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               The Business of DNA

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have paid about $250 to find out what proportion are African, American, Caucasian or Asian ingredients in your genetic cocktail. "The main reason is the curiosity"

People want to know where it came their families, they want to connect with their roots. GeneTree, headquartered in Salt Lake City (Utah), is just one of dozens of firms that offer these tests and along with its main business paternity testing Bill annually 1,900 million.

Beyond the mere curiosity family roots, there are people in United States that have used these tests to declare "minority" and request the privileges that the universities, companies or the Government have been stipulated for ethnic groups who have been discriminated against for decades.The Business of DNA

The New York Times newspaper cited the case of white skinned people have argued that, on the results of DNA testing, have African ancestors, "while some people with black skin have cited European ancestors in lawsuits by inheritance".

Genetic analysis of ancestors based on the belief scientist that the first humans appeared in Africa makes 130 000-180 000 years, they migrated from the continent makes 55 000 to 70 000 years. From there they spread to Asia, Australia and the islands of the Pacific, later to Europe and eventually to the Americas. These flows has been assigned the designation of "lineages", of which there are four major: African, American, European and East Asian. Haplogroups are results of DNA tests that correspond to a group ethno-geographical. It can be considered as the equivalent of DNA to a "tribe".
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The haplogroup is generally associated with the migratory path of the ancient inhabitants of the planet. The antropologos believe that we are all descendants of ancient ancestors that evolved approximately 200,000 years ago in the mountainous areas of East Africa.

Y-DNA or mt-DNA tests generally result in a haplogroup prediction. Some testing laboratories provide testing detailed to refine the sub category within haplogroup. Also, some companies offer tests to determine the percentage of each group etnico main present in the individual, and also determine the presence of markers corresponding to a source characteristic defined etnico (for a list see the article in English Wikipedia about Genealogical DNA test (genealogical DNA test).) Some of these tests still are considered controversial.The Business of DNA

With nearly 15 million member of, a genealogy site linked to the service of social networks is, they will be able to take samples from inside his mouth and sending them so that they are subjected to analysis. Subsequently, will receive a report online in showing them to what DNA haplogroup they belong, which is defined by genetic markers. DNA testing determined up 46 individual genetic markers, which are compared with the results of DNA from non database.

The site later shows the closest match found with other members, discovering distant cousins that can not be found with standard databases of non, which include records of births, marriages, deaths and censuses results.

The results of DNA will be integrated to the interface of genealogical trees of the site, which already has content on its members which includes photographs and stories about their background.
 This emerging industry is very complex. "Most of us learn that everytime you get an answer, are ten questions". However, this technology lead sooner or later the creation of new medical applications related to the genetic material. From the point of view of investors, "what is sought is a market with several products;" "but it is not clear yet how will be integrated with clinical medicine".
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Many companies use DNA to help finding a partner. Sites such as used a questionnaire developed by expert antropologos and biologos genetic based on features of personality such as leadership or the empathy, to determine which pair is more compatible. Miami florida company, takes more than three years in the sector and is innovating in the use of genetic test to find partner to its users.
Scientific theories that women feel more attracted by the smell of men with system different from yours, inmunologicos provide the basis for these test which seeks to identify genetic markers in their customers.

Average rates are in the 2000 dollars with indefinite right of use where the client receives a kit at home to take a sample of the Spire of the mouth which then is sent to the laboratories of the company for its classification.

The cosmetics and perfumes also does trade with DNA. For example many fans of Michael Jackson would like to have in your collection of favorite perfume one created on the basis of the genetic code of his musical idol. It would certainly be a great acquisition to have the opportunity to obtain a product that will practically to the artist.

The amount of fans that exist today suggest that these businesses may have some success, because articles of famous demand has been and will remain an attractive field of business due to the huge profits that can be generated. Today this has support and there are thousands of auctions where are belongings of famous characters, which can cost several thousand dollars but is that million. Collectors are the order of the day, but with perfumes like these perhaps why not try to conquer to be loved. The perfume of Marilyn Monroe, is available in the store and what fanatical this beauty woman would not like a little place to attract their loved one.

The company My DNA Fragrance uses the genetic code of famous deceased as alive so that through chemical processes and great technology achievement of obtaining perfume desired characteristics of these characters. This genetic code can be taken from a hair or a piece of fingernail.

There are a number of laboratories, in the world, that they do or offer paternity tests and other studies of kinship through their web pages. They are advertised with ads that show their guarantee of scientific associations membership and logos, removing from other websites and that, in most cases is not legal to be there. Some of them are virtual laboratories, i.e. do not exist and belong to companies located is not known where, with any professional you go, or if there is belongs to any profession nothing related with the subject in which we try to, many titles of accreditation are not true and a huge "greed of business." You just have to observe the rebates that are under test, or the reduction of time
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And due to the increase in divorces, emigration and unfaithfulness, continues to grow the rise of paternity tests. «If years ago almost all cases accounted for mothers who claimed paternity for their children, have recently increased the records of men who, before divorce proceedings, want to know if they really are the biological parents of the children during the marriage.» That way, if they can demonstrate that they are not, avoids the payment of maintenance for their children.
The Business of DNA 

DNA analysis to determine the biological paternity began to become popular in the mid-1980s that it's a simple process that lets you know the biological link between two people by comparing their sequences of DNA. And although the degree of certainty of results never reaches 100%, it exceeds 99.9999% when both parents are involved. In addition, DNA is a simple test and nothing invasive, which consists of gently rub the buccal mucosa of the child and the father with some cotton swabs to collect a sample of your saliva. At home and for the interested, you can perform while the recommendation of the experts is that it carried out a Center accredited and solvent to avoid risks of contamination.

In other sectors the investors is betting on companies that produce equipment for analyzing genetic material. These new machines are accelerating the process of DNA decoding and cheaper costs. For example, 454 Life Science sequenced the DNA in the Centre of sequence of the human genome, in the Baylor University of medicine, for less than $1 million.

Another group of companies is exploring business models related to the evaluation and analysis of genetic information. For example, Google recently invested in a company called 23and Me, co-founded by the wife of one of the founders of Google, Sergey Brin. The company has said it will use the Internet to help consumers understand their genome. But do be entrepreneurs create a simple enough product as so that individuals can use it with security, accountability and ethics? This is the challenge.
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In April 2006, Linda Avey, biologist with twenty years of experience in the industry biopharmaceutical, in collaboration with Anne Wojcicki, research with ten years of experience in biotechnology, founded a startup in the purest style of Silicon Valley to exploit the possibilities of new advances in sequencing of DNA whose cost is lower.

Thanks to its excellent contacts obtained the necessary funding for the project in the hands of Google and New Enterprise Associates, a venture capital firm.

23AndMe, was born so with offices located near the headquarters of Google and with the full support of the giant of the Internet, resulted in monetary resources and computing power. The process, from the point of view of the customer, works as follows:
The client comes to and registers, making a single payment of $ 999. Shortly after it receives a packet where it found a vial must fill with a major dose of their saliva at home. Send this back road and 23andMe scientific team performs the sequencing of the sample. With genetic information processed and stored in a secure chip, sent notice to customer so you access the website of 23andMe. There you can find their information, translated into understandable language, ordered way relevant and linked with the current knowledge of the implications of each of the significant differences which has its genome with respect to the general population.

But the product not only allows to see a "picture" of the genome with marked differential aspects.
The Business of DNA                Traffic news