Determining factors of the commercial success of the  mcdonald's restaurants. Traffic news

Determining factors of the commercial success of the 
mcdonald's restaurants 

McDonald's is a company that took the great leap to exit its original market and conquer the world with its quality. According to experts, his secret to achieve the triumph is to offer an unbeatable quality-price relationship. 

Interestingly, the product that sells Mc Donalds is basically the same across the globe, without adapting the offer to the tastes of each country, so it seems that we are not so different in culture and tastes. Today the "Big Mac", the company most famous hamburger, triumphs in five continents and becomes a point in common inhabitants of the planet. 

Around the world all their premises offer a standard menu, although developed in each culture special products that conform to the tastes of each community. For example Germany restaurant provides beer, wine in the French. Oriental noodles are served in some of the restaurants in the far East. In Canada, the menu includes cheese, vegetables, sausages and pizzas.

Some interesting data: 

-26000 establishments in all the world. 
-14 billion meals sold a year 
-five new establishments are opened every day 
-sale of 145 hamburgers for second 
-million and a half of 
employees - the processing of the product this subject to rigorous controls 
-first customer of Coca-Cola 
-employees who always smile to the customer 
- customer is served by a maximum of 90 seconds 
-monitoring the quality by the House mother, inspecting local 
- a center of studies on the Burger itself. 

The latest polls on image success and perception of brand keys published by independent media placed McDonald´s among the top 10 companies on the local market and absolute leader in its category. 

· In the ranking of "The 200 most admired brands" conducted by the CEOP, published by Clarín 12/12/99, McDonald´s appears in 7th place and first place among the category of fast food service brands. 

· The business magazine published in its Edition of December an image ranking conducted by the consultancy group strategic business Alberto Wilensky entitled "100 best companies", where McDonald´s is the 8 ° place and the first in its category. 

Concept: "quick service". 

Ray development quick care and immediate customer delivery. Likewise, opened in Chicago the first successful restaurants that offered customers the possibility of passing through your food without having to get out of your car. The idea was that they were packed from the first moment of open.

The company reduced Menu 

the menu is limited, focusing on food fast, good taste and uniform quality, fast and accurate service, good price, exceptional care of the customer, convenient locations and coverage of the global market.

Total differentiation leadership: "more for the same wreck". The company tries to differentiate their products and services creating features perceived as unique and important by consumers.

Their market share and profits grew because of convenience, value and execution. 

Strategies The model of mcdonald's

McDonald´s also carries out value for the most efficient way possible in order to reduce operating costs, thus increasing profits.

Extreme cleaning. A fundamental value. Since its first restaurants, cleaning has been a definitive factor in success. Krok personally ensured that the floor was impeccably clean and carried out regular inspections to ensure that their rules were fulfilled. They say that on some occasion, I duck to check tables and discovered a chewing gum stuck in a table, which it removed!

Open door management policy. It is said that managers and middle managers are always accessible. It seeks always to eliminate bureaucracy and any employee can approach with confidence and talk to its directors. Constantly being asked the opinion of the contributors, carried surveys and seeks to take them into account for important decisions.

Communication and work incentives 

firm belief in having a motivated template makes that you investment in continuous training and internal promotions as a philosophy of motivation.

This creates a strategy of internal communication driven by specialists in human resources, in order to create a strong bond with employees, encouraging a beneficial for both parties feed-back.

Not all ideas are own 

Although the founder of McDonald's, Ray Krok, not created hamburger restaurants, had the ability to visualize a business with added services that are then it internationalized.

Nearby managers: McDonald's policy is the Elimination of bureaucracy and any employee can approach with confidence and chat with their directors. Those who become administrators of the food stores are generally employees who have managed to climb out of labour results.

Its main objective: the total satisfaction of the customer. 

The restaurants have strict quality standards and procedures that must be met to the letter. Carefully selected suppliers to ensure the best quality products. The atmosphere, staff and everything is cared for with a single goal: ensure the delivery of a product fast, well prepared and to ensure the total satisfaction of its customers.

McDonald´s franchise models have two types of contract with its franchisees: conventional and B.F.L. 

Conventional franchise 

total investment: between 450,000 and 540,000 dollars 

Capital required: $200,000 approximately 
franchise rights: $45,000 
deposit of guarantee: $10.818 
Royalty: 5% on sales 
advertising: 4% on sales 

-McDonald´s search the premises and performs investment real estate and construction of the restaurant. 

-The franchisee invests $200,000 approximately, free financing, on movable property (kitchen, decoration, labels and as such furniture equipment). 
-20-Year contract.

2-Franchise BFL - Business Facility Lease 

for candidates who, while having an excellent rating, lack the necessary financial resources for a conventional franchise. 

If in conventional franchise the franchisee buys the equipment of kitchen, decoration, labels, etc., in the formula "Business Facility Lease" (BFL) McDonald´s assumes the cost of this equipment and it is leased to the franchisee. This agreement grant to the franchisee an option on this equipment, and having 3 years for their exercise.

Once exercised the option to purchase, the duration of the contract is extended for a total of 20 years. The initial investment of a franchisee BFL is a minimum of 51,000 dollars, which must come from own resources.

With these the company important keys to kept growing his business despite the crises of different economies world.  Finally some relevant data from the growth of McDonald's: 

McDonald´s opens a daily restaurant in China over the next three years 

only what remains of 2012, the company plans to open 200 new establishments in the Asian giant. McDonald's opened its first restaurant in China in 1990; However, the largest market outside of United States found in Japan, where it has more than 3,000 locations.

The greatest toy store 

McDonald´s worldwide is the largest distributor of toys on the planet, with 20% of the total sales. 

Is one of the largest economies of the planet 

with $ 27 billion annual revenues, if McDonald's were a country would be ranked 91 Nations according to their gross domestic product, ahead of Cameroon, Bolivia or Latvia, among others. 

Sells 75 hamburgers per second 

since its opening in 1940, McDonald's has sold more than 100 billion hamburgers in the world. Currently, the company estimated that every second sold 75 ' Big Mac', McChicken or any of the other burgers on their menu.

A new restaurant every four hours  The model of mcdonald's

the company is present in 119 countries and has 33,000 restaurants worldwide. The Antarctic is the only continent that does not yet have a McDonald's restaurant. In all single United States there is a city away more than 150 miles from a McDonald's; It is in South Dakota.