing with such software, which allows both customers and business owners the peace of mind that your payments are already scheduled on a specific date of each month.

Consistency in all places and premises

Not looks good if a customer enters your store and tells him that 'X' item is cheaper here than at the other shop location. The best way to make sure that you have an optimal consistency throughout all the facilities of your business is to use an EPOS system. In addition to ensuring uniformity in its price, also will be able to reassure customers that you can source for an item in series one of their locations.

An EPOS system is a viable asset for your business and your staff's productivity. Allows you to control aspects of your business that are difficult and costly to reach with traditional methods, and to keep control of things when they are absent.

Do can be an EPOS system to the retail help me make more money?

An EPOS system to the retail can help you increase your profits in many ways. Faster, more reliable boxes means less labor required. Sales reports allow you to maximize the levels of inventory and cost control. Built-in loyalty programmes encourage higher ticket averages and repeat business of its customers. Integrated e-commerce services will generate additional revenues from Internet sales.

Much lower cost system EPOS?

As well as the purchase of a car, it depends only of what one wants. What features do you need? How fast is you want to go? If you buy an extended warranty? The more features you want more your EPOS system to the retail is going to cost. A single-user software license can cost between $1,200 and $2,500. Do you need new POS terminals? Add $3,000 to $4,000 per workstation. What happens with the new systems scanner, cash registers and printers? Add other $900 for each workstation. Extended warranties can add $200 per year, but worth it if the workstation never sets. A top-of-the-line extended warranty will cost even more, but may be worth if it's one that offers delivery the same day for a new job, fully configured.

Software point of sale for Windows and other operating systems are easily accessible to meet your business needs. These software programs help to identify which business tasks should be prioritized. Advanced systems of points of sale with integrated functions eliminate the need for separate systems to manage retail stores selling to the retail, mail order, and the branches to the wholesale. They also reduce the requirements of manual inventory and constant communication with providers to dispense.

Free point of sale software can save hundreds of thousands of dollars by avoiding the purchase of costly new software / hardware systems. All you need is a PC based or related cash register / drawer system. There is no reason to make the team even new. Many of the free software POS programs can be used with scanners, it will track sales by item, cash machine and much more.

Following some systems to use for free.

Regit Express  Works with a wide variety of POS equipment (or no EPOS equipment if you desire). A good system that will function well in a variety of retail settings. It is free because the vendor makes a profit if you sign up for credit card processing with one of their partners (not required). Works with Widows XP (SP2) / Vista and Windows 7.

Dale Harris POS   Yes that is actually the name of this point of sale cash register program. A simple name for a complete software product. This free POS software can perform all of the common register functions, track up to 13,000 SKU's, monitor sales of up to 56 employees, and handle daily sales reporting. This program is DOS based so it will run on DOS or Windows based systems. There sometimes is an issue with DOS based programs with Windows XP visit here for more details.

Use of electronic point of sale
POSGreen Lite   This free POS software is based on the same Fieldpine engine used in their premier versions, but available free without any time restrictions. There are some limitations such as the number of products tracked and no network support (single lane). Retired and no longer supported.