Do you you think? Does the use of social networks can improve or worsen the performance at work?

Be productive at work and use social networks

The potential of social networks is imminent. Far from fighting with them, we must use them to improve the productivity of the company. These communication systems are fast, easy to use, integrated in all kinds of terminals and computers.

We must emphasize the great controversy that is with the use of social networks at work. I understand that the personal offline do not want them to use, not seen any useful or they are simply reluctant to new; for those reasons, don't want to know anything about them. Even know companies that have controlled ports or forbidden by the router access to these sites to prevent employees from "losing time". From the games that incorporates Windows to the coffee machine are useful for employees who wish to "inattention".

We can think of the possibility to refer to Facebook a couple of minutes, whenever employee matches your work time. They are small details that make the daily work lighter. You rest the mind a couple of minutes to continue the work with better precision and equal with a smile.

Some analysts say that social networks significantly improve internal communication of the company. She indicated that 56% of employers uses several platforms in order to foster dialogue, thus establishing a closer relationship, enabling joint efforts in pursuit of a common objective: the good of the company.

It is estimated that by 2015 at least 61% of companies will have an initiative based on social networks, since they are a tool to improve the communication and accelerate the process, but admitted that such projects are not even within the level of the priorities of the companies.

The University of Warwick in the United Kingdom studied for 2 years at a telecommunications company in Europe, which implemented social networks to improve productivity among its workers and service and customer service improved and sales increased.

Do you, what do you think? The use we give to social networks can be work as profitable as we decide to use it, they can be tools of work and not just personal hobbies.

They distract the social networks? I work on them (perhaps you also) I know that they are a magnet of attraction, however I have the belief that labour maturity must be present and in each is the wisdom of devoting the adequate time to each activity to display our productivity.

On the other hand, a graduate student at the University of Hanover developed a web site that can determine how likely is that a person loses their job according to what Tweets.

Tweets like "I hate my job. "Possibly the worst job that anyone could have" are that "Fire-Me!" search (thanks to words such as "work", "Chief", "hate" or "worse") and use to tell the user how many possibilities there are to be fired if someone read these publications; It is known that at least 5% of people who have used this tool preferred to delete these Tweets.

This software aims to prevent people from posting to as open space such as a social network different comments that could cause them to lose their jobs. Currently it serves only for accounts in English and Portuguese.

Do you think? The use of social networks can improve or worsen the performance on the job?
 Use social networks at work