Build internal links using the alternative keyword variations to supply the foundation of link flow
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Map out the keyword cluster that best corresponds to the root phrase.

Make sure the initial keyword is utilized once in the first 25 words of the document.
Contextually integrate the secondary keyword 1-2 times into the page.seo best ideas

Make sure the page has 500-750 word min. so that search engines have enough context to identify the pages primary and secondary topic.
Use both the singular keyword variation and the alternative variation in the title if possible (or in the title+meta tag) – such as keyword1 in title, and keyword 2 (singular or plural in meta data).

Build internal links using the alternative keyword variations to supply the foundation of link flow.

Search engines read headings to determine what a page is about. So format the main title on each page as Heading 1. Use Heading 2 and 3 for subheads. In "code view," heading text appears inside <h> tags like this:

<h1>Orange Market<h1>   <h2>Orange Coupon Deals<h2>

Request specifically that your Web designer use <h> tags for your main headings. Not all Web designers are versed in search engine optimization: they may style for looks, but neglect to take searchability into account. 
          On the web site
Keyword frequency and density = 3.7 / 5
Keyword headings =
Header level 1 = 3.1
Title Level 2 = 2.8
Keyword in the name of the document = 2.8
The description meta name = 2.5
Keywords meta name = 1 / 5
         Off-site                                      seo best ideas
Anchor text link containing the keyword = 4.4 / 5
More backlinks (higher PageRank) = 4 / 5
Link Popularity within Site's Internal Link Structure = 4 / 5
Evaluated as a center page = 3.5 / 5
Evaluated as an authority page = 3.5 / 5
Link speed (speed of change) = 3.5

·#2 TITLES ON THE           LABELS

eta keywords are very important to do better SEO for your web.. And you should know that Search engines look for different description and keywords for each page of your site. If you put the same thing across all pages of your site, search engines may regard this as spam.

The page title is contained in the web page <title> tag that is contained within the <head> tag. You do not need to be an HTML warrior to take care of the basics. A quick read of KDMC's HTML 101 tutorial will introduce you to the everything you need to understand how to find and change the HTML code you need for SEO purposes.The page title should be a few words or a short phrase and should contain the key words that reflect the page's primary content. Place the most important key words near the front of the title. The W3C specification for the Title element is "less than 64 characters." Google actually uses the first 66 characters. Yahoo uses 120 characters. A good SEO strategy is to have your "primary" page title fit within the 66 characters and continue with an extended title that is less than 120 characters in length. Spaces and punctuation are included in the character count.The only code necessary is the opening <title> and closing </title> tags.       seo best ideas
El código de ejemplo

 <title>Example Title</title> 
 <title>Example Title</title> 

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Homepage Welcome to matrix Inc.matrix Inc. your online webshopAll cables for radio and television | order online = next day delivery.Without a doubt the last title is the best. Pay attention to the use of the pipe-sign | The pipe sign is a vertical line which you will find just above the enter key on your keyboard. By using the pipe sign you are able to devide a sentence visually. Don't forget that people scan text and don't read it. Start to experiment with your title and find out which title provides the most clicks and the best conversion. Because you can always do better :

All radio & tv cables | order today = delivery tomorrow
Or emphasize what makes your business or service unique :

All sorts of radio & tv cables in stock | money back garantee

It's very important that the title is clickable. By using the title you can influence click behaviour. So it is very important to come up with a fantastic title. Make sure you make up an unique title for every page of your website. Many website builders don't make proper titles. They use a so called template and you are only able to fill out meta tags once. Those tags will be used for every webpage of your website. So the same meta tags on every page. This is fatal for your change to get a good listing in the index of a search engine.

Do  not  use  keywords  more  than  once  in  the  title use
caracters  like () * and | to make a  sentence  easy to read
put a call-to-action in the title. Stimulate a click, ask for an order! Less than 70 characters, as this is the limit Google displays in search results.
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