New trends in gifts makes us more digital services using the internet to give, besides the usual technological goods

Digital Trends for gifts from internet

New trends for gifts are leading us to receive multiple digital and intangible gifts from the internet is to say, it is likely that this Christmas you directly receive a subscription to Spotify or Dropbox premium so you have more space in your account or you have all your music available without being online, or better yet a subscription to Netflix is that most of the services that we use today are on the Internet and every day charge greater relevance in our lives. We are reaching an age of services and more than receiving a physical gift we are reaching the era of digital gifts.

Choose a safe gift arriving Christmas every year, and we think to give our family and friends. For this exist service on the Internet that we can help. For example this, a website that allows you to find the perfect gift for any occasion and person, recommending us different options depending on the parameters that we introduce: per event, gender, age, price, and others.

Just have to indicate the hobbies of the person you want to give (sports, music, etc.) or how is your personality (geek, creative, Dozer...) to get a lot of results that match the description we have given. In addition, since the page itself we can buy products online.

New ways of giving in Daru-Dar is important that a gift is original and has the capacity to surprise, but above all is essential that gift suits the tastes of the person, since if it is not originality will have not served much. 

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Daru-Dar uses a very simple principle: If you have something you don't need, put it on the page. Then you can choose the receiver between those who express interest. So far, the inventory includes clothing, electronic appliances, articles for children, parts collection and even gold jewelry.

Sometimes, really unique gifts are offered. Recently, a Russian offered a summer stay at his rural residence in the outskirts of Moscow; another case is that of a guide tourist who decided to give away a free tour of his hometown.

What is the secret of the success of the page? The possibility of getting rid of unnecessary objects via the internet is just one of the reasons.

The philosophy of the site is based on the ideals popularized by Jacques Fresco, an American philosopher, designer and futurist. Fresco, author of the book 'The best that money can buy', he celebrated his 96 th birthday this year, but he was able to give a talk via videoconference that was issued in Moscow. In his speech, he expressed confidence in alternative values can replace money in the society.

IMAGENTO, important specialized in customized online store with your favourite photos all kinds of gifts, divided by categories that you can choose them quickly and easily. Mugs, stuffed animals, bags, boxes... piles of different ideas to choose for a beautiful, charming gift for your loved ones.

MYBESTPRESENT.COM this store has an impressive amount of options to choose. Already only with that you stop to look at the categories that divide their gifts, you will notice that you have to choose gifts for decades! Look carefully: piggy banks, SOAP dishes, table games, lamps, diaries... a catalog that seems to have no end. I recommend that you lend special attention to its textile and accessories sections... lots of! interesting things available! 

Spotify: Music! Who doesn't love music? the quality and quantity of music you get is incredible, but to have a premium account, you have the benefits of having all your music available on your mobile without having to be connected. This for $9.99 (if you are a United States resident) (or if you have a good friend with a due or credit card in U.S.) Dropbox: essential for those that we handle files every day, for $9.99 per month you get 100 GB of space on your account.

Netflix: With this suscriccion you can enjoy good series in excellent quality.  Is a great gift for the whole family than for only $7.99 per month puts at the disposal of user thousands of series and films from around the world in seconds.

It is the perfect gift for lovers of technology or for those who enjoy good cinema in the comfort of the home and with the quality that only an original image can give.

Many of these products are purchased by buying online, which offers convenience to search for and purchase services and products, in addition to the price that is usually cheaper, but sometimes there are certain fears when it comes to online shopping, either out of ignorance or fear to be victims of a fraud.

Here are some recommendations for which your purchase online is safer: we must never make purchases to companies that send email spam (junk mail, unsolicited mail), and much less by clicking on the link that comes in the mail, since this can point to a false address. We must enter the address of the company in our browser.

Do not use public devices or shared networks. To make your Christmas gifts, whether you want to surprise your partner to buy a car pre-owned, as if you are only looking for small details for your family, it is important that you make your purchases from a home network protected by password, in order to avoid that others can view or access the transaction you make. Similarly, do not buy from computers or public devices that may be registered any information of a personal nature.

Do not give unnecessary intimate data. Stores only require logistic and banking data to process your order, so only give information more about your privacy you hurts, becoming a potential victim of annoying spam or junk mail.

Read the conditions of sale. This Council will avoid you problems once you've paid the order, since you will know in advance which are the conditions of purchase of the business in which you decide to purchase your Christmas gifts. Follow this Council particularly on international websites, which may have some legal requirements different from those in your country.

It resorts to the opinions of others users. Other buyers who have purchased the same product or service that you want to give to someone, will become your best trump card to be alert to any possible fraud or lack of quality and reliability of an online business.

Protects your personal data. All companies will ask you personal information to process a purchase order, so you will have to the transaction with sellers that you ensure the protection of your personal data. Before confirming any purchase, carefully read the "privacy policy" which provides the site.

Do not use links in pages of third parties or received via email and be sure that the site has a secure connection, i.e., that data transmitted between the browser and the site is encrypted. 
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