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There are many theories about the best way to build links. Most can be broken into two basic categories.
Construction of links through the strategy of creative content.

The content on our website has five main objectives:

1 Report   2 Instruct   3 Entertainment    4 Convert
5. Establish links

Many SEO, in order to enhance the amount of links linking to a site looking for websites to accept do-follow links and try to hang your link within the page. As a programmer, if I have a website, I prefer that, if I plan to include many links in it, leading as attribute of nofollow, given that Google can penalize me to consider that in reality it's a farm of links. But, as we know that one hand washes the other, it is important to adjust the number of links on a website, but schedule as dofollow. In this way, I can make agreements with other sites for generating links mutually.

 Keys to Increase Traffic web

You now have to take into account that the content is not only text. Your content strategy is to web design, used in internal web page graphics, videos, social updates the media, email campaigns and much more. To begin the process of developing its strategy it should ask the following questions:
Keys to Increase Traffic
1 Who is more likely to be interested in what you offer (your audience)?
2. What type of capable of providing information (your brand)?
3 How do you feel that the content will be better received and shared.?

The submission
It is simply a technique that helps to get links.

And as with any other technique, there are ethical and unethical ways to carry it out. The little ethical are spam or texts without content that does not invite to invite anyone to continue. Very unlike the ethics, that surely get huge traffic to your blog.

Now, according to the point of view of Google and Yahoo (which are those that bring 98% traffic from search engines), the links should be created naturally from other Web sites with the creation of original content and quality. I.e. as much it was announced on the network: "content is King", "content quality, quality links" and similar.

First, it is recommended to have a good structure of links, i.e., it is preferable to have....

The content should follow one of the following points, or better all:

Be original, that is unique, if not, Google and Yahoo so not indexed properly.
Have an appropriate structure and that it complies with the standards of the W3C (see CSS validator, of links and Markup).
Complement the writing with images, videos (best of Youtube) or artistic content.

Some basic tips to generate good links.

Create E-books or free e-books:
Do you have a topic that excites you? Write a little, add your main link there at the bottom of the page and publish it free of charge both your web directories ebooks or P2P networks.
Keys to Increase Traffic

Building applications and the like:
today is fashionable use of templates, funds with designs and interactive applications, if you can build them or design them, do it, including your destination link and distribute it free of charge by the network. This is a "harder" form as it requires work and knowledge.

Registration in directories:
Directories are forms of ordering the websites into categories, existed from the beginning of the internet, when there were not even search engines as a form of organization, but are currently unused. However, search engines taking them into account the known ODP (free) Google and Yahoo to your own directory (which has an annual cost). It is advisable to make the request for the inclusion in the ODP, but it may take months to approve it or sometimes never. There are other directories that are important, but taking time in register or who have some conditions (such as reciprocal link or an annuity), so it is often frustrating.
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Analyze links to your competition
Do a little guerrilla marketing does not come it for nothing bad in order to get relevant links, take a look at the links of its competence, to find the links that link to these sites, use tools such as Alexa and Yahoo Site Explorer, then make a list of all the web to provide quality and not links links trash, analyze and try to see what did your competitors for these links.

Keep up to date
You should go on the hunt for new trends in your niche, join in Google Alerts, stay informed, be the first to give the chime he placed not only as a leader, but they also assist him in getting links from quality to your web site, which will give more relevance in your prospects to Google searches.

Offer and give away value
Think about what you can create and give visitors to your niche, to develop programs and gadgets for gift and put your links in them, this strategy is very important especially if your competitors are charging for the same thing. Offer their gifts to others web sites of downloads free that can provide you of mas opportunities of getting links and therefore mas visits relevant.

Develop information sites
Try to create information sites in your target market covers areas where no one else the is covering. Think of small niches. It is becoming increasingly harder to make that other sites link voluntarily to purely commercial sites.

However if you are one of the few sources for a certain type of information, most likely it will serve as support to its visitors and its competition will put links to your site. Try not front and directly compete with the larger operators. Redefining in your niche so you can make a unique and differentiated offering.

