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Throughout history there has always been a question that seems to not have answer and only leads to make assumptions and estimates what would have happened if this or that decision or event from the past would not have happened or would have happened otherwise? How would the world, my life or my company if it had taken other decisions?

How can I affect my business by 1%? How can I affect my business by 5% or more?
What would happen if I worked time 1 hour more or one less? (Sometimes, taking an hour, they reloaded and it renewed so that the impact actually brings in business.)
What would it mean if I had more time?
What would it mean if I were a better cash flow?
What would it mean if there was more room to breathe?

The scientist Edward Lorenz is the father of "Butterfly effect". In 1961, he was working on a model to predict weather conditions when he decided to remove a number of six that was experiencing three decimals.

The result showed the model with this number of three decimal digits was absolutely different. There was born the butterfly effect which was later popularized in the title of one of the conferences of Lorenz: can the flapping of a butterfly in Brazil cause a tornado in Texas?

The butterfly effect refers to the enormous influence of certain acts which may seem insignificant. The metaphor of the flapping of a butterfly in Brazil causing a tornado in Texas is very powerful.

This principle of connection leads us to see which is more than obvious:
The Butterfly Effect Today

See how everything is connected

Understand the cause and effect

To see how you choose your situation

The acceptance of the results that create

The creation of great results through small actions.

Currently has a lot sense to talk about the theory of chaos and the relationship with social communications on the internet, this is what happened in the case of Dell company. A user had problems with the Dell after-sales service, the service was not to the alturay a user wrote his experience on his Blog. He began to move a large network sub-program until you reach the mainstream media of communication, TV and Radio. Notebook deDell stocks fell dramatically.

Mary Kay Ash, founder of a multi-million dollar empire of cosmetics with an initial investment of $5,000, was a great example of this. She built her business to a mere policy encourages its managers to treat all staff, customers and suppliers - each - with the same care, consideration and the interest which had wished to receive. His success was spectacular. Once said: "our marketing plan is not based on a revelation of management very well, but in policy simple to make people feel important, through all the communications that it shuts down." In Mary Kay we learned to imagine an invisible sign around the neck of every person who says:  make me feel important  ".

In my business

The construction of scenarios is a technique used to analyze the possible impact of a series of decisions that we made in our company.

For this, sets out certain critical variables of success. The value of these variables is changing then you will see what happens.

That is, neither more nor less than imagine multiple possible universes and ask ourselves: what would happen if...?

The key concept in this analysis is the "critical variable of success". All businesses that reach a high growth since the beginning have something in common: there is something that did extraordinarily well in the first moment, something central and decisive in what have been successful, and that has then been the basis for a fantastic take-off.

This initial decision impacts exponentially on future developments of all variables and can make all the difference between a great success and a resounding failure.

The Google case is a clear example. In this case, the critical variable was the effectiveness of the algorithm of its search engine, which allowed users to find what you were looking for at a time significantly lower than the competition.
The Butterfly Effect Today

To achieve significant results it is necessary to reduce activities in small manageable tasks that require action. By the domain of each of the small actions and disciplines, generates a boost which allows you to achieve the greatest results that are linked to the actions.

A simple approach that can be used to achieve the results described below:

Objectives - Enjoy the SMART goals and objectives.
Beliefs and emotions - establish a positive mindset and eliminate any limiting beliefs.
Decision - Develop a plan of activities and tasks to make the right decision. Take into account all the impacts and influences the decision will be.
Action - Take small incremental and disciplined actions on the basis of activities and sub-tareas that the document in its plan.
Outcomes - Outcomes and success to achieve the results you deserve.
The Butterfly Effect Today 

It avoids errors

Do not leave nothing to chance. Don't let anything without review. Everything should be controlled. All elements must have its strategy. It is not necessary to assign a closed Protocol to the implementation of each element, but it is necessary to know how to handle them.

A little friendly response to the phone, a face without smile to a client, a conversation without eyes or any other small details can have devastating effects on your business. Dedicate the necessary time that everyone knows what to do with everything in every moment.
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