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An easy way to obtain a title at a University of United States is through a degree Online, while maintaining his job and without having to leave your home you can get a degree in one of these universities. With online courses you will have interactive classes via the internet, receive online courses, will have an advisor who will guide you step by step.

A history of Online education

In 1999, the term e-learning starts to mention education seminars.
In 2004, Salman Khan recorded instructional videos of mathematics on You Tube with the intention of helping his niece in their homework. The popularity that gave these videos leads him to found the Khan Academy. A free and non-profit educational organization.
The Online education is a $ 34 trillion industry. Currently.The Open University has 10,000 students. The majority of their courses are online. With 250,000 students, it is the busiest University in England.
Salman Khan, the Khan Academy has recorded 2,100 educational videos seen 41 million times. To make a comparison, it is the number of visits who would receive if every student of United States saw him once.
Internet is changing the way of study and learn.
Since institutions of traditional education through e-learning organizations, both pay and free offer a whole new system of learning.
Today there are 25,000 online courses offered at United States.
There are currently 3 million students only in United States. only you do on the Internet. Nearly half of online students has an average of 26 years or older. There are ever more adherents of older age.

There are many Online universities, and many of them have unique advantages. However, choose which suits you is difficult, for this help take this decision must take into account the following aspects.

The prestige of Online universities, is measured as the Normal University, most of the best universities in the United States also have careers and graduate degrees online.
Greater choice of Courses

Usability of the Web:
Web and Online education systems have evolved a lot the past few years, increasingly there are better systems, but not all the Online universities have evolved at the same pace, to know that you can search for comments on the subject of online students, as they constantly write reviews.

Quality of education:
To know which is the quality of the teaching of certain University and even a course online courses in particular, can consult the assessments and opinions of students, as they are constantly being evaluated and are available for free consultation online.

While over the Internet can be found hundreds of ads and sites with information about university programs online, authorities highlight the need to seek, compare and see that the institution that offers the courses is properly registered.

Sites such as: "Directory of Schools" ( and "Guide to Online Schools".
(, have a data bank on higher education programs online and long distance with over 6,000 options that help to do a search for issues of a race.

However, the FTC recommends that after the search for a Centre for studies on the Internet always verify whether the institution is accredited to teach the courses through the official website of the Department of education's United States.

USA online universities that are renowned mention: University of Phoenix Online (University of Phoenix Online), Colorado Technical University online (Online Colorado Technical University) University Devry Online DeVry Online University, Boston University (Boston University Online) online and Kaplan Online University.
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Current courses
Stanford University is offering to the world online many of its courses for degree levels. These free courses consist of videos on YouTube with programming for carrying out tasks and puzzles by computer. Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig began this idea with its course on artificial intelligence in itself of Stanford University, which sought to reach an audience of some 100,000 virtual pupils, a goal that seems to have succeeded.

Then announced two courses for the semester in the fall of 2011 and we now have a new set of courses that follow the same model as those yet to come for the spring semester, which will begin in January or February of 2012. This model is more or less: the courses are delivered as lectures in videos, which are divided into small pieces, some containing questions to a test. There are a couple of hours for video / per week, and this extends to 10 weeks. You must not purchase textbooks, although there are some recommended reading. There is the possibility of assistance to those who take these courses but yes there will be forums for questions, receive feedback and answers, of course.
Greater choice of Courses

Among the courses offered, is that of Professor Andrew on learning of the machines, which already has tens of thousands of students online. So if you lost the interactive presentation of the course, there is another chance to join him. Also eight courses on topics that have to do with computer science are offered. You can meet the teachers that will give these courses watching the videos (there are many more, this is just a sample), and according to the contents and the prerequisites for each course, so decide whether they fall within them.
Greater choice of Courses

College computer courses for free.
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Economic history of America - itunes - j. Bradford Delong, UC Berkeley

Austrian Economics: An Introduction - Web site - Murray N. Rothbard - New York from the Polytechnic University

Capitalism: the success, Crisis and reform - video itunes  -  - website - Douglas w. Rae, Yale

Economic crisis and globalization - video - Richard D. Wolff, The New School

Economic geography in the Industrial World - itunes - Richard Walker, UC Berkeley. +++++

Financial markets -  - Audio iTunes - itunes video - download course - Robert Shiller, Yale

Financial theory - video itunes - Audio iTunes  - John Geanakoplos, Yale

Artificial Intelligence - introduction to robotics -  -itunes - multiple formats - Oussama Khatib, Stanford
 - P. Dasgupta, IIT

Bit - multiple formats - Harry Lewis, Harvard-itunes

Building dynamic Web sites - itunes - video and audio - David Malan, Harvard extension

The construction of websites for mobiles - itunes - website - David Malan, Harvard extension

Computing and photography - camera download course - Ramesh Raskar, MIT-web site

Computer graphics - YouTube - Sukhendu Das, IIT

Engineering language - YouTube - video iTunes - Web site - Martin Rinard, MIT

Computer networks - YouTube - S. Ghosh, IIT
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Systems engineering team - Web site - Profs. Robert Morris, and Samuel Madden of MIT-itunes

Data structures - itunes - Paul Hilfinger, UC Berkeley

Applications in development for iOS (iPhone and iPad) - itunes - Paul Hegarty, Stanford
Greater choice of Courses