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Insufficient standards Security on the
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There are concerns about privacy on the Internet and that all information sent through this global system can pass, before reaching his destination, dozens of computers, all with their own manager or owner can intercept and store information. Also, your own provider can track your online activity. Imagine a database with sensitive information all the inhabitants of Canada and Argentina. Imagine someone orchestrating an attack on the database and creates conditions for stealing information. Now, imagine the consequences: eCheck, looting email, digital identity effects on the people. That was between 17 and 19 April 2011 with the PlayStation Network: a hacking exposed the personal data of 77 million people worldwide, and Japan's Sony, developer and owner of the service, took six days to alert their Only one in two companies have a security plan to protect your private data, powering the threat of theft by hackers or hackers, revealed the most recent Global Survey of Information Security, presented on Thursday by the consulting Ernst & Young.
Every company should have, according to their capabilities, with specific security department that covers the private information from falling into the hands of criminals, "according to specialists in advisory services for Ernst & Young. Companies will only spend between 10 and 12% of total annual profits for the Department of Information Technology and, of that amount, between 5 and 7% is applied to data security.

64% of Internet 2.0 company believes that neither adequately protect their data on the Internet and only 19% cite Google as the most reliable. It is surprising that more respondents listed company is Google. 19% of them cite it as the company that best protects the personal data of Internet users. He is LinkedIn, which show 11% of respondents. Another social network, Facebook, is just considered the "safer" for 4% of respondents, possibly reflecting the constant criticism about security and privacy that Facebook received by critics.Traffic news and ideas

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 U.S. force Facebook to change its policy of imminent agreement between FTC privacidad.Un and Facebook, reported by The Wall Street Journal and other media, will force Facebook to leave their procedure involves, in fact, that the personal contents suddenly users are public.

The agreement relates to changes implemented by Facebook in 2009, which resulted in the publication of names, photographs, place of residence, gender friends lists and users. This situation resulted in strong criticism from privacy advocates and consumer protection organizations in several countries. Federal Trade Commission in Washington and the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has been involved in various types of complaints. This year, EPIC asked the FTC to investigate the use of Facebook facial recognition software user uploaded photos and the changes that the company was "much greater capacity to disclose users' personal information to its business partners Reuters news agency recently reported that the site of revenues reached U.S. $ 1.6 billion during the first six months of the year thanks to its popularity with advertisers.

This means that Facebook will be subject to the same conditions applied to Google after the fiasco Buzz, their policies and procedures for data security were the subject of an investigation by an independent committee. In interviews published in yuo resent Mark Zuckerberg defended Tube decalarando "Many users navigate the Internet, while Google collects vast amounts of information about them, without even notice." many are unaware of the existence of Dashboard "

Zuckerberg admits that the Google Dashboard provides users with an overview of information that is collected about them. However, he stressed, with some justification, that "very few learn of the existence of Google Dashboard." Google Dashboard is a new tool by Google, which allows centralized see everything you have stored in the different services offered by the company, from e to Orkut, through Calendar, Reader, or your own search history. Next to each service are some general information, and links to the privacy settings of each. But the information we really matters to Google is not displayed. Does Google is a search engine? Not at all: Google is an advertising, hence their income. And the information that really matters is what helps you better show AdSense ads. What we collect from cookies, server logs or adware ... that's not going to show, ever.

In this regard makers privacy and data protection in ten countries on Tuesday issued a joint letter urging the search giant Google to improve its respect for the privacy of the data, by Canadian and Spanish authorities. Canada, Spain, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand and United Kingdom signed a letter criticizing especially the clumsy launch of Google Buzz. Introducing the new service in February, Google merged the existing email accounts Gmail with the new Buzz, exposing Gmail contacts to other users of Buzz. The company has made changes to the service to respond to criticism.

In general, our privacy on the Internet depends on the type of activity that we or our business done. Some online activities that appear to be private are not. There is no cyber activity which guarantees absolute privacy. Public Activities, Newsgroups and / or forums, mailing lists, directories of subscribers, a site registration will be the most vulnerable.

Insufficient standards

Benefits of a security strategy for Pymes.

Privacy customer confidence guaranteed Fostering collaboration in a field of strong security guarantees customers that no one can access important information like credit card numbers or confidential details of the company, or take advantage of them. His business partner Negocioss will feel more confident in sharing data such as sales forecasts or plans for product evaluation. In addition, the same technologies that keep intruders out can give their partner Negocioss secure access to network information, helping you to collaborate and work together more effectively. Secure Mobility out of the office productivity promotion out of the office.

The strong network security enables employees to securely access your network from home or outside it, without introducing viruses or other threats. An adequate and safe access to the network means that employees can use when they need important information, increasing their productivity when not in the office. Increased productivity Less time spent on better spam willingness of employees and increased collaboration A safety program of the network can increase productivity throughout the organization. Employees spend less time on unproductive, and the receipt of spam or virus face. Your network and Internet connection to remain safe, ensuring that you and your employees have regular access to the Internet and email. Reduced costs are avoided service interruptions safe evolution of advanced services
Downtime of the network are a major expense for any company. Ensuring that your network and Internet connection are up and running safely, you can be sure that customers will have access to you whenever you need it. Effective security allows your company to add new services and applications without compromising network performance. The proactive approach to data protection ensures that your business remains up and running as needed. As your business grows, your network needs change. The establishment of a secure network today and allow your company powerful add advanced features such as protected wireless networks and conferences in the future.        Traffic news and ideas

councils use different passwords for digital services (mail, social networking, banking). Avoid using your name, initials or date of birth as your password. Regularly renew passwords and security questions that you use on the network. Make sure that only you know the answer to the question of security. Avoid sharing data access to digital services. Have on hand contact your bank to cancel your card in case of having a hack.Insufficient standards

Anonymous browsing. There are two very interesting tools to protect our privacy online: FreeNet is a project that allows us to connect to an encrypted network of computers that share information. • Tor is another free software tool that allows us to surf the web through other computers, so that our consultations are traveling in other ways, and remain anonymous. Protecting Access to the Internet. OpenDNS is a DNS service that allows us to filter out sites that are accessible through the classification of its contents. The service is free, and if required more control over the filtering of pages, has a cost. It is highly recommended for business as a simple router configuration that is "out to the Internet", it protects the entire network.Traffic news and ideas

Make backups of information. Recall that the backups should be stored in a different physical location where the equipment supported. finally in Pymes, it should encrypt the hard drives, so it is not possible to read even though they have not been erased. TrueCrypt offers this possibility, from protecting "container files", partitions, and even entire hard disk. It also applies to the protection of USB. Insufficient standards