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     Software Highlights of the Year

10 utilities and tools that have been the best of this year. Some fairly well-known and with versions that carry with us many years, new ones, the truth is there for everyone. With her I leave with you, here are the 10 best programs for 2011 for your computer:

Software Highlights of the Year      


Spotify hasn't done more to grow during 2011. With the opening of the service on another handful of countries among United States, something he has done for the rest of the world to know them and has opened them many doors in the face to continue negotiations with record companies, which for many is the best history streaming music system has not done more to improve this year. And has done focusing on one of the most criticized of the service: your customer.

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Until recently the Spotify client was an application that worked well but lacked a few features that were at the height of the service. Basically allowed us to seek and consume music, but little else. In this last third of the year we have seen how that changed and today Spotify, the customer, already is in height. Users already not can complain about the lack of recommendations, and it is that now we not only have the radio, which has taken a direction similar to the popular Pandora, but which has released its version with applications and the most focus precisely on this: do we discover new music. The radio, We Are Hunted, Moodagent or official applications of Pitchfork and Rolling Stone are the ideal way to do it. A pleasant surprise that will delight all those music lovers and lovers of music.

Spotify is available for Windows, Mac and various mobile platforms, and I am afraid that the version for Linux still leaves much to be desired and her cannot be considered a native application (echa hand of Wine to run). To obtain the latest version, with the applications, you must download the experimental version, which needless to say is fully functional.


Popularly known as uTorrent, this P2P client has also seen great changes during 2011, and for that reason has seemed desirable to include in the list. For years many believe uTorrent as the best BitTorrent client of the moment, and do so because it is a very simple, very little heavy application and that basically does what has to do: download content.Software Highlights of the Year      

Arriving at version 3 - we are already among us - this small 3.1, small Torrent client added functionality that make you grow a little but still let the client lightweight. To begin with, and perhaps the most novel, this inclusion of uTorrent Web, a proposal that allows us to access the downloads from where we are directly through the web site of the program. This is the logical evolution of uTorrent UI, an interface which was served from our own team and giving us real headaches with respect to safety or even made us open ports on our router, something that could be difficult for less advanced users.

Besides adds the ability to make streaming of content that we are still downloading and it allows us to accelerate downloads necessary to do so, resulting in improved reliability when it comes to consume content that previously could or not be fakes. These are only some important points of the new version of a BitTorrent client that is available for Windows, Mac OS X (under numbering 1.5), and Linux (such as alpha version).


Since long time ago is waging a "battle" between these two Office suites. OpenOffice, the project that was created as a way of using Office Tools outside of the Microsoft monopoly, was purchased by Oracle. If we talk about Office suites, the average user probably come two to the head instantly: the better-known Microsoft Office (2010 in its latest version for windows) and the alternative any free software lover knows and enjoys; OpenOffice 3, until now the Queen of the roost with more than 100 million downloads.

Software Highlights of the Year      

OpenOffice is an Office suite free and free, compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux. It has a word processor text (Writer), spreadsheet (Calc) editor, a creator of presentations (Impress), a manager of databases (Base), an editor for vector graphics (Draw), and an editor of mathematical formulas (Math). The main components of Microsoft Office are the word processor Word, the Excel spreadsheet and Powerpoint presentations tool. PRI has equivalents in Writer, Calc and Impress respectively.

The only thing that is missing in PRI is an integrated e-mail client and a Notepad like OneNote, but there are free such as Thunderbird or Evernote, and free alternatives for example. It has been downloaded more than 1.3 million times


Google Chrome 15 is the version of browser used in the world, surpassing Internet Explorer 8. According to data collected by StatCounter, Chrome 15 captures the 24.14% share of market in front of Internet Explorer 8 22.65 and the 14.88% of Mozilla Firefox 8. The third and fourth place is situán Internet Explorer 9 with a 10.44% and Firefox 3.6 with a 4.9 per cent of market share respectively.

It is undeniable that 2011 has been a successful year for Chrome, although remains it the biggest challenge of all: be the browser ruler, the busiest of all. Something that is not simple, but not impossible.

However, it seems that the reign of Internet Explorer is no longer as pervasive as in the past, as in the light of current trends in use of browsers Thai this year, if they remain in 2012 could occur during the coming year that Google Chrome is the busiest in the world browser.

Google Chrome offers everything what can offer Mozilla Firefox and much more. It's a browser that uses relatively few resources, which allows us to surf the web at breakneck speed and enjoying all the content as it is completely standard. In addition, and although this Mozilla is pioneering, Chrome has an impressive base of extensions and applications of which many are

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Connectify is a software router for Microsoft Windows developed by Connectify. A PC can become with Windows with Wi-Fi device a wireless access point. This allows users to share files, printers and Internet connections between various computer devices without the need for a router or independent physical access point.

You would like to extend your WiFi connection there where your wireless router fails? Are you interested to create a WiFi network from your cable connection? With Connectify is a reality, that converts your computer into an access point

Its installation is very simple, and once created the WiFi access point, we can increase the security of the network by adding key encrypted WEP or WPA2. The great advantage of Connectify is that we do not need any additional hardware to replicate this network anywhere. The only requirement to enjoy this free software is our computer to use Windows 7 (or Windows Server 2008), and the WiFi card is compatible Connectify.

