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 The modern world has become essential to computers and data storage. In the 1980s, of the last century, the machines seemed to have enough memory and storage capacity on hard disk which already meant little progress in that regard. However, the reality showed that increasingly is required more space to store music, photos, documents, videos, information of all kinds, in all formats, databases, etc. So then we learned that Facebook database is approximately 300 terabytes, for example. Sounds great, but this may not be too much.

Another example is Amazon, which stores information about 59 million customers (including their lists of books by asking, among other things), which is about 42 terabytes for the time being. But this figure does not seem much.

What such talk of YouTube, for example?. In August 2006, the Wall Street Journal said that YouTube was the library of the world's largest video clips. People see more than 100 million clips per day and its storage space, then, was about 45 terabytes in videos. But today add some 65,000 videos per day.   traffic news

The ChoicePoint company handles large amount of information about the U.S. population - addresses and phone numbers, manages records, criminal records, etc., ChoicePoint has it all. For the most part, the data found in the ChoicePoint database is sold to the highest bidder, including the Government of United States.

Your information is estimated at 250 terabytes of data, information about 250 million people. If you print the ChoicePoint database would be extended to the Moon in about 77 travel of return.

In a nutshell we can say that the amount of information that handle 27 million business servers each year is estimated at about 9.57 zettabytes, which is 9,570,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes (A zettabyte is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes = 10 ^ 21 bytes).

The above illustrates us the importance of the information in business and in particular in small-scale industries. There are private information in the cloud services to manage these valuable data effectively.

Information on local servers, is something that will gradually fade within companies and international corporations. From RadioShack to AOL, companies around the world begin to migrate your information to the "virtualization" or "private cloud".
Agree Tucci, 72% of the money of most of the companies it invests in maintenance of servers and only 28% per cent is invested in innovation, and that's why there are so many problems within the current data servers.

Clouds public and private
"Public clouds" refer to the standard model of cloud computing, in which a service provider, placed resources such as applications and storage available to the public in general through Internet. The cloud services can be free or offered through a pay per use model.                        Housting in Cloud

The term "private cloud" stems from the need to differentiate between the standard model and private clouds, which are networks or proprietary computing centers that use computer technology in cloud, such as virtualization. They are characterized by being administered by the Organization to which they serve and be insured through a Firewall. A third "hybrid cloud" model, are a mixture of the two previous models: public and private clouds.

There are two service models of cloud can provide a private cloud: infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS). With IaaS, infrastructure resources (computer, network and storage) can be used as a service, while PaaS provides a complete application platform as a service. Housting in Cloud

The advantages

These are some of the benefits of the private cloud:

Dynamic: The information that exists within these servers is accessible from anywhere.

Control: Through permits, companies can maintain control of their information, applications and services.

Cost: Thanks to this data management, information management costs are reduced by up to 25%.

OnDemand: The services and applications that exist within the cloud, there are at the request of the companies.

Flexible: Services are designed to be in different operating systems: from Windows to Unix. traffic news

There is security in this service

Security in the clouds is a major concern for all companies, but even more for Pymes that cannot tolerate a large loss of data or costly security breaches. Because cloud providers specialize in a single line of service, they often know best how to protect their products and customers from online threats and can add value to Pymes that have less experience when it comes to security. At the same time, it is essential to carefully assess any service cloud to use to ensure that your data are safe and you follow standards of compliance.

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Clound housting suppliers

VMware, which is currently the leader in cloud hosting promoting around 1000 hosting providers.
The system has the capacity to support traditional systems and obtained the flexibility to implement internal or externally, but are not limited to any technology or unique supplier.

AT & T Synaptic Hosting, a hosting service for applications that offer pay-as-you-go access to virtual servers and storage integrated with security features and networks.
Like other offers, AT & T has a virtualized storage and server pool that manages resources in response to demand, as the addition of capacity in the case of a peak of use.

VeePee and externalized private cloud computing
This offer meets the requirements of plans of returns of companies: VeePee provides two centres of processing of data which enable its customers to mutualize their costs of infrastructure through a space reserved for the storage of data,  and   available  in  two  forms:  high   Availability and very higt Availability. Housting in Cloud

Amazon and the virtual private cloud
Amazon private virtual cloud offering enables large enterprises connect their data processing centers of "cloud computing" resources via a virtual private network link. They have the ability to move their applications (Messaging, financial tools, CRM applications) in the Amazon Cloud without losing control of their data.

Google Apps, a set of online Office productivity tools, including e-mail, calendar, word processor and a simple tool for creating Web sites, Postini, a series of email and Web security services, and the Google App Engine, a platform as a service offering that he allows developers to build applications and host them on Google infrastructure.

Enomaly Platform Elastic Computing (CCS) is a software that integrates enterprise data center with the commercial cloud computing offerings, allowing it professionals to manage and direct the internal and external resources from a single console, while it is easy to move virtual machines from a data center to another.

EMC and Vplex
This EMC virtualization solution allows a company to have a unified and virtualized storage on the scale of one or more centres of processing of data separated by a maximum distance of 100 km. In this way it can unite its geographically distant storage resources in a virtual space.

Microsoft offers a comprehensive cloud computing strategy, with which you can you use all the power of the cloud adapted to their own needs and preferences. So if you deploy in your own data center, a provider of services or in Microsoft data centers, and whether it's a private cloud, as if it is public or a Software as a service, Microsoft environment gives you the flexibility and the degree of control that you need to use the computing cloud in the way that best suits your particular business needs.

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