The photo booth business is an innovative idea to make money and the opportunity to own business

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The photo booth business is an innovative idea to make money and the opportunity to own business. Many companies  have built  successful businesses  in the photo booth services at weddings and special events. And they are a great source of entertainment, there are many marketing opportunities. Photo commercial booths have existed since the 1920s, the 1950s saw an explosion in the popularity of photo booth business.

Everyone likes to take pictures and have used the photo booths. This is a way to preserve special moments in our lives especially memorable occasions such as weddings and graduation ceremonies. to innovate and generate profits with your own photo booth business has a small capital need to rent or buy their own equipment. the cost of setting up a photo booth can vary between $ 2000 and more. Or you can take an option of the franchise the business of a company known as a guide to start the business. This is a good idea if you want to learn how to operate the business effectively, as well as other assistance that the parent company will offer you as the marketing of the company. On the other hand, if you want to start their own business and have enough capital for the operations of everything and then go for it.

  Modern  kiosk  that  contains  an automated, usually coin-operated, camera  and  film  processor. Typical dimensions of these impressions vary. The arrangement and best-known classic  photo booths from the old style is four photos  in a  strip  about 40 mm  wide by  205 mm  long, fingerprints tend to have a square array of two images above two images .

    Photo  booths  are  a  good  source  of  ideas  to  gain complementary  activity or principal. The market is large weddings birthday parties including fairs and all special event in  the  history hogares.En  companies  and many companies have  based   their business  with innovative ideas using photo booths achieving high profitability.

A modern photo booth allows customers to print and send photos to friends and family. The manner in which a photo booth works is quite simple. Users first enter in your email address and then e-mail addresses of people who want to receive the  designated  image. Then   the user  selects a theme, like the postcard, and image overlap. The user has the option to attach a message to  the picture itself or default to a  message  sent  to recipients. Then  an  active webcam  image of  the user and   places  it on top of the postcard. The postcard is sent to all recipients. The user has the  option of whether  or  not to  receive a  copy   of each message  sent. The photo  booth is  a great way to stay in touch and sharing life moments with friends and family.

A new innovative idea goes further and called PhotoBoxi that can convert  traditional  photo booth hardware to broadcast the content in  social networks. 

 Has  an  aerodynamic   design and  innovative   outdoor  attracts crowds who want  to take digital photos withthe  Boxi system effortlessly and instantly upload  to  the web  to  share  with friends,  while  those who rent  the  cabin advertisers  can place  their  mark  on  the backdrop  and  get viral  exposure,  which  will   be seen by thousands of users of social networks.traffic news

Advertisers receive a performance test report consisting of the number  of photos  taken,  users  with their emails, all these data in Excel format and pathway analysis and social networks where users have shared photos.

There are many companies in the business but the most important  o f this photo-me.  Photo-Me  works,  sells  and distributes a wide range of service teams in England in 1960 instante. Founded  operated  photo  booths   in   different countries  like Japan, Philippines, Germany  and more  than 40,000 francia. Actualmente  retail  sites in the world many cities  becoming  world  leader  in  printing  kiosks digital. El Group has more than 1,000 technicians of computers around the world, the service itself and for third.traffic news

The company has created innovative ideas and the following table shows key  dates for the  introduction  of its  products. The latest innovation - the manufacturer of photo book - the first  self-service  kiosk  capable of  producing  stylish photo albums  in minutes. The manufacturer of pocket is a version of this and produce popular albums 6 "x 4" format.

1981 - Kis invents one hour photofinishing minilabs, 1994 - Photovision - First  digital  photo booth,   2000 - DKS digital minilabs ;  2004 - digital printing kiosks, 2006 - Album Photo Album  Making Machine Pro,   2009 - Album Creator Photo, 2010 - All in a kiosk and Pocket Make.

The founder and innovator of the company was Dan David who made his fortune in the machines photo, beginning his career  by  buying  a franchise  of  British  passport  photo Photo-Me  International company with a loan of $ 200,000 from a businessman French Jew who became his companion for  many  years. Over  time   it  became  the  stockholder principle  of Photo-Me. Dan was the son of a Jewish family  in  Bucharest,  Romania  Israeli-born  businessman  and philanthropist. By  taking  the  franchise  from   Photo-Me International opened branches in Israel, Spain, Romania and Italy, eventually taking over the company. When David was president of Photo-Me, in 1999, stocks' s were valued at 210 and 200 million pounds. traffic news

Dan David is a businessman whose mega-hit honors include the  "Commander  of the  Italian Republic's Order of Merit", "Commander of the French Republic in the Order of Arts and Letters,"  and  from the Israeli  government "Lochamei Itur Hamedina. "thus  enters the  top of the  richest  in England, thanks to the business philosophy was fotos.Su booths. "Money is a measure of success as degrees centigrade, not an end  in  itself," he  says. "Success  can  be  a  source  of satisfaction, but  the  money  must  be   put to work for good causes after the personal needs are met."

So David has put his money to work for good causes. In 2000, the Dan David Foundation  was  established  with a grant of U.S. $ 100 million. Each year the Foundation, along with the University of Tel Aviv, awards three prizes of $ 1,000,000 for the people who have made ​​outstanding contributions in the fields of  science, technology, culture  and social welfare. David, who holds  the title of Doctor  Philosophiae Honoris Causa   of  the  UTA    and is a  membe r of  the  Board of Governors, provided that donate prizes of ten percent of their  awards  to  outstanding  graduate  students  and researchers.

This is a good example of potential to win with a simple idea but innovative in many areas of activities and meetings and in malls.

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