With a single connection, our computer will make WiFi hotspot to provide connection to the Internet to the rest of our devices. This is especially useful if we travel, or if for example, in your home connection is not Wi-Fi, and you'd like to update your smartphone applications without spending your 3 G data rate. In these cases, Connectify will make you a great service. We can also buy the license of the Pro version, with which we can customize the name of the network, incorporating the function relay, or support from Connectify by $30. Removing for specific uses or corporate character, free version is enough for the primary role of this useful and valuable software.

Ad System Care 4

Advanced System Care, is a suite all-in-one from the hand of Iobit, which also has a free version. With Advanced System Care, we can tune the system to have it ready and functioning more fluently and with greater performance. This complete suite brings tools for the cleaning of the system, repair and optimization in general, all of which are included within the program itself. The suite also includes a tool with a click to scan and repair problems, and can book privacy with a cleaner that brings also included.

The program carries with it more than 20 utilities to make our system work much more fluid and with better performance. Among them, of his Turbo Boost, which is able to close unnecessary processes while we have enabled, also provides a liberator of RAM memory which will adjust the performance when need you the PC.

There are two versions of Advanced System Care, a professional or PRO which is on sale for $12,97, and another free.

Security Essentials 2

Launched late last year and early 2011, this tool comes directly from Microsoft, which gives your system a tool antivirus and anti-spyware should be included in series. Without save rancor to Redmond for not doing so, Security Essentials 2 consolidates great ideas that came in the first version and adds many new features.

It is free, it is simple to install, use and update. The minimum requirements of the system for Microsoft Security Essentials are first any operating system, Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3); Windows Vista (Gold, Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2); Windows 7, CPU 1.0 GHz or higher, 1 GB RAM memory or higher, 800 x 600 VGA display or higher, 200 MB of available hard-disk space.

This new version includes integration with the Windows Firewall, and set the Firewall from the same Security Essentials, as they have incorporated new features for the inspection of traffic on the network.

So if you are using Microsoft Security Essentials then takes to update it. You'll at least have some protection on your computer against malicious attacks. If you have not yet, then you can download it for free from this link.


He is an editor of text and source code free with support for various programming languages. It only works on Microsoft Windows. As it has support for a large number of languages, want not only to developers of Web sites, but in general the community of programmers.

It looks like Notepad in so far as that can edit plain text and simple way. However, it includes more advanced options that may be useful for advanced developers and programmers users. It is based on the Scintilla editing component and is written in C++ directly using the Windows API and STL, which ensures one higher execution speed and smaller size of the final programme.

Those who are not familiar with the you will discover the advantages from the beginning, where perhaps the most outstanding feature is the extensive list of languages of programming and brands that supports syntax highlighting and making our much easier to read, understand and structured writings. The download can be done directly with an installer program, and as it is open source, can also be obtained the code source. In addition, the download page also offer multitude of plugins that may be interesting or needed to work in a variety of environments.notepad-plus-org/

VMWare Workstation

VMWare is, perhaps, the utility to use virtual machines more known on the market. Launched ago more than 10 years, provides to users of Windows, Linux and Mac OS X systems the possibility of enjoying for things such as, for example, enjoy any operating system compatible with their computers.

VMware is a software virtualization system. A virtual system software is a program that simulates a physical system (a computer, a hardware) with certain hardware features. When you run the program (Simulator), provides an atmosphere of execution similar to all intents and purposes a physical computer (except pure physical access to the simulated hardware), CPU (may be more than one), BIOS, memory, network card, graphics card, sound system, USB connection, hard drive (may be more than one), etc.

A VIRTUALIZER software allows you to run (simulate) several computers (operating systems) within a same hardware in a simultaneous way, thus enabling greater use of resources. However, and as an intermediate layer between the physical system and the operating system that runs on the emulated hardware, speed of execution of the latter is smaller, but in most cases enough for use in production environments. In 2011 we have seen the 8 version of VMWare Workstation, the focused utility for Windows and Linux systems, and the 4de version VMWare Fusion, targeted at users of Mac OS x. 

Both versions have become to be discussed with a reception and a few very good criticisms that have returned you to position as the market leader.

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Minitool Partition Wizard

The simplest useful, intuitive and powerful of the year for partitioning your hard drives. With 32- and 64-bit versions, this utility for Windows has an interface from which will make it all operations only dragging bars with the mouse. Another advantage is that we can perform the operations you want and then use the apply changes button. This allows us to save time and not be waiting to the end of partitioned a drive to make changes in another, for example.

Partition Manager supports 32/64-bit Windows operating system, including Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Home users can perform complicated partition through the use of this powerful, free partition manager to manage your hard disk. Features include: change the size of the partitions, partition copy, create a partition, delete partition, format partition, convert partition, explore partition, hide partition, change drive letter, set active partition, the partition.
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MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition is designed for home users only, use the wizard to MiniTool partition in an enterprise environment, MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition is required.

MiniTool is free, and is probably the best idea if you want to make a quick change, we are experts or not in the theme. Resizing units, partitioning, mixture or creation of new partitions in any of the multiple formats it supports are just a few examples of what we can do.

Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista and 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system.
RAID support.
Extend system partition to maximize the performance of the team.
Manage the hard disk to increase the substantial performance.
Create, delete and format partitions with simple steps.
The copy of the disk to protect or transfer of data.
Support of discs and the size of partition on more than 2 TB.
Convert partition format from FAT to NTFS.
Partition copy: copies the entire contents of a hard disk to another.
Disk Copy Wizard: Copy entire hard drive to another without having to reinstall Windows.
Map album - visually demonstrate your disk / partition configuration, preview the changes before applying them

Software Highlights of the Year