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                                  Tips in Social Media

Nowadays many companies are using and they are using the world of digital marketing, relevant situation for them, because the natural tendency we are experiencing with all digital strategies and technological progress which helps social networks have a great importance in the daily life of all people.

Twitter as a channel of communication prevails in many companies. The 65% of companies have account in this social network. Behind left Facebook, with use of the pages of fans of 54%, Youtube with 50% and 33% of the corporate blogs management.
Only 20% of the companies opt for a joint implementation of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Blog combined media strategy.
Twitter accounts are undergoing major upgrade (82% of Twitter compared to 68% of Facebook). traffic news  

However, many organizations do not manage and adequately manage the content of their profiles on social networks. It should take into account absolutely all aspects involved in have a profile on any social network, because it is a compromise with users who follow you, expect to see content serve them, and as well as everywhere, we must take care of every detail and bring true maintenance.

tips in Social Media

For example Jones Soda based in Seattle, could not afford expensive ads TV to launch its brand of beverage. Therefore, they use social media to connect with consumers in a very personal way. Fans can upload photos that can be printed on bottles of Jones. Currently, there are more than 1,000,000 shipments and that it has been used upwards of 4,500 photos of the bottles - that consumers can collect and Exchange on the web site of Jones Soda.

Social networks are also a great way to solicit the views of its customers. Perhaps you have heard about Dell "Twelpforce" (or the power of Twitter help), a team that fields questions, offers and suggestions, and sent to specific Twitter promotions for his followers. There is no reason why his home cannot use social media in the same way, answer the questions that your customers have on products that have bought from you. Of course, as sophisticated as that may sound to monitor and respond to the talk of social networks, should be taken into account which is much more useful to have highly trained and highly effective service to the client in the first place.

Successful companies in networks:

Thus have to Dell as a master in the art and science of listening.
Morton made the headlines with his surprise and joy - with influential effort Peter Shankman recently, but it goes beyond that with useful information on a regular basis.
Unisys uses social media internally to effective collaboration and a boost to the company's productivity.
KLM is the use of Twitter and Facebook for service to the customer in real time and encouraging customers to submit their ideas.
ABC has fun with the way viewers interact with his new show I am bread, providing some things on Facebook.

So there is no doubt, the social media are producing a buzzing sound in the ears of subcategories. A report just out by Forrester Research indicates that 51% of Americans online have joined a social network.

Another 73% is consumed some sort of social content on a regular basis. People are connecting with, listen to, follow and collaborate with each line at a surprising pace. Some people are using it for personal reasons. That you are sharing your recipes, photos and ideas to keep up to date with your friends and family. Business people are using social networks to build their careers, promote your business and grow your in Social Media

The most popular social networking sites are Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter. Each of these sites has a unique position and serving a population or purpose in particular. There are other sites of online networks, they are by thousands, so at this point, should stay in the anonymity.
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More noise than ever

It is important to bear in mind that social networks have reduced the cost of sharing information with others to virtually zero. This happens because the information you share today is very simple, the web is getting data continuously, which increases the size of the same and classified as irrelevant or spam. All this noise makes more complex achieve targets customers and give them a resonant message.

Therefore would be very nice to atendieramos to the following recommendations of the experts.

Fill out your profile on line completely with the information about you and your business. You can use your real name and your own photo. Your cat may be adorable, but less queusted is a veterinarian specializing in the care and treatment of cats, not was vera good.

Create a section in your main profile that details that you are trying to become a friend and ask visitors to respect this information. Everyone is not necessary to apply. Provide information of value. Do not talk only about yourself and your company. traffic news

Not close to foreigners and ask to be friends with you only by what can try to sell your products or services. You will quickly lose credibility and their so-called "friends".
tips in Social Media

Mixing business and personal accounts. Your business followers probably does not want to know that little Jimmie is progressing well with his training. or that you are taking the family on the Lake for a few days. (The local thieves can find the trip very interesting Lake, however.)

Have a very professional personal presence. Yes, his personal life is his personal life. But if someone who is interested in their searches for home care of his personal name in the network and falls into a Facebook page which shows that establishing on the sofa with a bottle of beer in hand, it isn't likely to get your business. traffic news

Multiple spam groups with the same, "important" self-service from memory. Yes, the homeowners may want to know about the products of safety of some of their homes. But they don't want to hear about product security in the development of business Linked-In Group to which they belong. In particular, they do not want to see off-topic messages when the messages are poorly disguised releases of products or services that you sell.

Filling of tweets with hash tags. The use of tags in Twitter hash can help direct your message to the particular place that would be interested in your message. But pushing as many hash tags as possible in a single tweet appears to mislead a lazy spammer. For example, a tweet I saw achieved things with these tags hash in a single tweet: # advertising, # medical, Dental #, # Legal # health of business #, # Office, finance #, # management.

There is no interaction or knowledge

After having great quality content, having a time planning and integration with traditional media and enterprise-wide, it is very important to keep in mind to have a conversation with your followers or fans. We have seen companies that made them a question or users have a doubt, and people who are behind social networks do not know that information given or simply do not answer anything. This can be very serious and you can start to lose followers and your reputation will go down. So it is very important that the people who manage social networks of the brands, have full knowledge of the same brand, the products and/or services, and of course, they interact with people and always thank the comments and in Social Media


At the time of launching a campaign of marketing on Twitter, everything is about establishing dialogue and interaction with users. Establish conversations with your followers, that generate content and help both for them and for you. That's why many companies are starting to use Twitter also in their market research processes, because they can get quick and concise data. Not you lasts with a monologue that can fill your followers. Remember that you only have 140 characters and this is where you have to demonstrate your talent and creativity to communicate and impact what you want in a few words. If you want to go you more, use a blog.
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Tell everything that happens:
It is very positive to tell stories that we go through every day (even from a corporate account), since people to the we go will assess that personal touch. But do not fall into the error of having absolutely everything we do during our day (even from a personal account, let alone from a corporate). Because no life is so interesting to leave broadcasting instantly. Depending on the type of account you have (commercial, personal purposes, professional) you can give more or less details of your private life (always a human touch is advisable) but in no case should exceed the limit of decency. Think, moreover, that the majority of your followers are not your friends: don't care too much your personal life.

Update: what us okay have many accounts if not update them? An outdated account, or a blog without constant updating is not attractive, nor effective, so nobody will want to follow him.

Be too serious: we are talking, and this talk is characterized by a relaxed and entertaining, tone but respectful and polite. The extreme seriousness we only use to move away from our fans. Occasionally an emoticon is not bad.

No chat: If you want to have a conversation with a specific person, use direct messages. That to your followers do not interest them too that so interesting talk you keep with a friend and he has filled his Time Line with a bunch of tweets that do not know what they will may. One thing is that you answer a question or a mention, and quite another to bring to the public a conversation of two people.

Publish drunk. It may seem obvious, but to not repent the next day, the best thing is to not write anything while you're under the influence of alcohol. We should not be too impetuous, it is much better think before you write something. If takes over one minute to decide if to say something or not, better not do it. For that you can delete your updates, but only after having been seen by your followers.

No sync various social networks:
Each one deserves its time and, in addition, each has its particular way of communicating. Addition, in the case of Twitter we have a limitation in the obvious message (the number of characters) by what many times when we update our State from another source the message fails in full.

Get the understanding. If there is an issue that does not dominate, you do not abordes, or at least, not give them ready. You can always appear a true expert in the subject and leave you bad. Remember there are people "Noting" what you write in networks. traffic news
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