Spotify is an alternative to illegal downloading, and in this sense, we offer the ability to 'monetize' the listener where there was money business model of this service is known as freemium

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 Around the music industry there is a whole business that moves millions of dollars and a musician or hobbyist can make money with their art or diffusion favorite parts. One way is by using the internet selling my music in digital format using various online stores like iTunes, Napster, AmazonMP3, Rhapsody, eMusic and others. Currently, the musicians in the world earn more by television and radio broadcasts and downloads via the Internet from their songs from the sale of music CD's online revenue from end users grow more than 31% at the end of forecast period, from $ 5.9 billion in 2010 to $ 7.7 million in 2015. In comparison, consumer spending on physical music (CD and LP) is expected to slide around $ 15 million in 2010 to about $ 10 million in 2015.traffic news

Online subscription services of music, like Spotify, is the fastest growing sector in this market, an increase five times from 2010 to 2015. A sales letter will drive the majority of total revenues.  Online Music North America is maturing, so double-digit growth rates will be more difficult to maintain, and we expect to see strong growth, but flat in the next five years. Meanwhile, the territories covered in the "rest of world" category will have a very strong growth and increase its global market share of 5% in 2010 to 8% in 2015.

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Spotify is an alternative to illegal downloading, and in this sense, we offer the ability to 'monetize' the listener where there was money business model of this service is known as "freemium", as they are part of subscription -no advertising and unlimited reproduction and other music-free now, Spotify has 10 million users two weeks ago reached 2 million paid subscriptions or "premium" - in the eight countries where it is available: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Spain and the United States to join the last two months paid over 100 million euros in 2010 to record companies worldwide to offer their songs in its catalog. Online Music WORLD

Zimbalam. Distribution is a platform that allows you to sell digital music in all of these online stores and other business más.ideas Zimbalam lets you centrally manage the sale of digital music that can be done in various online stores as mentioned before. It also allows one to point out the asking price for their music and even decide which countries or regions want it to be sold. Another major advantage of Zimabalam is that does not require any exclusivity contract to sell the songs so that is not tied to any contract of that nature.
SoundCloud is a relatively new online service on the Internet where we can share music, clearly not a P2P network where we will get the last song of our favorite artist but is intended for all those amateur musicians, and not so much that want to make their art. traffic news
                                                                        It is an interesting site because it provides an audio player to embed on your myspace page or website. You can set their own prices. So if your selling one, or hit one, you set the price. To create an account is free, but they have sold 39 cents a tack.   
                                                                  CD Baby is good because you can load your music, and CD cover, the disc is ready to sell. It automatically puts your music on Apple iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic and many more for you. Also for fans who want a physical copy of the CD, CD Baby will send the CD for you. It cost $ 35, and charge a percentage of each sale. TuneCore has arrangements with leading digital music retailers allows us to place their music in their online stores and subscription services. You get 100% of your music earns money in the digital distribution.

All previous content distributed and broadcast music, but usually the music is somewhat scattered and disorganized. Thus it appears Hype Machine, created by the young entrepreneur Anthony Volodkin 23 years of age, a free service that helps its members find new trendy music. This site presents the most recent posts more closely from over 1,500 popular music blogs, Hype Machine has captured more than 1.2 million unique visitors who visit this site 13 million times and can stream music directly and make purchases directly from Amazon or iTunes and buy tickets for shows.
The idea is that everything is legal, we recommend reading Listen to free music, Internet video, totally LEGAL This Web site, Hype Machine, incorporating social networking features that allow users to select the blogs, songs of your choice, to see that others liked the same song, and includes facilities to synchronize with Twitter and accounts. In this business model makes money from advertising and from commissions on sales, so the importance of attracting millions of visitors.traffic news

Recent news tells us that AOL Time Warner, Bertelsmann, EMI and RealNetworks have created a platform for music subscription services online. Bertelsmann recently invested in Napster to develop a paid subscription. MusicNet, which will be operational later this year, will offer a wide range of downloadable music and streaming. Each company will have a small stake in MusicNet and record companies (EMI Recorded Music, BMG Entertainment and Warner Music Group) license the catalogs through the company. The platform will operate independently and is expected to accommodate the licensing of other record companies. RealNetworks, the music reproduction system of Microsoft, will provide the technology platform for the exchange is safely possible. Initially MusicNet will license to the platform and AOIL RealNetworks, which provide subscription services to launch later this year, but could be extended to other companies, "including Napster," the statement issued as part of Plug-in, an event held in Barcelona, ​​bringing together managers and other stakeholders in the music business to discuss the future of digital distribution.

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But without doubt the greatest expectation is concentrated in the announcement of Google's new platform for their music. CNET reports that Google is known to have closed deals with Universal, but still standing negotiations with Sony and Warner. Likewise, it is not even clear what the status of the relationship with EMI. It is important to note that for a service with a wide choice is vital to have the catalog of the four major labels. Online Music WORLD

While record companies know that Google is a strong competitor to iTunes, because it has experience of online business, money and Internet presence, the agreements have not been closed as expected. Google is interested in bidding primarily to its Android platform ... as well as Apple offers a comprehensive service to IOS, besides adding to its availability on Windows and iTunes online store. Google executives have told the people in the music industry plans to launch the music service to download this week or next week, but is unlikely to guarantee the rights to sell music at least two of the four major label groups over time. The songs feature only recommendation would be to work for music released by labels with Google arrangements in place.

Google has a history of lawsuits or complaints from major content creators and distributors by questions of violation of rights. This history makes the company's negotiations with record labels. For example, Viacom has sued Google for a billion dollars with the argument that encourages users to share content on YouTube and on the other hand does not require or care enough non-protected content. The Sony reps say that Google is not doing enough to stop piracy on their existing sites and services, including YouTube and Android mobile operating system. They worry that the online ticket might seem a tacit endorsement of piracy, and it would work well for pirated songs and commercials. Google is dedicated to stopping this type of activity, VEVO is an example. But why has introduced a product launch without the support of the record? Some say it may hinder further negotiations, others that would be the way to prove that the platform works and thus invite more content creators to Google Music.
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