The  business of Linkedin traffic news duiih

 Because linkedin is more successful in wall street compared with Facebook

After multiple reports of earnings, social media site LinkedIn insisted that its business model and the global reach that is the difference from its competitors.


The site, which serves both job seekers and job providers, has managed to largely escape the wrath of investors who have laid siege to other populations of social networks like Facebook

LinkedIn shares have more than doubled from its bag out in May 2011. The shares at a price of $45 each at the time  and the last closures have been in 108,51 dollars.

Given that the actions of LinkedIn break the trend of their peers, the market analysts have taken to calling the company "the anti-Facebook." Facebook is now beset by a price of the sliding action and concerns about its business strategy.

This social network oriented to professional and business networking was founded in December 2002 and launched in May 2003. Its creator was Reid Hoffman.

The  business of Linkedin

Hoffman, 43 years old, is a graduate of Stanford and currently is an active investor; He has advised and funded more than 60 emerging companies in Silicon Valley, including Facebook.

Unlike other social networks like Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn has like no, creating a successful business model not only in the number of users, but also in the economic, not in vain since the date 2010 has gone from being considered in number 10 between the most promising startups to double your income in one yearlargely surpassing $ 200 million.

LinkedIn people dedicated to making business, neither more nor less. Does not lose time in funny comments, photos of vacations or fun applications. Let's say that it is not lost time and point.

Their titles climb as the foam, 72 per cent in the last days and 16% since its release bag in May 2011, reaching 11.210 million USD market capitalization. In his introduction in the market it reached 146% of revaluation, finally being touched by the movements of other companies such as Zynga and Groupon. In stock issue, it is inevitable to make the comparison of the evolution of LinkedIn and Facebook. However, despite belonging to the same sector since in some ways Facebook is becoming a counter for companies, non-competition either by users or your profile. The real competition is found in the rapid development of other social networks dedicated to professionals, such as Xing or Viadeo. For its part, Microsoft has reported that the facelift of your e-mail will incorporate the integration of Linkedin, however, would be not unreasonable that both Microsoft and Google are betting on this branch of the business.

Mark Zuckerberg is filled your mouth every time you advertise a new breakthrough in the number of Facebook users. For more than 900 million users, monetization is rather low in comparison to Linkedin.
What can be the key to success of Linkedin to get their investors happy?.

The figures speak for themselves: Linkedin users spend just 18 minutes per month on the social network, compared to 6.4 hours per month for Facebook users. But Linkedin WINS $1.30 for each time that a user spends on your site, and Facebook only 6.2 cents. According to Marek Fuchs analyst for this key in achieving a perfectly focused business model and refers to the following scope.

Investment in sales

From Linkedin have been able to see that Recruiter is the key to your financial success, so the investment in its sales and marketing division is significantly higher than any other social network: invest 33% of their income on it, a more typical figure of a software company. In fact, there is more to compare part of income investing firms technology in its divisions of sales for comprobarl. Microsoft and Oracle invest 20%, 15%, 12% just Google Facebook.

LinkedIn more predictable
LinkedIn amazed everyone with Q2 revenue report and predicted that even better earnings and revenue for the rest of the year. Facebook does not offer any guidance on earnings and not a single analyst sits in the call even you bothered to ask. That left a lot of people asking why. Martin Pyykonen, Wedge Partners senior research analyst, said that companies like Facebook and Google does not give guidance on revenue. "It would be crazy convincingly if they gave a point of view." why? Due to a business that depends on advertising is by nature unpredictable, even for beginners. Facebook and Google simply do not have a reliable way to prediction of price or the number of users, click the ads.


In the absence of a bad karma
Output listing of people turned out to be far from inside the last. Facebook, the company that in theory may not serve as guide, he supposedly told analysts on Wall Street who participate in the agreement to reduce expectations of income from the first quarter. Large investors learned that change, but minor who did not do so. That more or less crushed any inclination to give any benefit of the doubt Facebook team. The PR has reached such an extent that the Yahoo Finance today published a story on its website that worked on Business Insider last week, which in turn was an old story of all initiates of those sold in the output to bolsa-a available to the public for many months. If the editors think they can get page views that runs an old news that makes your company is?see wrong, is the time to do something radical. Another history making mischief: the big winners on Facebook are investors who bet against the population  the profitably as large as 500%. With the advertising in this way, who cares if the vast majority of analysts on Wall Street followed the population the rate of purchase.

Mobile. Mobile has been Facebook's Achilles heel, once that the social invincible monster that ate all competitors (MySpace, Friendster). But that was in the days of desktop. Facebook has just find a way to make money in smart phones and tablets. And LinkedIn? Mobile is a blessing that deepens its relationship with users, said Leung Susquehanna. In the world of recruitment, greater access is an advantage. And LinkedIn that adds more dollars, and no advertising. That is why so many people love.

According to the Chief Executive of Linkedin, Jeff Weiner, this social network wins a new user per second, a trend that in a little more allows you to reach as high as Twitter or Facebook traffic. The reason of growth? According to its founder this is due to that people increasingly are more separating his personal life with the labour and seek refuge in sites social employment  rather than social networks of friends.


The commercial potential of the network is undeniable. According to consultancy Nielsen, users of LinkedIn profile corresponds to people with high incomes, that make your home purchase decisions and have a training above the average users of other social networks.

The LinkedIn database therefore becomes the dream of any seller, which may request the support of the social network to establish objectives public, segmented by countless criteria to target your ads more accurate form. Only in the first three months of the year 4,800 companies availed themselves of the services of the social network marketing.