"New virtual concept" Ebay store

It was the summer of 2005, when Jamie Murray decided that his old playstation lying dormant for long enough,  and   put  on sale on   the  popular auction site eBay. Jamie says: "Having left school with only GCSE, I  began  working  as  a janitor  in  an   engineering  company,  and   was  ready   to  move on  to    something  more   lucrative.   As  Christmas  approached,  Jamie realized from the sale of the PS2 eBay Pulse could be a potential gold mine.

He says: "It all started in the spare bedroom in the back  of  my  house.  The  orders  poured  in,  and almost three months after the house passed to the memory card boxes to meet demand.

 Now  we  sell  1,500 products, which  are  mostly computers, cameras and mobile accessories. With a   turnover   of  over  £ 3.5  million, is  a  great achievement for South Wales man who left school at 16 to work as a goalkeeper for just £ 60 per week.

EBay  virtual store is a  great concept to  sell inventory with various amounts and for items that do not sell well with the auction format. The basic subscription level everything needed for a drop-off store.

In this context, eBay is a leader in trends such as mobile commerce. As announced as part of its second quarter 2011 earnings release on July 20, 2011, eBay expects to generate over $ 4  billion  the  volume  of merchandise through eBay mobile  applications  in 2011  more    than  double   the previous year. Consumers around the world have led to more than 50 million downloads of mobile applications company.

Founded in 1995 in San Jose, California, eBay Inc. 2.97% is about  connecting  buyers  and  sellers.  We  do  this  through  eBay,  the  largest  online marketplace that  allows  users  to  buy  and  sell  in almost  every  country in the    world,  through PayPal, which  enables  enterprises to  securely, quickly   and easily send  and receive payments online, and through GSI.

In 2010, eBay Markets net revenues were over $ 5.7 billion, representing about 62 percent of total revenue of eBay Inc. network. More than half of eBay's revenue is  generated  outside  the  U.S.. Worldwide, more than $ 60 billion of merchandise volume on eBay are processed annually, and most sold at a fixed price. eBay has nearly 100 million active users.

how it works - EBay to buy and sell on your web site. You pay a  small fee  to  list your    item   for  sale.  You decide how long you want the list and the amount they are willing to accept as payment. Buy  on  E-Bay is easy.  You  log  in,   type   what  you  are looking  for and  bid  on  it. Like  a  real auction on-line only!

To sell  in  my  store? 
    Household   furnishings,  decorations,  and antiques. This is the perfect opportunity to get rid of the ugly lamp  that  Uncle  Ed  trout  sent  her husband for Christmas or talking alarm clock that does not always manage to wake you up. Unusual antiques and rule of this group, so do not always fall into the trap of thinking that something is too retro, kitsch too much or too ugly to eBay. 

The most bizarre, unique, or "interesting" theme, the best that can potentially do. If you have clothes or accessories that you use no more, but "we still have much life   in  them", they  can  be  an  ideal  point of first sale on  eBay  each  region   has its  own   unique products or   resources,    whether  edible  flora and fauna  renewable, local indigenous crafts, or anything else.

 Choosing the best article and how to sell it?   

 "It's the  most  important question  for  a  new entrepreneur  this  can be a  significant  obstacle for many sellers. And no wonder: not only have to come up with ideas for items to sell, you also need to determine  whether  these ideas are  actually going to take some profits!

 Alternative markets to sell
    I will never deny the  attraction to   the  great markets,  especially  on  eBay,  but  is  useful   for  all vendors choose the recommendation of diverse and novel items  from  the  list to  enter   different markets. This is largely due to other markets with less competition, but still a good amount of traffic of buyers. Some favorites are Addoway alternative markets and Bonanza.

 Do not think about high-demand items. 

   Unless you can afford to invest about $ 100,000 in a wholesale order, most popular  items are  off limits at this stage. So what exactly do I mean by popular themes? Things like MP3 players, laptops, cellphones, jeans and  popular  DVDs. Instead  of going for items that are a little off the radar, such as sports equipment, collectibles and antiques.

Usinng the seivices of Paypal   

    PayPal offers protection against fraud of $ 5,000, foreign    currency   translation, and  ultimately automated email notification to auction the winning bidder,  print  shipping  labels  and  invoices,  and tracking packages. Shipping Integration is a very valuable feature in itself, since it greatly simplifies the work that has to do to submit your articles. All these services  have  a cost. There is a transaction  fee for each  payment   you receive. The  cost  is   $0.30 + 1.9% to 2.9% of the total transaction.

Having a credit card, debit card or bank account. Let us know how you would like to pay seller fees. Select the payment method accepted. Make sure your profile is public votes. We also recommend that PayPal verified. Choose a membership level based on your needs. Choose a name store. The name you choose determines the direction of your webshop (URL).

The store design. 
The next step is the creation, design, brand, and customize your store virtual.Esto is very important in a new store concept online.Debe be attractive, unique and easy for buyers to find and buy, this increase its chances of success. 

Get more information on customizing your store: Take the time to make simple improvements in your eBay store  makes  your  shop  stand  out. Adding a logo, custom header, and navigation can give your store a professional look, polished and makes it much easier for buyers to find items in your store.

Do some research, especially on the establishment of an exit price and choose from a list format and category. This research will help create a good list and get the best price for your item. Compare your article with active and completed listings on eBay based on category, format  and price.  Selecting  a category explains   how  to   find   and   select   a category. Selecting a selling format that says more about formatting  options.  If  you  want  to  make money on eBay, there is more than  just a   list  of products. If no one sees what he has to sell, you'll never sell it. In this chapter you will learn how to get more people who are  willing  to  buy  to  see auction listings.

Sales promotion Promote your sale by sending a personalized email to advertise their listings with their discount shopping newsletter subscribers. The number and frequency  of  emails you  can  send  is based on your subscription limits and other policies of eBay. There is a technique of communications to promote them. There are suppliers on the web that ship to the press release to hundreds of companies and stories plus e-mail press releases to hundreds of  journalists who have  opted  to   receive press    releases   of   a   trade or   selected    niche.  Two additional standard sites press briefing pr.com and prweb.com are. There are a lot of others. Just do  a  search  for  "freedom of 
the press release "and see the Possibilities of giving to know the store.

Optimizing the title of your eBay auction.  
  If you are not aware of this, you should know that the words  included  in  the  auction  title  is   what  the search  engines  indexing  Ebay. Quite  simply,  this means  that   when    someone  does  a search  on eBay    for the   words   in  your   auction   title are  what determine  if  your company to appear in   search results.  
                                                                                 Use keywords in your auction title and description. 

Remember that almost all eBay bidders find what you're looking for  using the  search  function. Be sure to use carefully chosen  words and  precise  in its title and description. eBay gives 55 characters in the title. Be sure to  use  all of them. This will  help you achieve success in a new virtual concept Ebay sales.
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