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How to prepare for the marketing towards the users of tablets

Ever growing use and importance of mobile devices as support of access to online shopping and e-Commerce from mobile devices is more attractive, being a sector to exploit that all advertisers want to dominate. Given the growth that is taking the sale of tablets in the world, we can prepare us to mount multiple strategies for this type of device, coining the term of t-Commerce or Tablet Commerce, which is the electronic commerce aimed at tablets.

Estimates projected by multiple experts reveal that sales of 290 million tablets in the world are expected by 2015. Taking into account that online sales from tablets already account for 20% of Mobile Commerce in countries like USA, and many users already prefer to make purchases online from tablets and not from smartphones, Tablet Commerce potential is very large.

However, mobile devices that collect more traffic sales are the Ipad, with 40%, along with the Iphone, by 37%. To a lesser extent senses the presence of the smartphone powered by Android, specifically 17%. In terms of the volume of transactions, the Ipad is proclaimed as undisputed king. In this period, more than half of sales (55%) comes from this device. Follows closely the use of his younger brother, the Iphone, collecting you 29% of sales volume. In total, the devices of the Apple factory cover 84% of the market. This fact must be taken into account when designing apps, as well as to optimize the display and the user experience on the site through mobile devices.

The iPad is the ideal way for mobile commerce

The penetration of the tablets is already respectable and is expected that year, 50 million of them are positioned in the market and to continue growing. The success of the iPad has encouraged competition. Let's see some more meaningful data.

Consumers use iPads for research and access to the information of the product. The increase that has taken in this regard was 77%.

The shopping experience is simple.

According to the study presented by Adobe Digital Marketing Insights, Internet users who access the pages of e-commerce through tablets spend 21% more than users of desktops and notebooks. They spend 54% more than the users of mobile phones with Internet access. In large part these results are due to the use that is made of the tablets, in the home, in moments of leisure, where the user is more predisposed to the purchase.

The tablet commerce 

According to another similar study of Vertic, tells us how 20% of all e-commerce traffic comes from tablets. 60% Of users of tablets also bought something using these devices. Purchased more with these devices has to do with books or electronics. In short anything that has to do with the entertainment.

These data reveal that internet traffic from the tablets will be higher than the smartphones in 2013 and in 2014 will be 10% of the total internet traffic. The data, however, focuses on the e-commerce website that are perhaps the most conducive for tablets for ease of navigation and comfortable size of your screen. These features could lead them to exceed 10% of the e-commerce traffic in the next few months. It is easy to think that the sale of tablets only will continue to grow.

How can position the company to take the advantage that we begin to offer the tablets?

Search engines and many of the major media web sites already consider tablets as a different device category, since users have a single behavior and best practices in terms of the user experience and content delivery are also unique.

For all practical purposes, the PC, the mobile device and the Tablet meet different needs depending on the time of day and day of the week. According to Google, the users performing searches with your browser use:

The PC during the day (at work).

The mobile phone during the lunch break and when to take a drink after work.

The Tablet either in the afternoon night when they relax at home; i.e., the Tablet is a device that is used on the couch.

The consumer who uses a Tablet want more accurate, up-to-date information with all the data of the products. Doing so opens many doors.

For this reason we must organize the display based on "Add to shopping cart", ensuring that the price of the product and the image are very visible on a tablet. In addition, we make content easy to browse by the users, including users, readers and reviews of others comments. Optimize the checkout.

Make a good strategy of SEO, as:

Obtaining inbound links from directories and web sites for mobile devices.

Mobile SEM (PPC) campaigns. The tablet commerce

Local content optimization: local search engines favor and provide mainly contents of local character, so many businesses need to optimize their content and profiles in local search engines, the main suppliers of data, the local trade directories, yellow pages, etc.

Advertising mobile banners in the main markets.

The use of Mobile sweepstakes and contests to engage customers.

The mobile promotions via SMS for local offers from the hotel to:

Generate excitement.

Expand the list of mobile numbers permit.

Arrive at specific customer segments.

Integrated with social media.

Develop a homegrown application

Nowadays it is very easy to develop an own application almost without little knowledge of code, thanks to tools like Conduit Mobile, that allows one application to correct for our business.

The tablets are not a mobile phone or a PC, something that we sail with one of these devices. Most allow us to see the same thing we would see from a PC but with somewhat smaller dimensions. This is sometimes annoying, especially when you have to read lots of text or we have to interact, such as e-commerce, due to the reduction of the buttons or elements that give us access.