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 Campaigns and promotion of image on social networks are now a necessity. The reasons abound so we mention three:

Social networks are free!                         trafficnews
 Unless you're paying someone on how to manage their pages. Make marketing through social networks does not imply just spend money, are looking for education about how to manage them yourself and save you money when you're spending. Now, not that they are free means not require time and effort, everything in this life has a price and I do not mean the money I mean that you should consider the possibility of managing your time and devote at least one or two hours a day to answer questions from your existing or new followers.

The results are quick!Build traffic to your site of truth that takes a long time and too much effort, years I would say, for persons wishing to results a little more accelerated recommended would create campaigns in google adwords but unfortunately money should be invested. On the other hand within social networks information to send to all followers is distributed quickly, the same day and remember that they can recommend us with more people.                 My company in social media 

Links through social networks to my site are more secure than any other form.Talking about the backlinks in the point above I want to mention that there are people who sell to generate thousands of backlinks to our site, but the reality is that if you encounter with a person that offers you thousands or even millions of those backlinks you might be penalized by google and the site would be removed from the big search engine. Yes!, we die, and that because google will be features of the strategy. Those people who make such work actually used by programs which generate all that kind of links, then really avoid any consequences in the future, better search links in a natural way. They do many in marketing is that they hire people to do the job manually, but to not spend much money hires your nephew to do so, or can do you yourself in his spare time. On the other hand each article that you put in the social networks which link directly to your site are well seen by google.

 Publications in networks are also indexed by Google.My company in social media
Bing had first done. Now, it is Google that as undisputed leader in the sector, is not far behind and expanded its field of action towards the social communities with the launch of Google Social Search.The tool in addition to the classic results any search engine can offer, delivers results with the information contained in social networks, blogs and personal websites.  
                                                    trafficnews                                       Google also collects information on parallel networks. So the people connected in social media networks and they choose to do so, are connected in the network through the social graph of Google. Connection to a brand is also added to the graph so that several parallel groups networks can be connected to the same mark which forms the epicentre of the group.The social graph is a tool that developers can also build up relationships between a personal blog or web page of a brand and the social network. You can even classify the relationships in the type of connection between people (in contact, knowledge, etc). A tool with great potential.Have a company profile on google plus.We will, Google + is not any other social network more, it's the Google's social network, one of the largest and most robust on the Internet, companies struggling against its own detractors who did not believe in it and however it is now the social network of fast growth never seen before.                                  My company in social media

In addition, from what we have already seen, it has two very useful and promising tools:The circles of Google tool + allows you to sort your connections into groups and share custom content very efficiently.The "Hangouts" or meeting places for Google have revolutionized the Group videoconference. For your business, it can mean a simple to use utility and free to hold seminars, lectures for your clients, meetings, etc.Relevant aspects to take into accountAs with any new social media platform, it is necessary to use it, testing and testing on your own, to understand how it works. In addition, should you build a base of contacts. In this way my profile and my brand will be at the head, because we'll see in the future all reach them features and real possibilities of Google network.

For the best promotion of my profile.
 Create a relationship

As we are talking about social networking the most important thing is to note, share and create a conversation. Publishing comments related to our topic, sharing relevant content from other authors, delivering new information, socializing. And from time to time sharing links to our products or services.

You have direct contact with the user, interact with it, gives us the possibility to learn and see more closely what their needs, how can we help them solve their problems. This brings the "word of mouth recommendation" as a direct result.

Identify the market Where We went with much observacon to Understand the Needs and wishes of our readers, to be relevant to the niche market, interesting and quality content to share About our products or services.                                   trafficnews

Build our list

Any entrepreneur wishing to succeed in business over the Internet or with your local business should know that having a list of subscribers and maintain a Cordial relationship with them, is the most important asset of the business.

The purpose of any action taken must be oriented to increase exposure, attract more subscribers, get more fans of the Facebook page, get friends, increase our list of followers, make that more people we add to their Google Plus circles, etc.                        My company in social media

update statistics

This is a very important step because it is the way to know if what you're doing is working or not. You should know if you have to improve the quality of the content, if users prefer videos more than images, if leads capture pages convert well, if fan page receives like Me often, if the links we share receive clicks, what time have more visits, etc.

