Make Money with Iphone Applications

With total application downloads from Apple 's iTunes app store topping three billion, and monthly sales of upwards of $200 million, the marketplace for apps is booming.

iPhone applications can earn $ 400 to $ 5,000 per day in advertising, with an average effective CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) near $ 2. (That sounds terrible compared to a good website, but it's better than Facebook or MySpace apps.)

If you already have a business, creating an app – or multiple apps – to enhance your clients' experience can be a tremendous opportunity. Often, a small business is already filling a niche – and can also do so when their client is on the move. Take the case of Yelp , the online review site. Its iPhone app not only provides its standard customer-reviews, but also can tap into GPS to allow a user to find nearby businesses.traffic news

So, thinking along the lines of "what do we already do, and how can it be used on the go?" is a great place to start. Look for an area that will be a natural extension, or a macro view of what you do.

When Zillow , a real-estate listing company, built an app, for example, it not only included its standard real-estate listings, but also allowed users to scope out rentals and homes for sale in their immediate geographic area. This feature tapped into casual consumers' desires to learn, say, what their neighbor's condo might be worth – or to take a self-guided real-estate tour. It took off, and now Zillow is selling mobile ads and incorporating social network link-posting – in other words, running a quite profitable app.

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Making Money on iPhone Apps: Think Big or Think Tiny

Some of the most successful apps are the most complex: Location-aware, social-networking-capable apps such as Whrrl , FourSquare or Glympse. And some of the most successful apps are very simple, one-off jokes. It may be that the best app for you is limited in scope.

Simple apps, the kind people whip out at parties to emulate chugging a beer (iBeer) or wielding a light saber (Lightsaber Unleashed), require far less up-front time designing and programming. And if you haven't invested a lot of time into developing a simple app, you can afford to make it inexpensive. In a best-case scenario, with minimal marketing such apps can to go socially viral. Then again, if it doesn't sell, no biggie: just try again.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, complex, multi-faceted apps are born most often out of an existing business or business model, and can require a team of designers working for weeks or months. This model is best for existing websites and businesses that can add value through creating an app. With these, you're going for polish, perfection, and possibly a higher price-point. What's more, complex apps need to be sticky to be effective. That's where marketing comes in.

Frankly, to create an iPhone web application, you do not need to be a computer geek or genius. In fact, anyone with a little knowledge about using the computer or internet can easily create an iPhone application and start to make money. The process is quite easy and relatively straight forward.

Once you know what you would want for your first iPhone application to be, go to and find an iPhone SDK specialist to develop the application for you. All you need to do is register with Elance, and start posting your iPhone apps project (what you want developed). In some cases, you will be able to get your mobile applications developed for $300 or even less. Before you know it, you will have created your very own iPhone web apps making you money online on the Appstore.

Browse one of the unofficial SDK, such as that available on the website of Lucas Newman is a

Using the SDK to "jailbreak" the iPhone. This allows files to be written to the file system of your iPhone. The specific procedure depends on the version of firmware you are using.
    “ Think mobile . Your user doesn't have a lot of space on their screen. Don't overload the user with information, and don't waste space,” Grant wrote in the e-mail interview.
    “ Speed . In this day and age, lagging and crashes just aren't acceptable. You need to make your software as speedy as possible,” Grant continued.
    “ Beauty . Please, please don't make your apps' user interface look straight out of Windows 95. Invest in a good designer and make a piece of art.” 
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