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 Data center in new business

 A company may need the services of a data center basically for two reasons. The first is that he prefers to hold there its technology and teams not having them in their own facilities (by the risks of security and investment that means); the second is that it benefits you rent this infrastructure to a third party, delegate its operation and maintenance, and thus saves costs and can focus on their own business, among other advantages.

In addition, a data center may be a backup center, a kind of safe with high security to protect the information of the organizations.   

By States reasons data centers have become the strategic objective of the efforts of TI to protect, optimize and grow the businesses of the company.

This definition encompasses systems associated with them:

The data are stored, treated and distributed to staff or authorized processes to check them or modify them. Servers which are housed these data are maintained in an optimum operating environment.

If a company is constantly expanding its infrastructure this saturating, is important to analyze how a Data Center and that requirements needed to have it. A Data Center is basically a data processing centre and to make it work properly, you must comply with the 3 most important criteria: space, knowledge and investment. Taking this combination, a good system will be guaranteed.

These are some of the requirements for the proper functioning of a Data Center:

You must ensure the availability of connection and service 24/7.

Have protection against fire and other natural disasters. Also cannot exist in this space any material that does not make part of the equipment, i.e. material flammable as the paper or paperboard (including the complete cleaning of the floors).
Constant control of the environment of space, i.e. that the temperature and humidity are in constant control and enters a recommended range
for the Data Centers.
Intelligent system for the access to the equipment. Any person entering this space must be a user with the necessary security and authorized.
Wiring must be clearly identified to avoid confusion, including identification of the channels through which passes.
You must have an uninterrupted system such as UPS, to ensure that servers are not fall, and of course to bear the teams that are in this space.
To ensure the proper functioning of the Data Center, you must comply with all the requirements listed above at the same time.
Data center in today's

Traditionally the best place to put a data center was as close as possible to the backbones. However, some time ago that the cost of a data center is not internet, but energy. In addition, a very high percentage of the energy is used for cooling.

Due to this power consumption, there are many who increasingly want to take steps to become centers of data green, i.e. efficient consumption of energy and all environmental aspects related to this service. For this reason, there is the Datacenter Performance Efficiency - DCPE term, which measured their efficiency on a simple formula: actual use of the work divided the total energy of the space.

If we have a lot of users and sailors in our portals, and a growing number of visits as it has happened with Facebook since its inception, we need to think about or contract a service Data Center as did it at the time this social network.

Maximum profitability of a datacenter

To make a smart investment in a data center, first must point to meet a standard. I.e., it is not buy what it considers necessary, but that requires to comply with regulations and obtain a certain level of availability. To do this, it is essential to advise experts also have an entire team of engineers who can advise on its management.

Normally, when a datacenter is installed in a company, goes investment in a little balanced manner, giving priority to investment in the purchase of communications equipment and software, servers, relegating the physical infrastructure that supports a second level of relevance and investment. However, the vast majority of failures and downtime occur precisely where less is invested: the physical infrastructure. This trend is changing, because there is more information and awareness of the problem which means having a data center unavailable.

Additionally take into account other aspects such as human resources and the associated processes that must generate the ability to keep running even if there are accidents or natural disasters.

With regard to the levels of service that delivers a datacenter, there is a standard called ANSI/TIA-942 Telecommunications Infrastructure standard for Data Centers, created by the major players in the sector (industry, users, experts). In Annex G of the standard and are based on the classification of the Uptime Institute established four levels (Tiers), based on different levels of availability provided by the datacenter. The most demanding provides 99.995% availability. That means that it is committed to not stand more than 52 minutes per year.

Data center in today's
To choose a Datacenter where hiring a colocation, there are several factors to take into account. These factors allow you to understand the price of the service and see if they conform to the needs to meet.

To hire an external data center, be sure to check how many years the provider operates in the market, the experience of its professionals, the number of installations that have been carried out, which shall be responsible for monitoring the environment of your company and what security measures the company really has.