Clash between Google and Facebook                                                            traffic news and ideas

    Clash between Google and Facebook

Still it is early to speak of pronosticos, but Google + seems well to have been received up to now.  Larry Page, has said that Google + already has added 10 million users that share some billion articles in the place each day.  Paul Allen founder of, esteem that the number of users has elevated to 18 million according to their data.  Then in ComScore they have said that the base of  Google+ 's user had risen to 20 million dollars. 

Google covers the 41% of the current market of publicity in line of 31.000 million dollars in the United States, including the best part of the announcements search market.  But the growth in the publicity of searches is decelerating, and the advertisers are placing more than its limited dollars in Facebook, with its 800 million users, many of which pass more time in Facebook that in any another place.  It is expected that the incomes by publicity of this network grow 81% this year, while the incomes by publicity of Google they will be elevated a reckoned of 34%. 
Clash between Google and Facebook

The same as Bill Gates does near a decade, Larry Page is seeing that the subjection of their company to the world of the technology is being weakened.  So it is fighting with a gigantic effort to obtain a piece of the social web. 

The service of Goole Buzz with 20 months of existence, is destined to to be recalled as the failed intent of Google, to create a social network on the Internet that was rival of Facebook.  Some of its more prominent engineers they began to assure that the social network presented a mortal threat for Google.  To the extent that the web was being reconstructed around the people and particularly, around the assembly of human relations in Facebook, Google would be able to finish being untidy sideways, and its importance would be eroded day with day.
Due to the previous thing Google finally presented Google + in June.  The result?  A social network that cloned most of what to the people likes of Facebook and eliminated great part of what hate of that network Google + took to all by surprise, including the followers of Facebook.  "Google + was impressive", says Joe Green, one of the companions of Zuckerberg in Harvard after the news was filtered that Google was beginning with its new launch of what can be
in "murderous of Facebook".  Zuckerberg asked the engineers to work nights and end of week during 60 days to renew the main social characteristics, like photos, groups and events. 

Zuckerberg is obsessed with finding the way of accumulating each time more data upon doing that the people dedicate more time to share more things with its friends of Facebook. Does little time brought to light something that calls Timeline to replace them aged pages of profile of Facebook.  "It imagines to express the history of your life", explained Zuckerberg.  Show it, showed its own one timeline (line of time) in Facebook, where a vertical line shows its personal history since the present toward the past, registering all the publications that had done in the place to bring to the surface the most important elements and encouraging it to add publications and photos from May 14, 1984.

Suddenly the blogs of technology began speak on the last news of the social web:  Zuckerberg had lost its place as the user more followed by Google +.  Who surpassed him?  Nothing less than Larry Pay.  Trivial, perhaps, but it is difficult not to think that the news caused smiles in all the Googleplex.  Neither to Google neither to Facebook he likes to speak of their competence between itself and none of the companies accepted to speak on the susceso, but the battles have unchained themselves in various fronts, and both parts celebrate to the smallest victories.  The open competence between Facebook and Google + drift in a greater social exposition, a greater dependence and a progressive loss of the concept "privacy". 
Clash between Google and Facebook

You threaten for facebook The Satisfaction of the clients in Facebook has declined and this would be able to leave an opening for Google +.  According to a report of the American one Customer Satisfaction Index, that presented its results of 2011. 

The scoring of Facebook decreased 3 percentage points, a number by-product of 70,000 annual evaluations of the clients of media of comunicacion. 

However Facebook is very important in many aspects and the fans of pages of facebook are it a lot more, especially for the businesses. 

Analysis of market they aim that the consumers are more prone to recommend a mark to its friends after being done fans of the same one and that the social network preferred was Facebook, followed by Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Some very important data of preference. traffic news and ideas
The consumers interact more with their favorite mark in Facebook that in other social networks.  56% of the consumers they recommend a mark to their friends after being done fan of the same one.  51% he said that he was more prone to buy a product since they were done fans in Facebook.  52% of the ones that they interact in line they say to be spend an hour for day in Facebook.  76% he said that never they removed the I Like to a mark in Facebook.  77% it said that interacts with marks in Facebook reading posts and feeds of news.  78% of the consumers that he like several marks in Facebook they say that them like less than 10 marks.  58% he likes a mark in Facebook therefore are clients of the mark.  45% they are passed the majority of the time in Facebook in the feeds of news.  69% of the consumers he would like to read more than certain marks that of other.

But the growing threats for the market of facebook have unchained new renewals in the social network.  Some of them very interesting as the functionality of the call Smart Lists. 

This function groups your friends in 3 large groups or ready. 

This carries out it in automatic form and the three groups are the following,

Former coworkers People study companions that live within a radius of 50 miles As can observe the function, though is seemed as for concept to the circles of Google Bonus, very is limited, since besides those 3 arbitrary groups, we cannot create new lists. 

Other significant Advances: 
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Controls of privacy Facebook has announced that will be submitted to controls of exhaustive privacy for 20 years.  Carrying out modifications with the "friends of confidence" who will have to have a code to validate our identity. 

They arrived of the HTML5 and the mobile applications:  Facebook also bought Strobe, a business of mobile development, and is wagering hardly to the HTML5, with its project Spartan. 
Clash between Google and Facebook

Tool of translation:  Through a button that is found next to the classical buttons of "I he Like" and "to Share", now also we can carry out the translation of what they share through comments or of posts our friends. 

Button of subscription:  This helps us to that we can agree or to block the contents that share you determined people online.  In this manner an approach to networks is established like Twitter and, exactly, Google +. 

Better images:  Facebook this enlarging the resolution of image in the network, is also flirting with the idea of launching filters as him for his mobile application, but still we have not seen anything of this in the reality.  With this Facebook is wagering hardly to one of the functionalities that more attracts its current users. 

There is not you doubt that this will improve the image and the limitations, therefore Facebook does not want to remain behind and is presenting battle to Google + In a simple survey carried out by PC Magazine, where asked their readers if they would leave Facebook by Google +, the 50% of the polled said that he liked.
Google + and that planned to leave Facebook.

21% it said to be undecided, considering that Google + is very new.  
12% answered that yet they had not been.
united to Google+.
11% rejected the idea of the social networks.
7% I answer that Facebook cannot be replaced.

Clash between Google and Facebook

 This puts to google in a profitable escalation where its incomes tambien have risen 32 percent with regard to last year.  $ 9030 million it is a record for the second quarter, the company said.  The net incomes rose 36 percent.  

"We have had an excellent quarter, Larry said Pay, executive president of Google, in a communiqué.  "I am very touched by the incredible answer of Google + that permits you to share just like in the real life."  Clash between Google and Facebook

Google reported a net utility of $ 2510 million in the incomes of 9.03 billion dollars, in comparison with a net utility of $ 1840 million for the second quarter of 2010, when the company registered some incomes of 6.82 billion dollars.  

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All in all, the numbers in this of the social networks nowadays are thus:  traffic news
In the first position is Facebook with some 800 million users assets. 

In second is Twitter, that has some 100 million users assets.  After these, Google Bonus, that in its short history already goes for 40 million users.