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Free software activists have launched a search engine YaCy Networks, who wants to be an alternative to giants like Google, Yahoo or Bing searches. Instead of using a central server that administers the searches and stores the data from them in the face, for example, your advertising exploitation, YaCy is based on the downloading of a P2P program (for exchange between friends). The aim is that it is not a single company to decide the relevance of the results. They are themselves users who collaborate in the indexing of the same.

The project was born due to the control of Google against piracy, impeding for many sites to appear in their searches peer to peer, as well as deposits of software in the network, activists seek space for open and free software: "What you do on the Internet much involves searching for". It is a vital link between us and the information we seek. "Because that is an essential function, not can trust [our search results] a couple of large business and engage in addition our privacy in the process," says Michael Christen, the leader of the new draft YaCy.Alternative Web Browsing

YaCy, supported by the Free Software Foundation of Europe (FSFE) is concerned because the dominant search engines have too much control and power over what is Internet users that can be found online. "In addition, that company that guides your searches also know what are your interests." The search terms you use tells others much of what you are doing and even thinking. "Send us ads focused on search is only the more benign use of data," explained Kasrten Gerloff, FSFE's President.   traffic news

"We are moving us the idea that services must be controlled centrally." "Instead, we are noticing is how important being independent, and creating infrastructure that does not have a single point of failure", added Gerloff.

The YaCy network currently has about 600 points peer to peer), but organizers of the project hope that it grows in parallel with other free software projects that seek to replace distributed central services. For example, ( offers a free software alternative to Twitter; diaspora (, and many other outlets a free distributed alternative to Facebook.

Search process.
The Internet search engines sorted list of entries on the basis in several criteria. These criteria include the analysis of the spiders themselves send the words that appear on the home page of a specific website, the words that appear in the headlines, the number of visits to this website and other factors, all of this are sorted according to an algorithm, (why is often discussed the famous algorithm Google). This is give the best service to the user, i.e. to the Web user that is looking for something. Put another way, when someone searches for something, found it at the top of the list, preferably in the first (the "I'm feeling lucky Google").

But, although it is true that premium service to users, it is not less true than search engine optimization professionals, the policy makers in a company for your website to achieve top positions, they know and use tricks to ensure that the website of the company for which suba working positions and appears on the first page of the major search engines. Put another way, those responsible, although with legal, lawful, methods vary the list offered by the search engine. It is part of the business. To counter this, with the aim that is the own surfer who regain control of the network, the new search engine does not use traditional methods. It is of use a search system that can defend free software and freedom of the netizens.

 Alternative Web Browsing

Integration into wikis, forums and blogs with search widget

YaCy offers lists to use fragments of code that are integrated into the HTML code of any web page. To load the contents of a special software of management of content, such as blogs, wikis and forums, YaCy has specialized collectors. The YaCy search then works as a meta-búsqueda of different data sources and can provide insight into facets that distinguishes their data sources on search results.Alternative Web Browsing

The difference of YaCy is is decentralized mode of
function. Does not use a central server that administers the searches and Save the data, some data that serve to make the search engine business with advertising. YaCy is loosely based on the programmes, programs that allow Exchange files without passing by a central server. In this way, the results can not be controlled a single enterprise (or a few). Internet users are who collaborate in the preparation of the lists, on the basis of collaborative philosophy of free software.

It improve searches, subtract some power to large companies and protect the privacy of the search process. YaCy search engine runs on each user's own computer. Search terms are encrypted before leaving your computer. By Therefore, the privacy of the user is assured. YaCy also offers the possibility to create custom search portals. The search results come from a network of computers independent.

The advantages of decentralized YaCy search technique in brief.

Civil rights and privacy

Censorship is almost impossible. A central evaluation and monitoring of the search queries is impossible. Tracking data can not be evaluated. In addition to data protection and privacy situation, this is an economic factor in terms of industrial espionage.

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The operation of the datacenters with enormous energy consumption (and sometimes their own power stations) for central web search could be eliminated. Distributed search requires only the computers in the search engines.


All applicants have the same rights, such as when you add new content. The distributed search corresponds to the Wiki / Join-principle, which has already demonstrated on the basis of Internet. The contents of the search engines will be determined by the users, not by the commercial aspects of the Web portal operator. The individualization of relevance: everyone can assess the quality and the importance of web pages according to its own rules and conform to his personal interest as a method of classification (popular and scientific).

Alternative Web Browsing

There are already numerous searches based on YaCy networks: the two largest networks are the "free world" network (which is the public network to which you can join when you select the standard YaCy installation default) and Sciencenet of Karlsruhe Institut of Technology oriented content cientifco. There are other YaCy networks as hidden services such as TOR, services of local intranet and WiFi networks.

The installation only takes three minutes. Download the latest version, descromprime the package and run the startup script. On linux you need OpenJDK6. No need to install an external database or a web server, now it is all included in YaCy.

p2p projects.
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Faroo is another project-to-peer technology based web search engine. It uses a distributed crawler that stores search data on computers of the users rather than a service center. Each time that a user visits a web site, are they automatically indexed and distributed to the network.

The search engine supports Boolean operators (and "+", or "|", not "-"), includes a filter anti-spam. FAROO creators say they intend to share 50% of revenue with their users.

According to those responsible, will try to encourage customization of content, the Suppression of the search logs and ensure filtering of spam with an efficient tool. A priori, ideas about the role are unbeatable, but hopefully you have enough support and not just halfway like so many others.
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