The application, called IntoNow, is a version updated and improved technology acquired by Yahoo through the purchase of a start-up with the same name

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 A new application of Yahoo iPad can recognize any TV show to listen to the audio and automatically serve associated web content, such as detailed statistics on sporting events or news broadcast related information.

The application, called IntoNow, is a version updated and improved technology acquired by Yahoo through the purchase of a start-up with the same name. When the company was absorbed by Yahoo in may, it was only capable of sharing information through Facebook or Twitter about what the user was watching. Through the use of a technology of Yahoo that allows to recognize the meaning of the texts, the version of IntoNow, unveiled last week, is much more powerful, says Adam Cahan, founder of IntoNow and currently Executive of Yahoo.                   Best Technologies and Applications 


This technology really understands the references which alluded to a broadcast, said Cahan in a Yahoo press conference. He demonstrated that the application was able to automatically provide a list of contents of news of Yahoo related a story broadcast on CNN about a plane that carried out an emergency landing in Warsaw (Poland). The application also uses his knowledge of the broadcast to find relevant Twitter conversations.

IntoNow identifies television programs by comparing the "fingerprint" of audio from what is seeing a person with a large library of TV audio fingerprints stored in servers in cloud. Then subtitles are introduced on Yahoo technology to determine the meaning of what is currently seen on the screen.
Pepsi Max launched a promotion where if the label of your ad when running with this application you can get a coupon for a free Pepsi Max.                                       Best Technologies and Applications

This synchronization of multimedia files capable of recognizing a television program audio track also can be used in the radio so if you have a mobile phone and not a radio advertisement, for example, you may be able to use that the distribution of a coupon directly from the audio as an audio QR code directly from the ad to the phone through the microphone He says.                                    Traffic news

EyeTrackShop, technology company responsible for studying through an eye tracking effectiveness and penetration of the ads and how they are perceived by users suggests that if Google + offered their new social network advertising would have at least both impact on the user in the social network of facebook.
EyeTrackShop carried out this study in Sweden with 54 participants for two days and were both used the pages of Facebook and Google +.

Approximately 50% of the participants were fixed at least in an advertisement. First focused on ads five seconds per session, although on average, the time users retained its attention to the ads was of a second.
The results showed that the conclusions would be very similar both Facebook and Google +.

This company of Swedish origin with offices in New York and Los Angeles, carries out eye tracking studies to measure the effectiveness not only of the pages of the website, but also the ads online, banner ads, print ads and packaging designs to see if your audience will find what you want. Some of their clients are P & G, Google, Snapfish and Clorox.

You only need to send your sample design to EyeTrackShop, along with the demographic group you want to test. From there, he enlisted his EE EyeTrackShop.UU. data base of 6 million users who use their web cams to send video to EyeTrackShop, which then uses retinal scanners to assess the gaze duration and location.

EyeTrackShop says that it returns results in 48 hours, charges $2,500 for a test stimuli and 1,800 dollars for two tests.

The concept of eye-tracking refers to a set of technologies that monitor and record the manner in which a person looks at a certain scene or image, in particular in which fixed areas your attention, for how long and what order is still in its visual exploration.

With this objective eye-tracking studies are based on the 'eye-mind' hypothesis: If the user look something is because he is thinking about it. Although this relationship is not unbreakable - not always we look at what it are looking - or not immediate, it is a sufficiently consistent relationship as objective to draw conclusions about the cognitive processes that cause or trigger bindings.

Another useful tool it is possible that the output is Gigya, which can be used on your Web site to allow users to login using your favorite social identity.

While you can use something like Facebook for websites that people sign in with Facebook, if you want to save the time of development, Gigya offers what it calls a "Super API", which allows users to log on to your site with more than 25 different identities providers such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, AOL, Yahoo and more. The company says that you'll be surprised at how many people choose to sign in with Facebook not identities.

Gigya also offers a suite of social plugins which its characteristics of the site, such as comments, sharing, ratings and opinions, games and chat.

When users log on your web site using their social identities, granting access to the data within their social applications that Gigya may collect and store on your behalf. For marketing purposes, this may allow not only serve them specific content, but also targeted ads.    
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With Gigya, you have an API unified for the greater part of social networks. In just half an hour you've integrated the login of your page with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, OpenID, Yahoo, MySpace or other social networks that you can integrate with Gigya.

To use it simply you need to register on your website and add those services that you want to use from the control panel.

Gigya looks for ways to provide advertisers of methods to provide richer advertising content and thus optimize the efforts of their campaigns, also to improve the monitoring and analysis of such campaigns. The company's goal is to provide an alternative viable and attractive to traditional web advertising systems, and a way to provide a more inclusive set of feedback mechanisms for the use of widgets as mechanisms for advertising.                               Traffic news

About the videos
the video is to see some interesting innovations, especially in the area of what is called "creative Dynamics" that allows a company or advertiser change of video real-time content.

"For example, you could return to edit a trailer of the movie on the fly depending if the spectator is male or female, or in the North or the South", says, holding Teracent and Tumri as examples of platforms of advertising you can do that.

The based on the cloud Flite  is another advertising platform that allows editing in real time of the ads. You can incorporate real-time flows of content such as videos, surveys, and other interactive elements in an advertisement, and even pull in the content of social media on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, all of which can change at any time.

For example, a restaurant with a couple of slow hours could update your display ads with much flash that includes a survey and your Twitter account which speaks of the promotion.

Price Flite is about $1 CPM (cost per thousand impressions), but it depends on what was proposed to make its announcement. Other more singles are cheaper but ads with customization features, such as sweepstakes or video   galleries  are more.     

Flite offers publishers the possibility of selling their own convincing blocks of ads, as well as dynamic banner.

The idea of a new way of presenting the banners to customers was born when the popular network of professionals LinkedIn approached the manufacturer of WidgetBox widget with an idea, which was to create their own ads dynamic and independent of the platform.

The conversation of the two companies gave its fruits and finally with the help of LinkedIn, Widgetbox released an advertisement based on the platform of Festival. This way editors can create and place independent targeted ads in the tastes of users or audiences who visit a web site.

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