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  Effective and Profitable Campaigns
                 Below the line   

  Advertising directed or segmented became fashionable and everyone tries to practice it. In fact almost all traditional advertising agencies opened their own departments of BTL ( Below the line ) to provide the service to its customers.

In 2010 a study of Howar Beales, found that advertising-oriented behaviour is more than twice as effective conversion of users click on ads to buyers (6.8 per cent conversion vs. 2.8% for the implementation of the network ads), and that behavioral advertising accounted for approximately 18% of revenue by advertising.
Users were clicking an advertisement of targeted behavior, were more than twice as likely to complete a transaction or sale to that site, that those who click on a level of execution of service advertisements (6.8% vs. 2.8%).

This highlights its importance but not anyone can create and above all implement a good campaign of this kind.

A good "BTL" makes the connection of the brand with the target, based on knowledge of this. If the consumer is not known in the best possible way, we are not going to know where to hit it.

The confusion and errors occur because in traditional advertising, expected consumers to come to one. On the other hand the "BTL" is advertising which must go in search of the target audience to find him and surprise you with what you have to say.

Should be given to the target audience of these "unique experiences" to give the remembrance that we need, constructing a viral message in such a way, to reach the general public that we want to have an impact, appearing where they move, so that they are receptive to our message, looking for suitable situations and media to express the ideas of our announcement.     Effective and Profitable Campaigns         

Today the important thing is to make specific Super ad.

When people spend much time in line, sailing, shopping, make comments on social networks, are activities that leave a fingerprint that produces a lot of useful data for a track of preferences. This means that advertisers can see the profile of most of the world with their tastes, habits and demographic characteristics.

Cambridge, Massachusetts (based Choicestream) has developed an advertising platform called CRISIS that uses predictive intelligence, the same technology that use retailers like Zappos shoes to suggest to customers. Select destination based on "hyper-segments" consumers a high performance representative sample of the hearings with two or more attributes applied, i.e., ads are delivered to people who are more likely to respond to them.                                    traffic news

Technologies for targeted advertising
The Canadian company CognoVision began marketing automated detection systems for consumers, according to their anthropometric traits, so it offers advertising screens with the possibility of submitting advertisements depending on the type of person who has front.
Take into account the age, height, race and sex, characteristics that identifies the system using sensors of visualization.

The website of the company specified that the platform, called impression metric anonymous, provides business intelligence to understand the characteristics of audience for your advertising displays, offering the possibility of timely measure how many people spend walking against them, so get the potential market, in addition to actually identify how many of these individuals turn their gaze towards the adsdisplay time and the aforementioned identification of the demographic characteristics of the audience.

"For privacy reasons the impression metric anonymous system is designed to ensure that detected and aggregate information not be linked to a person in particular." "No personally identifiable information is collected at some point, that our system ensures that only anonymous data to be added," it indicates your web site.

 Picasa, a computing program to manage photos of the Google company also do started to offer users the possibility of recognizing people in images that are stored in a personal computer, provided the user identify them for the first time last year.

The face of the people is viewed by the program, which automatically will show you all the photos you have in your computer's character identified initially. This is an example simple and home of what companies can do with technological possibilities of identifying individuals. And the risks to the privacy of all...
Effective and Profitable Campaigns                                                        traffic news

Example of segmentation in targeted advertising is Facebook, where users have been the subject of promotions based on information from their profiles.Also the distinction of gender is an important factor. Some Japanese agencies train announced that you billboards pilot that you can determine the sex of a passerby and approximate age to serve appropriate ads.
And it is that when it comes to a commercial success, it may be more important to worry about pleasing a gender in particular, be funny, clever or memorable.
Results of various advertising agencies include the following conclusions of gender:                                        Effective and Profitable Campaigns   

Women assimilate more information of a commercial than men.                                                                                                       traffic news
It is not clear if the genus of a spokesperson for the brand a difference to the public, some studies suggest that you things, some say that not.
Women are bothered by music fast and noisy in the ads, while males are not.
Women have to do a couple of times more commercial than men to be persuaded to buy a product.
Women who buy brands directed toward men or women, but men are not going to buy the brands that are directed toward women.


Re-targeting is another form of advertising online for virtual stores. The particularity of re-targeting is that it is aimed at users who already visited an online store and bought nothing, and encourages them to return through advertising segment in the pages you visit later.
This is a form of effective advertising, taking into account that 97% of users out of a store without buying anything, and that users visit at least 5 times a store before buying something.
Amazon, Cdiscount, and other virtual stores use re-targeting but this type of advertising is also suitable for SMEs, that the budget of the campaign is set up by the client.

Re-targeting has greater impact than a classical online advertising campaign, as the message is directed only to users who have already visited your page, so they are more likely to buy.

Very importantly, the number of clicks: 5%, when in a traditional online advertising campaign is on the order of 0.5 to 2.5%. Even if the user does not click on the advertising banner, the user recalled it.
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Re-targeting process

These banners will only be visible to those users who have already visited your page. These banners can be customized, for example can display the latest products consulted by the customer in your store.
These are the steps in the process of re-targeting is:
To enter users to your virtual store are identified and tracked by a single anonymous cookie.
They depart from their website and browse the other pages.
Navigate pages affiliated with this system, users are recognized through the cookie.
The advertising banner is displayed.
Users click on the banner advertising, which directly leads them to the product page in your store.
Effective and Profitable Campaigns