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  Vilfredo Pareto rule and application

When it is a matter of productivity and administration of the time, two famous thinkers we should take into account: Pareto and Parkinson. 

For many people and businesses the to have applied the principles of Pareto, the form to work has changed them completely, for some the low stress and they reached greater profits.  Traffic news and ideas

Because of it one of the most famous commandments of the marketing is the "Law of Pareto" and that this intimately related to the obtaining of results in the marketing by internet.  
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This law was generated by the mathematical formula created by the Italian one Vilfredo Pareto at the beginning of the 20th century, that established, utilizing this formula the uneven distribution of the wealth in Italy, Pareto, observed that alone the 20% of the people they possessed the 80% of the wealth.

Subsequently in the years 40 of that same century the Dr. Joseph M. they Swear attributed the rule of the 80/20 to Pareto, calling it as already is known today like the "Law of Pareto".

The Dr. Joseph Swear, established the existence of a universal principle that called "The Few Essential AND The Many Trivial".  As a consequence, the observation of the Dr. they Swear on the principle that “20% of something is always responsible for the 80% of the results he was known like Law of Pareto or" Rule of the 80/20".Vilfredo Pareto rule

Pareto noticed that  80% of the patrimonies of their country, they were property from the 20% of the population.  Through the years also observed this interesting effect in different aspects such as: 

The 20% of the people that you know they provide you the 80% of backup and satisfaction (friendship, love… etc). 

The 20% of the clients generate the 80% of the incomes of a business.
The 80% of your success depends on the 20% of your effort.                                                                         The 20% of the exercises that carry out they will signify a 80% of benefits to your body.

Pareto in the daily life.Traffic news and ideas

We can analyze with detail, the calendar average, of the week.  We note everything that we do in a role, and next to each accion, as much as money is written has generated us each one of those activities of business. We can also evaluate your personal life , write the achievements that has brought.  This is going to give you a vision but extensive, and began to detect that is what serves, and what does not serve, once have detected that is what generates but profits, alone remains to be focused in it.  And it of but, do it less followed, or even better, you delegate it.  It is going to be but
profitable to hire someone and that did not affect him a lot because you continue generating the 80% of the profits. 

All the tasks should have a same form of appraisal of their importance.  The two it has to take into account in the business:  (1) the importance of the tasks quantified in money; and (2), the importance quantified by means of a numerical allocation created by us. 

With that 80% of tasks that nothing or little contributes us it is necessary or well to eliminate them or, of be not been able to eliminate, to delegate them.  If we can neither delegate them, there will be that to group them and to try to do them all in a same time period, so that themselves they be not disseminated along the day. 

The best strategy to continue basket:  Eliminate them:  Simply you stop doing the task that treat. 

Delegate them:  You are transferred them to another or other people, whether because to him or she he likes to do them, because you have a position of control with regard to this person or because is paid him by doing it.  At times leaves better to pay to a third so that a work do you that, although would be able to do it one same, the effort that should dedicate him does not deserve the result that would obtain. 

Application in my business online:  Identifying the 20% of keywords that have generated the 80% of the visits qualified.  By which its work is to identify those concepts and to reject the others.  It identifies those keywords that improve the positioning in search engines, to seek new terms that substitute those that before you had chosen and that have not generated the number of visitors qualified that needs its website. 

Vilfredo Pareto rule
In the business of internet that 20% should be identified that really imports and that produces the 80% of the results, to utilize the time and efforts in "to be Focused" alone in those things that are really useful and produce results, identificque that 20% of tools and elements applied that help to generate:  First:  The 80% of traffic qualified and Second:  To identify those clients that generate the greater quantity of incomes with the sale of the products and services, to give them the importance that deserve, fidelizarlos adequate, because they are the vital blood of the business. 

Vilfredo Pareto rule  

Laws of parkinson

Cyril Northcote Parkinson in 1957 wrote  its book with the regular laws of parkinson.  With its experience in the civil service Briton, development observations and laws that hacian to note that to the extent that the British Empire declined in importance, the number of employees in the Colonial Office enlarged. 

Parkinson also noted that the total of those employees inside a bureaucracy enlarges in 5-7 percent per year "independently of the variations in the quantity of work that should be done". 

"The work grows until filling the time that is arranged for its execution".  2ª.  "The expenses enlarge until covering all the incomes".  3ª.  "The time dedicated to any theme of the agenda is vice versa proportional to its importance". 

Of the laws of Parkinson we can deduce the following thing: 

The expenses in a business enlarge until covering the incomes.  This expansion implies complexity and the complexity deterioration.  The number of people that integrate a working party tends to enlarge independently of the work that have that to carry out.  If a way to delay exists an important decision, an efficient, public or private bureaucracy, will find it. 

An official wants to multiply the number of his subordinate, not that of his rival.  The officials are helped the hour to do the work.Traffic news and ideas

We think about this example.the time in the university, when one discovers that has a week more to be prepared for the exam, happens that one studies and is prepared to the midnight of the last day.  And that project of business agrees?  Wise the person that the time limit of presentacion was of two months, but he is risked to pay the sanction.  By speak not of that project in the work, the time limit was deferred, but you are more disorderly than before! 

But it is certain that among more time we have, more we spend, him opponent is also certain:  When the time is short, we work with priority and more efficacy. 

Time + motivation

If a short time limit is established obliges us to focus us in which should surpass the risk of complete not the work, and the possible negative consequences, motivates. 

We see then how can we utilize the law Parkinson to learn to do more with less time. 

The reality is that this law complies most often of what a leader of project would be able to desire.  He occurs with many very brilliant and very good professionals that confess to be capable of finishing its tasks in much less time of the one that is assigned them for thus have the remainder for "its personal themes".  That is to say, they pretend "to have a lot of work" to the day of delivery of the task, when the reality is that was finished long before. 

How can we fight against this law?  Some solutions are: 

Give not a date end of the task to the person responsible for its execution and to ask him that finish it "as soon as possible" to a rhythm of work of 8 daily hours.  Really, this requires to have a lot of confidence in whom executes the task and supposes to compile feedback of its advance to know as soon as possible if the date end is going to slide in the time and, if is thus, to ascertain why (¿incorrect execution of the task?  It was ill reckoned?)  Giving the date end reckoned and I encourage a finalización early and with quality of the task.  This the best form to fight against the first law seems of Parkinson.  It permits to whom executes the task that negotiate its time inside the start dates and end marked and facilitates the management of the project. 

If the task is finalized before time, is motive of congratulación for the two parts: 

The leader of project gives leaps of happiness when he sees how is finished a task before time the collaborator has been surpassed to itself and, each task that finishes in dates, him about more to the excellence and he gives him the better arguments for his next promotion (labor and  trustee). 

The joint application of both laws

As already we can imagine, the application of each one of these laws by separated is powerful but the joint application of both is efficient.this the combierte in one of the better tools than exists to reach short-term greater performance productivity.  Test in this week in its work and can share us despues the changes that can note on the matter. 
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