Web traffic and positioning

All web site should use social networking to attract visitors. To all the principles used to improve SEO should be added the social aspect, or Social SEO. Today not only is for the best positions but for visitors to share our content, which is achieved:

Create a blog with the information you want to promote.
A blog in addition to being a tool that expands the visibility of our content in the search engines will become the platform that will distribute new content to social networks. Many portals imported automatically the information they publish on their blog.

Sell service

This is the last stage. After all the work done in marketing on social networks, we must have a system of sales solid, well designed and waiting for customers.

Consumers are more interested in doing business with those who relate front to do with companies without a face hidden behind a logo or entrepreneurs who do not know and those who have no references.

Apart from good design. Some Web sites pay much attention to the design, but it is essential also must attend user experience they generate and the utility they provide as information providers. Currently the use of some of the technologies with which it is possible to create environments and pleasant web designs, difficulty, however, to be seen since some browsers that do not support and also to index your information from search engines.

On the other hand, using banners irruptive is a strategy little suitable, it diminishes the lecturabilidad of texts and it can be annoying sometimes. Its static nature and invasive, which contrasts in a world that interact through social networks, has reassessed its use as an effective advertising strategy. Currently, there are many other tools to develop campaigns through which generate interest, particularly the establishment of conversations with customers and work on their interests and particular demands.
Put to the test your brand on Google + and innovates

We must learn from good examples as the Ford which could rapidly devising ways to interact with your audience using the hangouts of Google +. So regardless of the size of this company, you risk to propose your own forms of dissemination and participation. Google + is still a new network and there are no manuals on how to do things, only tips and what gives you the experience and even the learning of others.

Give publicity to my profile
PlusMeads is an advertising platform based on profiles of Google + that can be helpful for companies, organizations or persons who have the interest of obtaining the greatest number of potential supporters in this social network in the shortest time possible, even if it is necessary to pay certain amount of money to promote the profile on blogs and websites on the internet.
On the other hand, PlusMeAds can be used by bloggers to advertise Google + profiles and thus collect certain amount of money according to the amount of impressions gained at the time of display ads, an interesting proposal of advertising with Google + profiles.

Tools for payment results.

There are multiple payment platforms or free as GNIP, offering streams of public data from more than 100 social Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, among others, media has included in its services information from the new social project called Google Google +. In addition, GNIP will provide a flow of search keyword Google Plus which is based on the new API of the social platform.

Social Mention. Help measure brand coverage and visibility: displays the sites (blogs, microblogs, bookmarks, comments, Google News, and so on) in which appears the indicated term, when was the last time that was mentioned, if the assessment is positive or negative, associated key words or the most active users in the conversation. The results can filter by date and type of source (blog, Twitter, Friendfeed, etc), and download into a spreadsheet.

WhosTalkin. Search in all social media what is said about your brand or product.
Trackur. This is a tool for monitoring ideal for small businesses and bloggers who have limited budget also gives us an idea of the sentiment and influence in their results. It has several levels of payment, including free version and an API.

Alterian SM2. It may be the dream of a data geek. This tool can give us a large amount of data based on key words and phrases, not only on trademarks. Assignments workflow, sentiment analysis and ranking of popularity of the conversations are included in this tool.

Google Insights. It differs somewhat from Google Trends, Insights is useful to discover if a Word is used more than another, or if a person is more popular than another. In addition, it gives us a breakdown by country.                                                       My company in social media

Linkdex. This tool allows us to analyze inbound links, classifying them according to the type of site from which they come. In addition, it allows to compare sites and get an idea of what kind of content is becoming more interesting to link.                              trafficnews

Hootsuite can help us greatly in all Social Media channels to obtain benefits, offering features and tools designed specifically to monitor and manage your presence on multiple social networks professionally.

The information is sorted and stored in tab and columns, which are handled easily by the client, who has the ability to customize the control panel of order for payment according to your needs. It is advisable to search the own brand and related products and save them to have them always visible.
My company in social media