Search for broken links

do a search on the niche in which we look for the link (it may be a general search, but the links have more force if they are blogs with related themes and later will be necessary to have information from the found sites and our blog);
install the addon of Mozilla, LinkChecker, to search for broken links on the pages that we obtained in the previous search;
create a list in a spreadsheet of the details of each broken link with the contact information for each site;
notify to each administrator of el blog with the link broken and offering you a page in our blog (that must have information relevant and related) as a substitute to el link broken.

Using free platforms:

There are multiple free platforms that offer the possibility of creating content in them, such as Squidoo or Hubpages. Nor is something of what is due to abuse, but spuedes creating content of value in these platforms.

Use the Socialmarking

This web tool has become increasingly necessary as it has become custom search information on the internet to make projects, work, research, etc. both professionals, companies, teachers and students already seek almost everything we need on the internet. The common practice was to select sites as Favorites in order to save your URL on our PC. The problem with this is that without that PC can not enter these bookmarks.

Here is when they take force like delicious or Digg social bookmarking sites, places where you can save your favorite links and you can enter them from any device, anywhere with internet. That you can find and connect with people seeking the same information as you and share links more easily.

The importance of this for online marketing is that you can share in these sites links to your content's value by adding links to bookmarks share your content on their profiles of favorite links.
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How does social bookmarking

The first thing you do to create a social bookmarking campaign is to register for the bookmarking sites, create your profile like any social networking account, add your links, be clearly labeled and designate as public or private links.

Visitors to social bookmarking sites or individuals can search topics by keyword or popularity and see the references, labels and classification schemes that registered users are using.

Recommendations when making the Social Bookmarking:

    Not only include links to your websites. Share content of interest to other websites. But will be treated as spam.
    Use keywords in titles and labels for each bookmark you do.
    Make it easy for other people to Bookmark your content plugin's tools such as "sociable." Each social bookmarking site that offers you join one.
    Use a special tool to Social Bookmarking campaigns, in a simple way and without taking too long, we recommend Socialmarker ( This tool allows you to include your links in over 40 sites with 1 SocialBookmarking single click.

Other alternative sites are:   Google Bookmarks  
Keys to Increase Traffic

Another technique to promote the articles of a website is through the use of directories, which can generate back links.
This can be done using the following list:

1. Premimum cream of the crop article submitter. Be sure to read their T.O.S. They have a google page rank of 6.

2. Very easy to use and articles appear Immediately. has a page rank of 6.

3. Only use your own articles and do NOT submit articles that appear somewhere else. Their google page rank is 6.

4. Easy to use article directory. Sign up and add as many articles as you want. Their google page rank is 5.

5. You can submit an article and have literally thousands of Internet readers World Wide. A big 5 thumbs up article directory. They have a google page rank of 5.

6. This one has been around a long time. Their google page rank is 3.

7. Become a contributing author today. Google's ranks them at 5.

8. Submit your article to today. has a pagerank of 5.

9. Be sure to add your photo for extra exposure. also has a pr of 5.

10. Read the authors terms of service. Page rank of 4.

Assess the quality and quantity
A specific feature of a good link building campaign is to treat that the links we come not from Web pages belonging to a network of pages created solely to serve as a link exchange websites. These networks are characterized by being constituted by a large number of pages hosted on the same server and, therefore, under a same IP. If you have a website with few incoming links and the overnight this begins to get a significant amount of links from other pages, is very easy for Google to identify the IP address of them and determine if these links belong to the same network (even more so if the anchor texts / titles of the links are very similar).

Well, SpyOnWeb is an online service that provides interesting facts about the "vicinity" of a website, listing all sites detected under the same IP, all those who share the Analytics of this code, and all those who share the same code of Google Adsense (the websites can be distributed on different servers but may belong to the same person).

For example, if we enter, we can see that the Analytics code inserted into the web of this popular newspaper is also used to track the statistics of other Web sites of the group.,,,, etc. Also, on the same server of the journal (IP is hosted also the web

In SEO terms, if someone contacts them offering links from several Web pages at the same time, they can use this tool to analyze the pages and verify that they do not belong to a exchange network.
Keys to Increase Traffic           traffic news and ideas