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Manage my image on the web

The reputation represents the general view of the presence of your brand on the web. Cover the visibility of your brand through the main channels on the Internet, together with information concerning the social networks of the service or product you provide.

With new mobile devices and the growth of the internet, if a client dissatisfied with a product or service this expresses his annoyance and irritation with the speed to take him to write on their social networks with your mobile, so thousands learn their anger and up they share it with thousands of others, therefore the result harmful his opinion is more shocking and more viral than previous years.

As well as a good reputation online attracts, generates confidence and more sales; a bad, can see reflected in an empty cash register. Therefore like us or not is necessary to understand that the online reputation is a very important value as contrary to one web page, this creates the consumer and not the company.

Assessment of users

The valuation of our business, from 1 star (poor) to 5 stars (excellent), consists of the average of ratings that users have made on a business. It summarizes in a quantitative manner about what users think of my business.
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Image online management

The first thing we must know is that the assessment that a user makes on an establishment is unique, and this can change. I.e., that a user a day can put a "3" to an establishment, and that later can change its rating "5", in which case, the valuation of the establishment, if other users remain constant, would rise.

Some users that emit valuations are identified, and we know your opinion in other establishments.

We can also discover the reason for its assessment in those who have left a comment.

How to handle its of e-reputation?

A wide range of information makes it difficult to analyze. The aggregation of data suitable for the analysis is the key to the follow-up to his e-reputation. To manage your e-reputation effectively you should focus on the following main aspects:

The results of the search engines.  Monitor the placement and positioning of your website in search engines. Check out their coverage of media and visibility of the brand through the field of digital media.

Web analytics.  Analysing popularity of links, backlinks to your website, related links, and the hierarchy of your web site. Structure and optimize your site for better classification.

Social media.  See what people say about your business. Establish a strong connection and build positive relationships through interaction with users of social media.

Create online reputation means to speak for ourselves, take the initiative, be a bit narcissistic. For this first task will be useful to three things: our own knowledge about the area that we work, PR skills and much time and dedication. The tools available are the classic ones: blogs, professional profiles, social networks and microblogging like Twitter. But above all we must focus on generating good content and find the people that interest them. Content and people are the most important part of the online reputation because it depends on to speak well of thee, much therefore care for both of them.

some common sense rules can help us to improve our reputation:

Repaired and strengthened Image online management

 Concentrate on listening to the complaints or negative messages and strengthening of the assets of the web. Use the web assets as a source of lead that pay for the ORM.

Encourages comments

There are several ways of stimulating comments without affecting brand image. Put links to your page of Tripadvisor or Google+ in your Facebook profile is a good way to get customers to feel responsibility for leaving your comments on these channels. A more subtle and less aggressive for the client form would be the add these links in the signature of emails, newsletters or web page.

However, without any doubt, the best way to get customers to make comments is to provide an unforgettable experience. Even if there are drawbacks, the answer that the hotel is able to offer with these will be reflected in the comments that customers will be carried out subsequently.

In short, if you are in contact with your customers, respond to your comments, you lean in your staff to help you with the reputation and fomentas comments can emphasize you against your competitors in the perception that people have of your establishment.

Do not get angry or fighting over insignificant issues. Fights wear and you're not going to show more character by confronting someone. Your readers or followers want to get something positive from you, are not interested in their personal disputes, unless they like the  gossip .

Always think about what things can do you to benefit your readers or customers. What data are looking for? What you need know or know? How can I help them from my blog or my participation in social networks?

Learn how to win the trust and respect of the people. This is accomplished by posting on his blog with some frequency, contributing different approaches and answering to the extent of its possibilities, the doubts of readers or customers.

Beware of spontaneous shipments via smartphone

Smartphones deserve special mention. No doubt at this point that you facilitate to us access to the network at any time and any place, for example, to social networks. However, beware that immediacy because spontaneous deliveries and without thinking may carry us more than one problem. Once something has gone to the network, it remains there.

The power of consistency.

Consistency is closely related to the honesty and goes on to say that if we follow a line, not only in what we say but how present us, what topics are trying, with whom we discussed, etc., the client will presume what we are, what we want to be for him, regardless of whether it is interacting with us online or offline. If we follow the wake of consistency, also, we provide coherence to marks arising from my company, or for those who work in the future.

Now however, the mark as it may be it makes stronger the more coherent, but we must be clear that the consistency is not always do the same thing does not mean be closed and stick to the monotony in our activity. It is understood within an evolutionary process consistency. And yet there are exceptions: think of Google, which shows how the brand can be different with the logo, for example, that modify it constantly. In this case no rules per, but coherence and evolution.

Not giving closed a crisis

Continuous monitoring of your online reputation is key in protecting your assets. It always considers the implementation of some cost-effective solutions that allow you to monitor your monitoring for a rapid response. Here is where comes into play the role of the tools to use (payment, free…).Image online management

Keep your eyes peeled

The latter includes all others. It is logical that all planning requires the establishment of rules and guidelines to follow. But we must be flexible and adapt to the circumstances. There are companies that cover in the established internal rules and are inflexible. Customers do not understand policy. They understand about what is fair or unfair. And if we do not want to fall into a reputation crisis, the best thing is to be sympathetic with our user. They end up thanking you. And also our marks.