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 As organized from home to work as an  entrepreneur

When we see the possibility of starting a home business in general our enthusiasm is going by the clouds, although there are others who opposed pessimism does will really work?

Are you interested in working from home?
If your answer is Yes, then you are welcome to the select group of independent people who are fighting for their future and whose greatest award is the freedom to do whatever you like, do it well and make good money.

So today we are going to discuss some ideas in order to begin a new life as a self-employed worker or freelancer.

You must first take into account 90% of online entrepreneurs fail because they do not compromise with his new job, since they see it as something making money online secondary.This process consists of 10 points which are compulsory, in order to begin their work at home.

Then we'll see some basic steps to establish a successful work at home.

The attitude.

The key to the success of your business is your attitude. Try your business for what it is: a business. Critic this is if you work half time or time whole. It is not seeking employment, but seek you your own way of working for yourself.

One of my colleagues is a MOM who works at his house near his family. She always put her family first but at the same time develops its business. She says: "I work part-time, but having a full-time attitude"

Who can be a Freelancer?
Anyone could work from home but not all professions are necessarily adapted to this concept. Since you need some expertise in some areas initially say that independent work by Internet is ideal for:

Graphic designers
Writers and editors of articles
Web page designers
Experts in SEO and positioning of web pages
Creators of instructional videos
For mobile application developers
Works online as a freelancer

Another fairly innovative idea for the business that we can undertake, as our home life system is become organizers of home, a trade that has become increasingly more necessary even though many do not really understand what is. If we ordered people, we like to plan everything we do and we have a special taste for style, safe will be a few organizers of sublime households.

It is true that this idea is not simple to implement for everyone, but we must also consider that with the amount of information we have on hand with Internet ideas flow more easily, and can thus turn this hobby into a fairly lucrative.


Those who are knowledgeable about music and enjoy playing with some instrument, won't have any problem in becoming guardians of the specialty that characterizes. When you have the proper material and a large enough room in the home as to make a statement to a student, the business that we can begin in our home is clear, we cannot be guardians. In the case of persons who have advanced musical knowledge, may be music tutors, while that dominate a science or other art may instruct who so need it about it.


The good thing about this idea is that we do not need to count with a college degree or prestigious Institute necessarily, because often the experience and management within the profession or trade that we develop is that gives us the master to be guardians.

Ideas to begin

The good thing in addition to being independent is your workplace may be the dining room of your House, the room or up the garden. It could also be a restaurant, an Internet Cafe, or any other suitable place that allows you to have the peace of mind to create, think and develop projects. However, if you can accommodate any at home a space where you can work without interruptions, will be ideal.

Create a Personal image and corporate
You will then need to let you know. So you should choose your specialty of work and shaping an entire corporate image to the rededor of yourself as the main product you're yourself that includes your knowledge, skills and experiences.

To do this you must:

Create a web page, a blog or a fanpage on Facebook
Please describe in detail your service catalog
You must have a direct contact email reply quotes
You post some samples of previous work
It will be advisable to have a personal logo

Do not try to be all things to all

Never do happy at all, no matter how much do try. Then, do not do it; instead focus your efforts towards a segment in particular of the population. For example: say you develop certain business related to gardening. Gardeners distinguish between who is purely amateur, which barely can manage to maintain the strongest plants, the responsible professional capable of caring for exotic and fragile flowers with patience until they flourish. Rather than trying to offer every variety of plant or information to all types of gardeners, you can limit your focus to a specific group: for example, amateurs interested in colorful plants, that require little care and that grow with ease. Focus on a niche will allow you to more easily construct a unique and solid reputation.

It takes your business seriously

There are quantities of images going around showing "people working from home" relaxing reading a book, playing with their children, resting in a comfortable chair, etc. There is a tendency to think that a "work from home" is a "non-real work" or not as serious as one "real" (corporate). To begin to build a successful business, it should be treated as such, not as a hobby. Take it seriously and work hard to achieve your goals.

Take care and do not take hasty decisions or that could affect your business and your pocket. Not too rushed to see their business grow or otherwise will be taking two steps forward only to take 3 steps back later. Instead, simplify the objectives in the short term as the first 10 people to visit your site in 2 weeks, the sale for the first time in a month. Learn top sellers are to be so successful and use some of these strategies for your business. When just you start, a good rule to follow is not buying traffic unless you are working.

Finally it is very important that you promotions and so you don't need to invest large amounts of money but if at least a certain monthly amount. And to promote your services through your personal page you can use these means alternating them month by month:

Promotion on Facebook
Promotion in Google Adwords
Promotion with banners in various blogs
Promotion in directories classified important
Develop business cards and distribute them to your contacts
Promotion on Twitter

Recommended sites to work as a Freelance

Freelance Switch:

It is a site that publishes interesting articles about the experience of being freelance in your options menu includes a space called Job Listings where you will find 6 classifications to search for projects.

99 desigs:
A site designed by designers for designers where customers can order helps with his designs of logos, business cards and websites. Its work philosophy is simple and very interesting results.

Authentic Jobs:

A site that presents two options of full-time and freelance, in the you will find many, many job options in different parts of the world.

Jobs Smashingmagazine:Works online as a freelancer

A popular magazine among designers that has a section of work where clients and freelancers can interact to work with full-time or small work projects.


It is a forum where it talks about freelance and you can sign up, their community has more than 10,000 members. You can find work proposals and also talk about your experience as a freelancer.

Coroflot: on this site you can add a job offer and find work in their different categories. It also has other resources for freelancers.

Guru: on this site you can register and find projects that are attached to your experience. It also has some resources that may be helpful in your freelance work.

Remember, the Internet is full of crooks and fraudulent web sites. So be sure you know what you are looking for before applying for a job of work home. A good website is called online cash pump (click here). Injecting money online is ideal for those of you who do not have any experience of working from home. I have reviewed the same site, and I must say that it is very large and it is worthwhile to look at.