There are IP telephony networks that use the local provider, where our voice is digitized and sent to the Internet in the form of compressed packets called IP.

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VoIP telephony is basically the ability to use the internet to make phone calls. The cost is usually much lower because the cost of internet is a fixed cost while the phone cost is variable. Mobile phone networks become the bridge for local businesses that develop new technology with old services. Meanwhile, operators balance their coffers. In less than a year, mobile phone networks around the world are ready to take its next step in the search market total convergence with other networks and Internet telephony.

There are IP telephony networks that use the local provider, where our voice is digitized and sent to the Internet in the form of compressed packets called IP. These packets arrive at the city that is the person who called, and are unzipped and assemblies to be converted back into a voice signal. This voice signal travels through the local telephone network, eventually reaching its destination.
What are the advantages of having this service? Calls between offices at no cost and, of course, no more domestic long distance. Without doubt, the main advantage is the savings in long distance. Let's see if you have two branches in different cities, Sacramento and Panama say, you can install an IP phone in Sacramento key to Panama. This means that if you want to talk to Panama, you dial a local number and will answer in Panama without having to pay long distance. IP phones allow you to choose numbers from different cities of the country no matter the physical location of the phone. If you have an IP phone in both branches, according to the company you hire the service-is probably not even pay the cost of local call, since in most cases, calls between IP phones are Free. And if you need to call long distance or international rates are much cheaper than those of conventional telephony. Calling the United States or Canada, for example, costs five cents per minute.

Portability: One interesting feature is that IP phones can be moved from one place to another and you keep the same number. You could take the phone and connect to the Internet in a different city and still work exactly the same. The caller will not notice any difference. This technology enables voice calls through a broadband connection to the Internet rather than using a regular phone line (analog). Some services allow calls only to other people using the same service, but others allow calls to any phone, including local numbers, long distance, mobile, and international.

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What equipment do I need to use Internet telephony? While some services only work with a computer connected to broadband Internet (ADSL or Cable) or a special VoIP phone, other allows to use a traditional phone connected to an adapter, commonly known as ATA (Analogue Terminal Adapter). The mode wireless Internet (wi-fi) available to airports and cafes also enables the use of the phone from computers and other portable devices.voip telephony

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 How does Internet telephony? IP telephony service converts the human voice into a digital signal that travels over the Internet. If you are calling a regular phone, the signal is converted to standard format (analog) before reaching their destination. The VoIP channels to reach the phone call recipient, in what is known as a gateway to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephony Network = Public Switched Telephone Network). What is the consumption of bandwidth and latency? The flow of encoded voice data does not require large bandwidths. We could say that a full-duplex conversation (where both ends can talk and listen at the same time) consumes no more than 22kbps. In all communication, even when our partner is physically in front of us, the sound takes a while to get while traveling through the air. The same applies to Internet communications, the data packet takes some time to reach its destination, called "latency", which is determined by the routes by passing the package. In VoIP latency should be less than 100 milliseconds to 30 milliseconds in getting excellent service.

IP telephony is a technology that reduces telephone costs and raises the level of management What are the advantages of IP telephony? Reduced telephone costs and benefits Did you replace the conventional telephone? This proposal effectively and economically is the essence of the revolution in Internet telephony. Many companies offer calls from PC to phone, Phone to Phone, PC to PC, voice mail, e-commerce, fax and other functions, has enabled millions of Internet users to make calls at a cost of up to 95% less than traditional telephone rates.

This kind of communication allows phone calls do not incur an expense to the user than done for their Internet connection. What you get is a better use of available bandwidth, usually under-utilized. This type of application, the development and implementation are still to come final, is a great savings for users in both short calls and long distance, more services and a structural renovation in the telephone business, which will presumably unintended consequences for the operators. SEVERAL OPTIONS TO SAVE MONEY You can make phone calls from your PC to any phone, to another PC, fax, voice mail and do voice chat, all integrated into one product, easy to use. These services are yours by downloading the software on your PC. In addition, the software is FREE! With the use of the network and most advanced IP technologies are providing the following functions:
PC2Phone (PC to Phone): full-duplex calls made in real time anywhere in the world from your desktop with significantly lower rates. PC2PC (PC to PC): conduct voice conversations in real time from your desktop for free. PC2Fax (PC Fax): Send faxes from your desktop to virtually any fax machine in the world with low rates. Messaging: send, record and listen to messages from voice mail for free.
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Features: 1. Offers much more variety of features to which we have no access to conventional systems. 2. . Can be used from different devices such as phones, iPod touch, home phone, TV, computer, Iphone, USB phones. 3. Eliminating the use of telephone wiring altogether. 4. Reduces the risk of being involved or spy our conversations, under the many security measures available. Conventional telephony offers no alternative to avoid intruders. 5. It allows us to keep the same telephone number even if you travel or move out of our city or country. 6. IP Telephony allows us to access and listen to voice messages received through the Web or from our e-mail. This feature allows greater convenience and access to communications. 7. Access to an IP line staff operating at 100% for an immediate call. No need for initial payment facilities or affiliation.

