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The business of incineration of pets in many countries and primarily cats and dogs, is becoming a new business for the funeral homes that are already in the country with dozens of crematory ovens for those owners who want to get the ashes of your pet and keep them in an urn.            Lucrative Pet Industry

And it is on the topic of beloved animals, the sky can be the limit when it comes to options for owners who want to give pets a proper farewell. There are more than thousands of cemeteries of mascots in the United States, and many provide most everything from the funeral service and burial sites customized for the cremation and grief counselling. They also offer a wide variety of items such as urns, caskets, vaults and tombstones.
Some cemeteries include sections in which the cremated remains of owners can be buried alongside their pets.

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 The specialist service has had 100% growth in spending of consumers (for pets of related services) in the last 10 years, with the growth of this service offering consumers have driven with applications of any kind with respect to the service.

In 2005, revenues in the pet services industry reached $18.2 billion (of which $13.2 billion was for veterinary services alone only) and is expected to reach 25.3 billion dollars in 2010 possibly surpassing the 30 thousand in 2011.

There are all kinds of cremated animals, so offer polls from 0.3 milliliters to the seven litres of capacity, and has pointed out that the price of the urns for pets ranges between 100 and 500 dollars.

The process is simple: once killed the animal, its owners contact the residence that is going to pick it up and just like with a Royal cremation, the body of the animal clean then brought to the area of the ovens, in which the body will turn into ashes. Therefore, the ashes are stored in a cremation urn chosen by the family.

then return them an urn with the ashes of the mascot. Generally they are dogs, cats, a rabbit and also birds and horses to snakes

There are cremacion and funeral services even more expensive, costs between 2000 and 3000 dollars depending on the size of the animal and optional services.       
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Lucrative Pet Industry
the cost of burying a cat or a similar size animal starts at $1,100 and can go up to $2,000, including a coffin, according to the catalogue of some cemeteries. The majority of cemeteries also charge a permanent share of attention for the maintenance of the facilities. In Hartsdale, pet owners can choose to pay $1,100 in advance or $42 per year of life.

In the Tucson pet cemetery, the burial of a pet costs $335 for the care of the tomb and perpetual; burial is $165 and a basic coffin for a medium-sized pet is $172. Memorial markers and the flowers are optional.

On the footprint that leave pets in their owners, the owners of service state that at the beginning, when the memory still lingers, the people come to see the gravestones of their pets. We receive between 10 and 15 visits per month. "After the memory is going diluted". And that the maintenance fees ($ 50 per year) are cheaper than the of burial itself, which costs about 300 dollars.

Lucrative Pet Industry

Ornamental fish business

You can get huge gains at the start of the sale of ornamental fish Aquarium rental business with pedigree, and best of all, this unique company can be launched by less than $5,000 and up services at home.
You can start fish farming in your backyard or garage. A good intensive system that is easy to run, you may have the opportunity to produce enough to pay a reasonable income.

Once a base of clientele has been established for a tropical fish and business of renting of Aquarium, the annual benefits that can earn well it could exceed the $50,000 or more.

Persons entering the acuariofilia are advised to start with a small tank and the fish you buy cheap and easy to maintain. After a while, some fans are satisfied with what they and others are starting to look for more.

After that it has lowered its list to a few species, you should know that fish are sellersby popular speak with shop owners or participate in forums on the net. There is great variety of species for sale by which the decision might be difficult to do. Some breeders are more than one fish in order to adapt to changes in the market.

In this market there are cycles in the preferences. Angelfish may be popular for a year or two and then cichlids take control, after record. If you can't get a good offer in adult fish, consider the purchase of young people because they are cheaper and will grow rapidly.

Another advantage of ornamental fish farming is that he sells at prices much higher than the food fish - usually in $1.8 million tonnes. In contrast, the average number of freight in the value of the Council of the fish food exported by the country amounted to 2,700 dollars per tonne in 2004.

Aquarium fish are mainly grouped into two categories, namely, oviparous (egg - layers). And viviparous (live-bearers). In addition, ornamental varieties of freshwater fish it can combine in tropical and cold water species also. The management of these two categories are of a different nature. According to the tolerance water fish are tolerant hard water, the water species tolerant of people with high tolerance and soft.

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The average operation summarized thus:

The culture of fish farming can start normally in cement tanks. Cement tanks are easy to maintain and durable. One of the species can be stored in a tank. However in the case of the compatible species, two or three species can occupy the same tank. Groundwater from wells / boreholes tube are the best for breeding. Fish reach commercial size in about 4 to 6 months. Eight to ten crops can be made by breeding.

Colors fish feed on artemia (a brand of natural food) from the fifth day after hatching up to two weeks when they are given artificial food. After ten days, are transferred to a fattening or aquarium tank so that they will grow faster. Then they are given artificial food
Lucrative Pet Industry
We can also diversify into the business. Besides raising you can point to other markets in the industry such as:

-Being a supplier of food for fish.
-We can write and edit a book about the different kinds of ornamental fish that exist, I don't have the exact figure but there are approximately more than 150 species. (I advise you to market it online so you save time and money).
-We also distributors of medicinal products for fish.
-We can open a business of accessories for aquarium filters, toys, etc.

This trend we can bet on the land snails constituting a great complementary business has been booming in the last five years and therefore deserves to be discussed with due care because it not only involves raising and subsequent sale of the same but it encompasses much more.

Some of the markets where the snail is profitable are:

-Market drug that they have healing and regenerating properties: you can produce creams for skin care such as the famous cream of baba of caracol, cosmetics, etc.
-Market nutritional snail meat has a degree very low in fat and digestive.
-International trade: Export (snail-importing countries include: Spain, United States, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom)
-Craft market: the shell is used for the production of handicrafts.
Lucrative Pet Industry                                                                                                                        traffic news