Genius and entrepreneurial spirit

    Genius and Entrepreneurial Spirit                                                                                                                        an employer will be me

I have conditions to be an entrepreneur? today the number of new companies are founded each year in the U.S. grows more rapidly than the population, is clear evidence that having a business is considered advantageous. The benefits most frequently mentioned are the following CONTROL. It has the authority to make decisiones.Como owner has the power to direct all activities of the company. Creative freedom. The ideas and talent can express themselves freely without the constraints imposed by fixed policies and the need for further orders. BENEFITS. The more successful the company, it gets as more money. Just as salaries usually empleadosdepende acceptance of budgets and increases in the cost of living, depends directly on the employer's performance. Worker safety. The business owner can not be fired, dismissed or forced to retire. PRIDE. The satisfaction of knowing that it has become a successful business through their own efforts.

Teber disadvantages of a business. Being duno has some disadvantages, the most frequent are:
RISK INVESTMENT. If the business fails you can lose all their savings and assets.

LONG DAYS. Maintaining a business in operation rarely takes 8:00 to 5:00 pm., Especially when it starts. Be prepared for Tabajara 12 hours a day to run. Fluctuations in earnings. Instead of having a fixed salary, the income is adjusted to tups and downs of the market.  

 Fluctuations in earnings. Instead of having a fixed salary, the income is adjusted to the ups and downs of the market.  RESPONSIBILITY.La freedom to make decisions involving the duty to support them.

PRECION. The pressure to satisfy customers or visitors, pay payroll and creditors alos constantly.

REGULATIONS. You have to comply with federal, state and local while satisfying the conditions imposed by insurance companies. What has more weight the advantages or disadvantages? This will determine what each person according to the genius and entrepreneurial spirit. Some people can only be happy if they work for themselves, others prefer to work for an employer to plan a company must take into account the necesidads of each. Are satisfied with having your own business? What a price to be desired?

Questions to discover the genius and entrepreneurial spirit.

Has initiative?
1-I do things my way. I do not need no prompting.  
2-If someone continuously drives without problems.
3-Volume tranquilidad.No things unless I try I must.

What feelings do you have on people?                                     
 1-I like people and I get along with almost anyone.
 2-I have many friends, I do not need anyone else.
3-Most people are dangerous.

 ¿I can lead others?  
1-I can do that most follow me without much difficulty.
2-I can get people to do things if pressed.
3-let any other leads.

¿I can take responsibility?     
1 - I like to take charge and see that things are done.
2-I would pick if I had to.
3-There is always someone who wants to show off and I quit.

How good an organizer are you??
1-I like having a plan before starting.
2-I'm good but if things get complicated abandonment.
3-I take things as they come.

How good a worker are you?     
1-I work all you need
2-all necessary work hard for a while.
3 - I do not see that hard work leads me to something.

You can make decisions?
1-If I ever require long desido quickly and accurately.
2-I can do it if I have a good time. If I do repent me fast.
3-I hate to be the decider, it is likely I am wrong.

 Some questions of "whether or not" 
Think and lists the reasons why you want to have your own business? Do you have enough weight to work long hours without knowing how much money will I get?
Have you worked in a company similar wing to start?
Have you worked as a supervisor or manager?
Did business training in school?        updated new
Have you saved any money?
on the money
Do you know about money that is needed to start a business? Have you counted how much money you can invest in your own company?

Do you know how much money I can get with suppliers?
You know where to get the rest of the money for your company?
Have you calculated that annual net income can expect to get?
Tell your profit and invest money revenue. Can you stay less than these tools to use in the company and boost its growth? Have you discussed your palne with a banker?
Need partners about a partner with knowledge or you do not have money?
Do you know anyone with the requirements that you like?
Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of going it alone?
¿ Have you discussed with a lawyer?  updated new
For affirmative answers, please sign up a point regarding his entrepreneurial dream realidad.Cada back negative response means an area that we have to work harder, is a non-permanent temporary obstacle, unless the weakness is neglected. genius and entrepreneurial spirit

Compare your skills and expertise with others who are successful in similar businesses. Can you duplicate and surpass the capability of other successful businesses? What unique skills, or “edge,” can you provide to obtain a sufficient share of total market?

Review business journals, trade magazines and other comparative studies that identify the requirements to operate the business. From that information, derive a formula for the skills and traits you plan to incorporate into the business operation.

Do you have a strong desire to become a successful entrepreneur? Would you like to know if you have what it takes to build a successful business? I'll give you the good news upfront; almost anyone can develop the qualities necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur.

As I started to research the characteristics of entrepreneurs and their success, I started to realize just how relative the idea of a “successful entrepreneur” truly is. To illustrate my point, consider the following question.

Which of these is the MOST successful entrepreneur ?

 The 60 year-old small business owner who has owned a local hardware store for 30 years, makes just enough to get by, but loves what he's doing, and calls everyone in the town a friend.
    The 35 year-old CEO of a software firm who works 70 hours a week, stays stressed, never sees his family, but makes over one million dollars in revenue per year.

    The 40 year-old single mom who makes money online with several blogs, and gets to spend all the time she wants with her kids.

    The 23 year-old college dropout who created a few websites that he manages a few hours per week and now makes enough to travel the world, spend time with friends and family, and pursue his favorite hobbies.

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