Special advantages of IP telephony Although this aspect depends greatly on the VoIP provider, you can generally noted that incoming calls are automatically redirected IP phone to the phone wherever you connect to the Internet. If you travel with your phone can receive calls as you do at home. There are many additional benefits that are not available in conventional telephony or are at an additional cost, such as conferences of up to 5 partners, use of fax and answering machines, etc..

What do I need to have a business IP telephony? All that is required is to have broadband internet and a touch tone phone. On average an IP phone occupies a bandwidth of 64K in loading and unloading. The services of broadband Internet companies that offer these days have at least twice that speed in the most basic services although there are some exceptions. Note that you do not need a computer to the phone to work, are devices that operate separately.

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If you are a medium company with more than 5 lines in one or more locations, maybe you should consider an IP switch, which combines both conventional lines and IP lines. With an IP PBX, the customer has all the features of expensive switches at a fraction of actual cost. With these devices can improve the image by setting up a telephone menu options or to increase productivity and lower the cost by installing extensions in different geographic locations. The client also has voice mail and the opportunity to receive them by email, call rates and even the ability to configure all long distance calls from IP lines, avoiding charges for this item. What are the system requirements (PC) for VoIP?                              Windows 98se, Windows 2000 or Windows NT 4.0 PC Pentium 266 MHz or higher 32 MB RAM 56 kbps modem Browser IE 4 +, or Netscape 4.72 + PPP Internet connection full duplex sound card Microphone Speakers.high potential to win
Business options as local distributor of VoIP. Some companies offer the latest in communications technology allowing to save money on domestic and international calls and do your own business with real profits and monthly fast without buying product every month, or make large investments every now and then, or spend money on capacitacin (and are via online through teleconferences and can attend from the comfort of your home). The only thing you need is a connection of broadband Internet and you are ready to save money! These packages include: ATA Unit TelExtreme with router built its own number Telefnica United States (more countries coming soon available) First Month of any service for free.

Until now we talk about the big, popular, such as Skype and Google, there is also another option. Telecom Global Connect, which is a U.S. company that in February 2011 is 2 years, which besides offering good VoIP service (better than Skype, that is if you have to clear it) also provides extra earning in dollars! . As is this?, GTC GTC pays for recommending. This way you can now take advantage of both the good service and the business. Telecom Global Connect, is a multilevel, and attention to this, do not associate MLM fraud, and that can not afford to put all business in the same bag. GTC is a law firm, is a Visa card provider, which provides international debit card for payment of their fees each week through the Global Bank of Commerce.

The sale of VoIP telephony services can be a great business idea. That is why I want to focus on the service as a tool to use for the small business or any business. Besides there are other suppliers Skype specially configured packages for small businesses. May include the following telephone services:

1. For those concerned about the security of communication: Zfone.
2. For those who want a more robust and warlike: Broadsoft
3. Best to replace the receptionist: Lotum.
4. The best to provide free numbers that customers can not spend money: RingCentral Online.voip telephony
5. The best to increase sales: eStara.
6. The best for growing businesses: Linksys Voice System 9000.

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Check on all those services if available in your country. Some of them have basic packages or services completely free and also additional monetization services are paid. If these systems seem very complicated or if you even try the VoIP telephone systems can use Skype more widespread. One of the major criticisms that still makes this kind of service is the lack of audio quality but the truth is that it is quite debatable.

A future

Growth of this technology is estimated at 63% annually. Based on statistics today, it is expected that the market for VoIP business applications show significant growth over the next five years. Specifically, it predicts that this segment will increase from a value of $ 194.8 million in 2006 to 2,250 million dollars in 2011, with an average annual increase of 63.1 percent.
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