The tablets, laptops and smartphones has a enemy of performance. More and more people are watching TV while surfing the internet.

            Multitasking is the Enemy
                        in Business

Multitasking can mean two or more tasks simultaneously, or may also include the exchange of back and forth from one thing to another. Multitasking can also involve the completion of a series of tasks in rapid succession.

Since the 1990s, experimental psychologists have begun studies of nature and the human limits of multitasking. It has shown that multitasking is not so viable as times of concentration. In general, these studies have revealed that people show severe interference when the tasks, even very simple are carried out at the same time, if both tasks require the selection and production of action. Many researchers believe that the planning of actions represents a "bottle neck", that the human brain can only perform a task at the same time. The psychiatrist has analyzed the subject enough to describe it, as an activity "mythical people believe that you can perform two or more tasks at the same time as effective as one only."traffic news
Multitasking is the enemy

A common example of this lack of attention to detail, due to the multi-tasking is evident when people talk on cell phones while driving. Talk and drive are mutually exclusive because focus both in conversation and the road uses the same part of the brain. As a result, people in general worry more about their telephone conversations and are not concentrated in its immediate surroundings.

The rapid increase in technology encourages also multitasking, as it promotes multiple sources of input in a given time. Rather than Exchange of old materials, such as television, print media, and music, for new equipment, like computers, Internet and video games among children and adolescents combine forms of media communication and continually increasing input sources.

Tablets, laptops and smart phones presented a new challenge. Increasingly more people for example watching television while sailing on his laptop. Yahoo Mobile and Razorfish conducted a survey on habits and preferences in this regard, revealing interesting facts such as the following:

38% of respondents said browse web enhancing your experience of watching television, while another 38% say it makes them more distracted.
70% of respondents several tasks at least once a week, 49% makes it on a daily basis.
94% of multitasking reported to participate in some type of mobile communication while he watches television, as the exchange of electronic mail, sending instant messages, text messages, talk or social networking.traffic news

Multitasking is the enemy 

Stanford Report out the results of a study where it measures the ability of people who consume media simultaneously or "multitasking" mode and is demonstrated, interestingly, despite believing standardised this creates flexibility and capability of high concentration, actually ending being simply bad for mental processes.

Wired Science collects and analyzes the study also and it is interesting to reflect a trend that every day weighs more: "There's a lot of social pressure to multitask." You're getting tweets, e-mails, IMs from multiple people at once, and the web offers unbelievable opportunities for text and video. "It may be thrust upon you." and the social pressure of which speak of translates to working pressure.

But what is relevant for the study is the mental process by which it is impossible to be more productive or effective; There is no way that the brain can be separate or filter is important or urgent or necessary or simply background noise; that is the most serious problem? Who are studying if there is a natural inhabibilidad to focus and concentrate, or simply the flow of information and the obligation to "be in all" ends up damaging the cognitive functions of the brain. People can not perform multiple tasks very well, and when people say that they can, they are deceiving themselves, said neuroscientist Earl Miller. In addition, said, "the brain is very good to deceive himself". What we can do, he said, is to change our focus from one thing to another with an astounding rate.

The task in task switch, you think that it is really paying attention to everything that surrounds you, at the same time. "But you is not really monitoring the circumstances," said Miller.

Meyer suggests that productivity is may reduce by up to 40 percent by the mental block when people change task. Now that you understand the potential negative impact of multi-tasking, you can implement this knowledge to increase their productivity and efficiency.

Of course, the situation plays an important role. The costs of change tasks, while text messages to a friend and see a football match probably won't cause big problems. However, this fraction of a second it takes to change task can mean life or death of driving on the highway while trying to find a radio station either talking on the phone.

Then, what to do? We cannot tackle the deafios establishing rules of the game. Set the limits. Throughout the day, conscious to allocate amounts of time (if 5 or 25 minutes) to allow his mind concentrated smoothly and successfully and the transition from a task to another. These sessions should also include the time spent in that can pass between social networks, news, mails and other forms of communication that require the use of the same part of his brain.

Focus all attention on the immediate task.

This is sometimes an easy thing go overlooked, but often the reason why our task to take more time than was estimated. We leave you distracted by everything that surrounds us and the next thing you know that it has launched three projects and completed none. When establishing a clear rule which will focus on a single specific task at a time, to increase efficiency dramatically. It will not only be faster to complete tasks, but that it will improve its rate of more tasks to finish even faster. This is a basic principle to be efficiency, avoiding compulsive multitasking. This is to learn to focus on the task to perform and ignore distractions.

2. Establish specific deadlines for completing tasks.

Multi-tasking includes the management of the time. It is amazing how focused in fact can be when we have a date limit or a short period of time for a completed task. If you have 15 minutes to complete the task, focus on establishing the intention that will get it done within that amount of time so that you can move to their next task. However, you do not wish to complete something within the time allowed and have done wrong.

3. After you shift gears are effectively.traffic news

Here is where many people stumble you with that. Complete a task and move to the next, only to still be thinking about the task that has just ended. When a task is completed, all the emotional energy associated with the task that must be released. Look at the performance of its tasks as an emotional release. It has become - finished. You won't have to think about it. You are to proceed. A big key is trying to keep similar activities as a whole by what you don't have to make great mental adjustments between the tasks. You lose precious time when you must change the difference of the activities.Multitasking is the enemy 

4. Give priority to high profitability and low-priority tasks.

Focus on giving priority to its high profitability to low-priority tasks. At the top of your list should be the elements of high yield with low priority on the bottom elements. By sending an e-mail to a friend to tell them about your date yesterday at night or the game of golf and the score it is not as a highly profitable activity. Tracking references, return calls to existing customers, the generation of leads, etc, are tasks that qualify as high payoff activities. Generate business in the first place because that is what generates revenue. Everyone knows that, but for some reason, only that not always focus on him and make it happen.

5 Honors your calendar!

Effective multi-tasking also relies on the effective management of time and the means which, if you like it or not, the work of a calendar. Without having to keep it all in his head, which complicates their lives as busy - you can write and let it go to a certain extent. You don't have to stress that by oblivion, it will be in the calendar. Honoring your calendar would provide a great relief and control of your life.

Click here for the test. He welcomes the fact that you did.

ALL calendar - even showers, eat, drive time, doing exercise, etc.

Through trial and error you learn the best time to do certain tasks. Exercise, for example, some people work in the morning, while others prefer the night. Schedule tasks for the optimization of the time. You can even color tasks some code for a quick and easy quick reference.

If you're like me, you can have a tendency to schedule more than what you can handle. To avoid the impression that we are always running behind, tasks and add the time of 'buffer' each, for example, 15 or 30 minutes. If really finish before the allotted time, then you have the gift get ahead in your schedule. If you're like me, there seems to be a shortage of articles on my list, so get your head feels very good.

If you have several activities that are equal or similar, not all at the same time. This will help reduce the chaos of the day and avoid the excessive need to change the hats more than necessary. Consider setting specific schedules that check their e-mail throughout the day instead of constantly checking. When can you focus your energy in similar activities, which maximizes its effectiveness. You can even go so far as to only receive calls from customers at certain moments during the day, rather than answering the phone everytime it sounds. Ask someone to answer the phone, or to simply configure your voice mail to explain what time pick up messages and when the caller can expect a call back. A better way to handle this would be to schedule a telephone appointment to ensure the efficiency of the time.

Calendar may take some time to get used, but actually makes your life easier by the maximum time and performance. You will feel in control of your life and enjoy even more. Improve the efficiency and management of time to get more done in a short period of time, with less stress.
Multitasking is the enemy                                                              traffic news